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Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
I'm playing on version 1.0, the latest version.

I'd give the game a rating of 5. Despite the presence of a few bugs and malfunctions, they aren't serious and they do not make the game experience bad in any way.

1) Game-play - What do you think about the game-play?. For example, are the abilities, items and spell book spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetitive?

I certainly liked every bit of it. The items are in my opinion the base of this game, as there are so many of them, item sets, unique items, legendary and myth items and so. You basically can't do anything without them. The spell book spells are really a unique idea that's very helpful. Throughout the whole campaign.

Chapter 7 was definitely a refreshment from all the killing, but also all the quests in every chapter are unique so you wouldn't get bored anyways. The only repetitive quest was activating the portals, or giving someone a magic ball to activate them (chapters 5, 8 and 9).

Ummm, I have a suggestion, if you're really intending to update, how about making quest items like runes or so? I mean when you click them you don't really have to put them in your inventory? Instead of putting them in a box, then going to the quest giver, then putting your items on the ground or in a box, then putting the quest items back in your inventory and giving them to the quest giver to trigger the cinematic, then receiving the reward and putting it in a box, then putting your items back in your inventory.... Takes longer than it sounds though :D

2) Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Are they challenging, balanced, different and unique enough? What is your favorite boss and what boss could need some improvements?

Firstly, minibosses. They're great, unique and balanced. I like how in every chapter the miniboss represents the boss of a certain race except in chapter 6 where each one is a general. Except: There's a certain imbalance in chapter 8 where the minibosses are actually stronger than the actual boss. I also like how they're well hidden, I mean you have to kill all their race members in the map first and the final boss then they'll show up, usually with good items.

Secondly, the bosses. I'd say they're good actually. Not a major threat to the heroes at any level, with the exception of the final boss Xvareon, but that's okay since they don't give an actual reward except for finishing the chapter.

Thirdly, the elite bosses. Elite bosses are very fun fights with good rewards like the espers and spellbook spells.

Fourthly, the epic bosses. Definitely the most fun of all because they are a great challenge in every chapter, even though in early chapter that wasn't really the case, starting chapter 6, when you get all the heroes together, they get really challenging. Especially when there's a certain debuff (as with Yurgimar) or disability (disabling one hero as with Yurgimar, ch 8 epic boss and Siluze) or moving a hero to another place (as with Jurxy). BUT: There's a power gap between chapters 1-8 and the final two chapters. In the earlier chapters you only had to fight one round, against a tough enemy, but in the final two, you had to fight 3-4 rounds against an enemy that gets stronger each round. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm saying that, in my opinion, there should be a uniform build up.

Lastly, the music! I love it! Every song you used is really epic. In the earlier chapters I sometimes replay the fights just to listen to the music again :D

I also like that some boss spells make them invulnerable so there's no way to stop them from channeling, you just have to run away or find a way to survive. The only thing that I didn't like was the windmill spell... that's a very repetitive spell because many bosses have it.

3) Difficulty - What is your opinion about the difficulties. What difficulty did you play? What was your impression about it? Do you think the difficulties are balanced enough or do they need improvements?

So far I've played Easy, Normal and Hard. I'd say they're exactly how you described them in the prologue. Easy is suitable for beginners who want to see the story and want a challenge, normal is for people who've already been through the story and want some challenge, hard is really fun for people who already have some experience in the game. It went for me exactly as you said it would be. Yes, I think they're well balanced. I'll probably update when I play harder difficulties. However, I think Hardcore difficulty should be harder than extreme. I heard it gives unique items... even if you don't have lives you have many items and spells to resurrect you, unless the monsters are stronger.

4) Terrain - What do you think about the terrain? Is it eye candy or not? What you believe is the most beautiful place and what should be improved?

Terrain is really good. I like how it's more like real life where trees are actually larger than human beings unlike the original warcraft. I like how everything has its decent size and fits to make a very good environment that actually looks real.

In my opinion the most beautiful places are chapters 3 and 8. I'm not saying I like ice-crown, I'm saying they're very well made and the use of environment doodads is very good, gives it a more 'realistic' feeling. Also, the places that should be improved are chapters 9 and 10... Maybe it's just me and maybe it's meant to be a creepy cave but it's just not very likable. But that's just my opinion.

5) Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And what about music, does it fit?

