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Rise of the Blood Elves v3.0

Submitted by tomoraider
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

1) Make sure you have at least the 1.27 patch installed. The campaign WILL NOT WORK properly without it.
Specifically, Chapter Three will not load at all.
2) Download the Rise of the Blood Elves Intro cinematic and extract into your Warcraft III/Movies folder.
3) Download the campaign and place into your Warcraft III/Campaigns folder, or My Documents/Warcraft 3/Campaigns
if you have the 1.28 patch.
4) Play the campaign!

In a daring campaign against the Scourge in Northrend, Illidan faced off against the death
knight Arthas in an attempt to destroy the Frozen Throne. However, Arthas defeated Illidan and left him
wounded in the snow, allowing Illidan to witness the creation of the new Lich King.

Kael'thas Sunstrider and Lady Vashj, realising their defeat, brought Illidan with them as they fled back to
Outland. Seeing their master's ugly wounds, they decide to bring him back to the Hellfire Citadel so that
he may recover... but, unbeknownst to them, Outland was in a state of a minor civil war.

Soon after that, tensions rise in the blood elven society as the Grand Magistrix Alessandra Katryne
proposes a dangerous idea: reclamation of their homeland, Quel'Thalas.

- Campaign in the style of Blizzard's campaigns.
- 12 chapters, 6 interludes, 1 epilogue and 1 cinematic.
- A new revamped blood elf techtree, based on the human techtree, but with new units and abilities.
- A storyline with its roots in WoW: The Burning Crusade, along with some unique new stories.
- Lots of custom models, skins, icons, voice sets and music.

A short story that serves as a prelude to the story of Rise of the Blood Elves.
It depicts the motivations and history of Alessandra Katryne, one of the main characters.


[​IMG] Kael'thas Sunstrider - Lord of the Blood Elves. All Kael'thas wishes is the best for his people,
and he is willing to make questionable some decisions to ensure this future.
[​IMG] Alessandra Katryne - Grand Magistrix of the Blood Elves. Alessandra's past is filled with
disappointment and sorrow, and she will fight to ensure the best for her people.
[​IMG] Lor'themar Theron - Regent-Lord of Quel'Thalas. Lor'themar is a rational and careful leader.
Lor'themar wants to ensure a promising future for his people, but is not willing to cross certain lines.
[​IMG] Aewynne Maysong - Ranger-General of the Blood Elves. Aewynne is a good-willed and noble
leader, who cares about her home more than anything else.
[​IMG] Lady Liadrin - The Blood Knight Matriarch, Lady Liadrin is fiercely loyal to Kael'thas,
but values justice above all. Once the situation changes, Liadrin is not above fighting
with people she once called enemies.
[​IMG] Illidan Stormrage - Lord of Outland. After his defeat at Icecrown, Illidan became
reclusive, focusing on some unknown future.
[​IMG] Dar'Khan Drathir - In the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, Dar'Khan betrayed his people,
ensuring Quel'Thalas' destruction. Now, he rules over the undead of Quel'Thalas, viciously
hunting all remaining elves.
[​IMG] Sylvanas Windrunner - The Banshee Queen, ruler of the Forsaken, a powerful undead faction.
In life, Sylvanas was the ranger-general of Silvermoon and bravely defended her home against
the Undead Scourge in the Third War. She continues the same battle in undeath.
[​IMG] Lady Vashj - Leader of the naga loyal to Illidan. Lady Vashj is cunning and manipulative,
and fiercely loyal to Illidan, ready to give her life for him at any moment.




