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Discussion in 'Questionnaire' started by Furry Nova, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Furry Nova

    Furry Nova

    Jun 22, 2016
    Game Version: v1.0

    1: Poor
    2: Fair
    3: Average
    4: Good
    5: Excellent

    1) Gameplay - What do you think about the gameplay. For example, are the abilities, items and spell book spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetitive?

    Some hero abilities start to become weak and useless on later half through the campaign. Phodom's Ground Zero. Galeoth's Frost Shard and Illusion Army. Many of the abilities are unique, well made, look awesome and relate well to the characters though.

    For items. I tend to spend like a hour when checking the nearby shops, items I'm holding and items in my boxes for what I can synthesis. The items are very well created but just feel a bit difficult managing through them all. I check deeply to make sure I don't sell something that could had been used for an ingredient when making more room. Overall the items are quite unique and well created. However, I think some descriptions and effects are wrong. I think one give me an extra +5 levels that wasn't in the description.

    I looked through the game deeply as possible and made sure I dug every dig spot I could find up. However, even though I've clicked on every NPC and completed nearly every quest. I wasn't able to find all the spell books. 1 fire and 2 lightning spells I couldn't find. They handy but I don't tend to use them much. Same with the potion menu.

    The campaign and enemies are not repetitive and is quite fun.

    2) Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Are they challenging, balanced, different and unique enough? What is your favorite boss and what boss could need some improvements?

    The bosses are quite fun and unique. So many different moves and pattens. The issues I have with bosses is the death spam, invulnerability and screen freezes due to probably memory leaks.

    What I mean by death spam is that they channel damage in an area and my heroes get killed by a unlucky mistake. Then as soon as they revive it's instant death 2-5 times in a row which feels a bit overkill. I would probably give at least a 2-3 second delay invulnerability for the player to move the heroes in a safe position after reviving. Before I forget, some custom boss spell damage can't be prevented with temporary invulnerability items.

    When the bosses are channelling their ultimate abilities during battles. I've noticed a lot tend to go invulnerable for too long. The first elite boss, I think it was, the tribe leader, used way too much invulnerability time casting spells when I've had a lot of free time I could have dealt damage. Plus he heals quite fast. The only way I could beat him was using Impact Flare, Chaotic Rift and Volcano stun in succession to prevent him going invulnerable and healing.

    It's actually hard to pick my favourite boss. Xada, Yurgimar and the swordsmen who Fradz has humour scene with were some of the best battles. The worst is definitely that over healing and bulky Obelisk in chapter 9. Amour goes to 0 and then starts climbing up. Took a whole hour to break through it's health regeneration. It should be possible to prevent its healing by destroying its mana to 0 with Magic Torment attacks but still heals too much.

    3) Difficulty - What is your opinion about the difficulties. What difficulty did you play? What was your impression about it? Do you think the difficulties are balanced enough or do they need improvements?

    I played Normal and did a no-steal run. Even though I did my best to try 100% the game, finding every dig site, completing every quest, beating all elite and epic bosses and synthesising the best items I could get. To me, the difficulty felt quite punishing like the game was actually set on Hard or Very Hard. To help conserve lives, I did a lot of quick saves and loads. I had beaten all elite and epic bosses up to chapter 7 and then it started to get unbearable.

    On very late chapters it's easy to get 1 shot by the bosses even with some epic ranked equipment items that boost health, health regeneration and armour.

    4) Terrain - What do you think about the terrain? Is it eye candy or not? What you believe is the most beautiful place and what should be improved.

    I think you've done a brilliant job with the terrain. Not even I could terrain as brilliant as that. Every chapter was unique and well designed. I never got bored with exploring.

    Well, something felt off with chapter 7. Maybe houses to close to each other in the Southern part of the city. North-West felt quite wide open but I'm aware it's intended for the car mini game. Speaking of that car mini game, it's quite insane to beat driving on thin 1 tile size road on the third challenge. I don't think the reward was really worth how difficult it is. I think this game was a cause of lag spike unless it was due to quick saving and reloading multiple times there.

    Omega Monster, the flashing tile path seemed a bit confusing. A number of them overlapped each other so I used the box trick to help test which path would spawn me back at the puzzle emtrence.

    5) Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And what about music, does it fit?

    I think it's awesome how well the scenes were made. Fradz funny moments, well, his moments aren't as funny in late chapters when he talks about "poop". Kinda ewww, but it matches his character. Phodom had quite a bit of sad moments, I really felt how he felt when he starts losing it in Terdoom Castle cinematic. Now that his murderer is dead and didn't know what to do to control himself.

    The music. I recognise a lot of Final Fantasy (VII, IX and XII). YouTube copyright music detector kinda helped me find the boss theme I was looking for (Album: Deus Ex Machinae, Song: Machinae Prime, by Machinae Supremacy) when I was uploading some recorded game-play. Top boss tone. You actually picked a good one. The other music fits the moments in other scenes and atmosphere of the game's moments.

    6) Story - What do you think about the story. Is too simple or confusing? Is it mysterious and complicated enough? What is your favorite character?

    The story is really well thought and planned. I never got bored with the cinematics. The only time I skipped cinematics was due to bugs. (Omega Monster death scene killing Galeoth during the cinematic rapidly. The comical music merged with Seeking Power music after the bandit scene in chapter 8.)