Models Credits Skins Credits Icons Credits Miscellaneous credits
ArrowVolley by Em!
Blood Elf buildings by SinisterX
Blood Elf doodads by Klayton
Blood Elf Ballista by Sellenisko
Kalecgos by Cakedog345 and Marshmalo
Draenei buildings and some units by SinisterX
DraeneiGemcrafter by Sellenisko
DraeneiHuntress by Sellenisko
DraeneiPaladin by AnemicRoyalty
Elekk Knight by Hawkwing and Cavman
BluefireBolt by UgoUgo
OrbOfVenom by UgoUgo
OrbOfFire by UgoUgo
Arcane_Barrage by florent86
Blood Elf Arcane Guardian by AndrewOverload519
GrandMage by Skipper
SC2ForceField by epsilon
MeteorStrike by UgoUgo
Ghost Strike by Boogles
Arcane Explosion By Champara Bros
Arcane Missile By Weep
BloodelfMage by Frankster
BloodelfPhoenixCrusader by Frankster
Hero Bloodelf Sword Master By Frankster
BloodelvenWarrior by Frankster
IcyGhost by PrMosquito
FelOrcLancer by Frankster
FelOrcWarlord by Frankster
Fire Nova by shamanyouranus
Orb of Dragons By Frankster
Orb of Fire By Frankster
SunfireMissile by pWn3d
Wretched by Cavman
Wraith Lord By donut3.5
Orb of Darkness by Frankster
Queensland Shield by I3lackDeath
WoW Kil'jaeden By takakenji
Bloodelf Wizard By Frankster
Forsaken Buildings by Ujimasa Hoso
Wretched Worker by Ujimasa Hoso
Wretched Swordsman by Ujimasa Hoso
Wretched Sorceress by Ujimasa Hoso
Lady Liadrin By kangyun
Lor'themar By kangyun
Vereesa Windrunner By kangyun
Holy Rune Golem By Alpain
Holy Blast By JesusHipster
Naaru By Hawkwing
Naga Royal Guard By Tarrasque
Prophet Velen by Stefan.K
Some models by Blizzard Entertainment
BloodElfArcher_by67chrome.blp By 67chrome
BansheeRanger by Hueter
BloodElfSorceress_by67chrome.blp By 67chrome
HeroTaurenChieftain.blp By zadelim
Sin'dorei UI by I3lackDeath
Silvermoon Tiles by Laercio
ReturnedArcher by 67chrome
ReturnedCaptain by 67chrome
ReturnedMage by 67chrome
Rilrae Thraele by shiiK
DarkChampion by 67chrome
DarkElfArcher by Juice_F
DarkSylvanas by 67chrome
DarkwingBat by 67chrome
corruptedkael By Daenar7
BloodElfSentry By 67chrome
BTNAdept by PeeKay
BTNBatby67chrome by 67chrome
BTNDarkChampion by 67chrome
BTNDarkSylvanas by 67chrome
BTNDeathguard by 67chrome
BTNLevelQQDSJaina by 67chrome
BTNPoisonNails by Elainiel
BTNRilraeThraele by shiiK
BTNSylvanas by 67chrome
BTNWeaver by PeeKay
BTNSearingArrow by Darkfang
BTNArcaneSword by Mc !
BTNBloodElfArcherby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNBloodElfEnchantressby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNBloodElfSorceressby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNBloodelfPhoenixCrusader by Frankster
BTNBloodelfHeroSwordChampion By General Frank
BTNBloodelvenWarrior by Frankster
BTNDarkSylvanasby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNFelOrcWarlord By General Frank
BTNHeroBloodelvenPaladin by Frankster
BTNIcyGhostA by PrMosquito
BTNLevelQQDSJaina By 67chrome
BTNPhoenix By bananaHUNT
BTNRPGShadowElf By Tenebrae
BTNScorch By Bogrim
BTNWraith2 By donut3.5
BTNZLTaurenDeathKnightblp By zadelim
BTNDraeneiHuntressby67chrome By 67chrome
BTNDraeneiMaleShaman By FrIkY
BTNMultipleshot By Mr.Goblin
BTNPhoenixDartv2 By 4eNNightmare
BTNSphereOfDarkness By PeeKay
BTNRubyAmulet By PeeKay
BTNZodiacWarrior By dickxunder
BTNBloodelfGuard By Frankster
BTNPhoenixEgg By Elfsilver Lord
BTNSapphire By PeeKay
BTNJewelofDarkness By PeeKay
BTNArcanicNexus By The_Silent
BTNBloodelfPhoenixGuard By Frankster
BTNBloodElfSentry By 67chrome
BTNHeavenlyBlessing By Atmosferic
BTNPCelestialWings By Paladon
BTNPhoenixCall By Mr.Goblin
BTNRondache2 By PeeKay
BTNRondache3 By PeeKay
BTNSpikeBow By Army-of-Pandas
BTNRainofFire By Mr.Goblin
BTNPyroblast By aki15
BTNOrbThingy By Sin'dorei300
Some icons by Blizzard Entertainment
Two Steps from Hell - Decimator
audiomachine - Berserker
World of Warcraft music - Xaxas
World of Warcraft music - Eversong Woods
World of Warcraft music - Sunwell Plateau
World of Warcraft music - Icecrown Citadel, Crimson Halls
World of Warcraft music - Undercity
World of Warcraft music - Invincible
World of Warcraft music - Hellfire Peninsula
World of Warctaft music - Broken Shore
Voices from World of Warcraft
GLaDOS voice from Portal, Valve Corporation
Spooky Ambience by Cr1msonKing
Mass Effect - In Pursuit of Saren
Some riddles in Chapter Seven are from The Hobbit


v2.0 December 7th 2013
- Released.

- Fixed a bug in chapter nine that let the
first quest finish immediately.

- Interludes The Forsaken and Tempest Keep should now play
with no problem.

- Ghost in Chapter Seven has a new model.
- Sylvanas will no longer run away in the ending cinematic in Chapter Six.
- The Draenei AI in Chapter Eleven should now work fine.
- The hint in Chapter Two appears when you secure the base.

- Ragebeast Clan alliance fixed.
- The wretched are now using models from Ujimasa Hoso.
- The Draenei AI should now work for real.

- Cliff ramps are now more smooth in every map.
- Some terrain fixed.
- Forsaken are now using buildings from Ujimasa Hoso, and techtree from
Curse of the Forsaken 2.0.
- Forsaken AI in Chapter Six now builds much faster.
- Draenei AI in Chapter Eleven should really work now.
- Mention of Vereesa removed in Chapter Four.
- Scout/Guard/Cannon/Arcane Tower model is now fixed.
- Gold in Chapter Three is now limited.
- Difficulty description changed to Normal/Hard.
- Marksmanship now increases attack by 15/30/35%.
- Wretched Swordsman has increased attack.
- Wretched in Chapter Five have level 2 upgrades now, not level 3.
- Kael is now invulnerable in Chapter Eleven until he
finishes saying his lines.
- Enemy buildings can now be destroyed in Chapter Eight. There is
also an alternate ending if you manage to destroy them all.
- Triggers whose goal is destroying all enemy buildings have been
updated to work better. (Except in Chapter Ten.)
- New easter egg added in Chapter Five.
- Riddle of the Future easter egg added across multiple maps.

- Ragebeast Clan bug fixed in Chapter Two.
- Riddle of the Future removed.
- Dar'khan's units at the end now attack in faster intervals in Chapter Seven.
- You now start allied with other blood elves in Chapter Three.
- You now get the side quest in Chapter Three later.
- Side quest in Chapter Three is explained a little bit different.
- All heroes' spell are now hotkeyed to QWER.
- Kalecgos' title changed to Steward of Magic.
- Lor'themar's title changed to Battlemage.
- Forsaken buildings' tooltips fixed.
- Forsaken Workers can no longer become Shades and unsummon buildings.
- All chapters are now skippable with a cheat.
- There are now two specific hard waves in Chapter Eight, triggered after
15 minutes and 28 minutes.
- The Draenei AI in Chapter Eleven has finally been fixed.
- Demon Portals in Chapter Eleven now work through triggers.

v3.0 February 15th 2017
Main Changes
- World of Warcaft: The Burning Crusade CGI Cinematic now plays as the intro to the campaign.
- New map: Chapter Ten - The Siege of Black Temple.
- Campaign cover picture updated.
- Heavily rewritten dialogues in: Chapter One, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine and Eleven (Ten), and in almost all of the interludes. Other chapters have received some minor alterations to dialogues.
- Rewritten intro descriptions to almost all maps.
- Lowered collision size of almost all units for easier pathing.
- Updated a lot of tooltips.
- Cinematics updated.
- Difficulty altered in most maps, harder maps should now be a bit easier.
- Aewynne is no longer controllable in Chapter Eleven (Ten).

Techtree Changes
- Arcane Affinity now reduces magic damage by 25% (was 20%).
- Magic Sentry now instead gives Towers the ability to increase nearby friendly units' mana regeneration.

Hawkstrider Knight
- Requires Sanctuary instead of Spire to be trained.
- Cleave now strikes 25% of damage to nearby enemy units (was 12%).

- Can now once again use Polymorph.
- Can no longer use Illusion.

Arcane Golem
- Resistant Skin is now called Prismatic Barrier and also gives Arcane Golems passive health regeneration.

Blood Knight
- Holy Light heals for 250 hit points (from 125).
- Seal of Protection now lasts 30 seconds (from 25).
- Wings of Retribution increases movement speed and attack rate by 40%. Has a new special effect when cast.

- Damage buffed.

- No longer has Spell Immunity. Instead, has a new ability, Spell Resistance, which reduces magic damage taken by 50%.
- Now costs 7 food (from 6).

- Can no longer use Summon Lava Spawn. Instead, can use Summon Al'ar, which summons Al'ar, a powerful phoenix, to fight alongside Kael'thas.

- Has a new voice. (Valeera from Heroes of the Storm)
- Soulburn has been significantly buffed and now drastically increases Alessandra's attack speed.
- Dark Soul's Voidlord is no longer immobile.