    I really enjoy the emotional depth of the story. The plot twist at chapter 9 caught me by surprise. I'm still not sure how Fradz (Dragon) plotted Xada against Phodom's family since it sounded he wasn't on good terms with the Zarxof.

    I'm not 100% if I got the perfect ending. Got message that I had to complete game on harder difficulty for more depth. When I spent a reward on 10,000 game points. I got Good Ending, Bad Ending and Secret Ending in the Epilogue. I wasn't able to beat Zylcious, which I'm guessing why Phodom became a Death Knight. I don't know about Yurgimar since I wasn't able to beat him in chapter 9 but I think it mentioned Good Ending in his scene with his farther.

    7) Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics. Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.

    All the cinematics were pretty awesome to watch. The worst and best cinematics I've mentioned in "5) Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And what about music, does it fit?" first paragraph.

    I think the funniest ones would have to be Fradz trying to hit on an archer girl on chapter 5 but gets turned down with a threat. Also when he starts talking to that swordsmen while Phodom gets impatient, banging his hammer in frustration and passes out asleep in the corner.

    I did have my suspicions with Fradz in Rot'Afor. Turns out I was right.

    8) All things considered, how would you describe your playing experience the game? What could be done better and what you believe doesn't anymore need my attention?

    This is a list of high priority fixes I would strongly recommend if a future patch gets released. It would make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating to new players.
    • Chapter 4
      • Omega Monster - After defeating Omega Monster without skipping the cinematic. The cinematic actually takes 2-3 lives unless the scene in skipped and is possible to get game over for no reason.
    • Chapter 9
      • Obelisk Boss Over Tanking - When the armour reaches to 0 it starts increasing and making it a nightmare to break through it with damage. At some certain times it resets to 0 allowing me to deal more damage. Even with mana at 0 it heals 20,000 health. This boss is what spoilt my first play through due to over tanking and healing making it impossible to be defeated.
    • Chapter 10
      • Xvareon Boss (Phase 5) Crashes - Warcraft III tends to crash a lot during this battle. I can't really identify what causes it but I think it involves when he instant kills a revived hero. It's possible passive abilities are somehow causing an effect. I think it crashed one time when I used invulnerability abilities.
    • All Chapters
      • Remove Forced Fast Game-play Speed - I know this seems more like a request than a fix but I think it will make the game more bearable to players who get a lot of freezing even on a high powered machines like mine. Like I'm fighting a boss, the characters are full of health and then suddenly the game freezes the pointer and animation but all the game play is still happening behind the freeze animation. Then when it resumes the heroes had taken a multiple beating and some died but could had been prevented. It would be a much better solution than spamming opening and closing the main menu with F10 to try get more game-play interaction frames.
      • Remove Auto Cancelling Commands - This has caused a lot of issues during battles. For example: I click an ability to ready the pointer to use an ability but the game seems to cancel the ready ability. So I got to click the ability again to ready it. It seems to happen when pointing to a new ability when a character levels up when I'm reading the information outside of battle.
      • Changing Back From Lock-on Camera to Movable Camera - There's an issue were after locking on a character to follow and returning to normal camera. The camera tends to slowly rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise by itself. It's not an important issue unless the player actually uses the lock-on camera.
    I don't know what else can be improved. There's tiny bugs in different places of the campaign but not as game-breaking as these mentioned above.

    However, you could reduce the boss's mirror image and golem spawn count such as Talon boss in chapter 5 and I think it was either epic or elite boss of chapter 7. The one in the Lessor Arena when Phodom tries to mask his feelings. It's like 3 heroes getting swarmed with bulky and heavy damaging Frost Wyrms in the main Warcraft III game play. I think the high count causes the lag too.

    One more thing that comes to mind. I doubt it's possible but it be great if the font could be switched by the player. I find Warcraft III built-in font easier to read. Just some odd times I struggle reading the campaign's font. Also, speaking of font, I would probably make Xvareon's red text brighter since it's a little hard to read and I had to skim read.

    9) Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?

    Most definitely. This is my favourite campaign and I imagine it's definitely the best there is. I would say it's miles better than Warcraft III and the The Frozen Throne campaigns themselves.

    10) How did you found this campaign? You might have any hints for me to bring this campaign more to the daylight? Some sites for example where I could advertise the campaign?

    I found it when I was browsing through the campaigns on hiveworkshop. I think it was some point after completing the fan-made Lich King campaign and checked it out of curiosity.

    I've found posts about you streaming on Twitch but I think the videos disappeared after the stream since I couldn't play them.

    I would recommend YouTube since it's more stable with streaming videos and that videos are kept up after I think. I'm actually going to upload some scenes to YouTube that I've enjoyed. I've only seen people reach chapter 7-8 on YouTube however. I would probably make an updated trailer in high definition if possible. Also provide the download link on hiveworkshop so it's a permanent link in the YouTube description.

    The problem with me doing a full play through is that I save and reload a lot at times and it takes me a day or 2 per chapter trying to fully complete each chapter.


    I hope I didn't sound too negative about the campaign. I really enjoyed playing it. The terrain, the story, the cinematics, the custom spells and the bosses are really awesome. Just a few high priority bugs and difficulty balancing issue. I wouldn't mind trying to help out patch and fix some stuff.

    ### 4/5 ###