- Has a new model and a new icon.
- Flames of Retribution no longer does friendly fire. Now costs 75 mana (from 85).
- Blood Cry now affects a larger area. Now costs 50 mana (from 90).
- Can no longer use Dashing Winds. Instead, has a new ability, Living Bomb, which adds extra damage on each attack and causes units that die while under the effect to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemy units.

- Has a new model, a new icon and a new voice.
- Desiccation Aura is no longer visually displayed.

- Paralysing Arrow's range is now 800 (was 600).
- Evergreen now costs 50 mana (from 75).
- Marksmanship has been significantly buffed and now drastically increases Aewynne's attack damage.
- Volley of Arrows no longer does friendly fire.

- Has a new voice.

- Has a new voice.
- Abilities are now stronger.

v3.0.1 February 16th 2017
- Lowered all units' collision size, which should make it easier to move units around the map and reduce units getting stuck.
- Fixed a bug in Chapter Twelve which could cause the boss fight to begin at the beginning of the map.

v3.0.2 February 18th 2017
- Fixed a bug in Chapter Nine where you could end the map early by just flying around the map with Al'ar.
- Removed the ability Web from Kil'jaeden in Chapter Twelve which could prevent Kalecgos from executing his triggers.

v3.0.3 February 20th 2017
- Increased Kargath's respawn timer in Chapter Ten.
- Added a new gold mine in Chapter Ten.

v3.0.4 April 8th 2017
- Chapter Ten should be a little easier now.
- Lor'themar's Blood Cry has been buffed. It now lasts for 10 seconds and affects a larger area.
- Prophet Velen has a new model.
- Aurora and Vesper are now the collect colour in the Epilogue.

v3.0.5 July 5th 2017
- Hawkstrider Knight now costs less resources, 3 food instead of 4, and does a little bit more damage.
- Phoenix now attacks a little slower, and can no longer increase its attack from the Blacksmith upgrades.

Please post any bugs, suggestions and tips!

Russian - v3.0.5, hosted on xgm.guru, by kirlandiya

Curse of the Forsaken - My other campaign, following the story of Sylvanas and Forsaken
during the war with the Lich King.

Rise of the Blood Elves v3.0 (Campaign)

11:15, 15th Jan 2014 Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 4/5. See my review here for more information: Review I have finished this map right now and still deserves 4/5 unless you fix the bugs I mentioned on the review even if its not...
  1. Anaxie


    Oct 26, 2015
    @tomoraider could you post details for those of us who would like to fix the blood knights model.

    I hear the sentrys filepath was changed.
    It works in curse of forsaken but not this one on latest classic patch. Its the only glaring issue with the campaign for me atm

    Since we dont know when or if RotBE 3.1 will happen. Id be grateful for a quick retard proof explanation for fix
  2. Derwing


    Jan 21, 2020
    Just done with Curse of Forsaken, and that was amasing adventure, esp. aft Reforge dissapointment. I tried this one wits huge exitment, i am big fun of blood elves lore and design. aaaaand.... i realised that im a filthy casual. Normal mod of this campaign is a bit ( not a bit, actually) too hard for me, is there any half-legal way to reduce a difficuly beside cheating? Especially now, when tomoraider suspend his works on the mod, so no difficulty changer expected any time soon.
  3. Anaxie


    Oct 26, 2015
    I can do stuff like wipe out illidans base in icecrown base and any siege timed missions in blizzard campaign like Hearthglen and Dalaran and this was a rough campaign too.

    Your best bet is to tower hard until u can build up a full army that doesnt get worn down defending then strike hard while your towers keep your base up while u wipe out opposition.

    The orc mission i fely like this
    The golem mission i felt like this
    The scarlet balnazzar mission felt like this.
    And bt felt like this.

    You gotta turtle up pmuch. For BT i turtled while i got the bt keys so the ranger and akama could join kael then i cleared so the legion bases cpuld could teleport in then just starting wiping out the map.

    Hope that helps.

    Turtle down and build up and replace the tower clusters asap. Its rough but late game with more heroes you wont need to rely on towers then.
  4. Derwing


    Jan 21, 2020
    Well, AI in Blizz campaign not so agressive, at lest on normal. But thanks for advice, i guess ill just try to improve.
  5. FOEHN


    Dec 1, 2017
    I'm using 1.31 version and I don't know where should I put cinematic. Can anyone tell me where's Movies folder for 1.31?
  6. Anaxie


    Oct 26, 2015
    Cinematics dont work anymore just ignore it. Has nothing to do with campaign anyway
  7. FOEHN


    Dec 1, 2017
  8. paconidas


    Mar 19, 2017
    Hi, I need help with the third scenario it doesn´t load the screen turns totally black