I'd say the atmosphere is balanced. The three heroes balance the campaign quite well with Galeoth's seriousness, Phodom's grief and Fradz's douchyness (No, that's not a real word). The music fits well so does the lighting. I like very much how every place has its lighting and the screen blacks out when you go to a new area to get in the mood for it. The music is very well picked and suits every event or cinematic.

At first I was against the 'new interludes' as they didn't have any actual cinematics, but actually they're very well written and they give room to your imagination to actually 'see' what's going on, so I'm basically for them now. Well done, sir.

6) Story - What do you think about the story. Is too simple or confusing? Is it mysterious and complicated enough? What is your favorite character?

There's a certain 'gap' that bugged me for a while. In chapter 8 Enthan was following the 'Chosen Ones' to hunt them down, but he felt a strange connection between him and Phodom, and he didn't know what it was, but suddenly in chapter 9 he was positive he was Phodom's father and wanted to kill him just because he was ordered to. Is there something I missed? I also didn't like the part where Fradz (the dragon) stopped the murder of Phodom but let Xada murder his family instead in order to use him on a mission to stop the war... just too cruel.

Other than that it's very well written and fitting together with very good character development and many, many surprises.

In my opinion, Fradz's mysteriousness, about the way he behaves and the being inside of him, and Phodom's inner conflicts and grief are probably the best parts of the story.

I also like how every item has a background story, and even a book for certain items. For God's sake how long did it take you to come up with all of that? :D

Probably the best mystery of all was Tharo. What happened to him in those 16 years? Seriously how did he become that strong? Maybe you should add more about Tharo. And the third fifth-ranked dragon slayer, how did he not show up throughout the whole campaign? I even forgot his name!

I'd say my favourite characters are Tharo and Uummut, since they're incredibly powerful and very mysterious.

7) Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics. Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.

They're very well done and entertaining. The camera work is very good, never a dull moment. They never get boring with all the music, and action.

My favourite cinematics of all are the ones where Phodom talks about his family or imagines what it would be like if he was united with them once again. They're very touching, with the sad music going on it's like a drama movie... Best cinematics ever 10/10.

Also there were two certain cinematics that just made me laugh a lot, both in chapter 6: The one with Mister Skeleton and the one with the dark messaiah (did I spell that right?). They're just hilarious. Good job sir :))

The worst cinematics are of the final two chapters, they seem a bit rushed. The cinematics before Xirenze and Zylcious were almost like: The bad guy says "I can't let you go any further", and one of the heroes says: "This is gonna be a tough fight!" and that's it! That's it?? I'm not saying they're bad, they're just not as good in comparison to the chapters before them.

8) All things considered, how would you describe your playing experience of the game? What could be done better and what you believe doesn't anymore need my attention?

It's a very unique experience indeed. Very complicated too. Stealing system, luck system, books, heroic achievements, unique items, dig system and so on. So much to learn for beginners yet so fun.... It's like a legit game on its own.

I'd say that you need to attend to the multiboard, it has some calculation issues, and the 'swap' system in the boxes and maybe some other aesthetics issues to make it perfect. It's already excellent though, the next step is perfection.

What doesn't need your attention is the spells. There are a lot already in addition to the spellbook and item spells. At first it's too confusing until you get used to it.

Also the hero spells are very good, it's like there's every kind of spell you'd want to pick and you can make different combinations each time. You have, single spells, aoe spells, damage spells, stun spells, buff spells, resurrection spells, ultimate aoe, ultimate single... there's all you need!

9) Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?

Yes, I would, and I actually did. Two of my friends are struggling in Kar'Gath as I write this :D

10) How did you found this campaign? You might have any hints for me to bring this campaign more to the daylight? Some sites for example where I could advertise the campaign?

I found this campaign about 5-6 years ago on the hive. It was in an alpha version but it was so awesome as I hadn't seen any campaign like it before. I played it for hours and hours. Back when you had vitality and had to stuff your two boxes with chicken and cheese, way before the multiboard and the luck and steal systems... ahhh the gold old days :-D But it had many bugs as well and starting chapter 8 it was very messy, and there were 11 chapters and a monster that looks like an eyeball in chapter 10 I think :D ... But I liked it very much. I kept following your progress through the beta version but you left the project a couple of times, but I still checked in every couple of weeks or so until I finally gave up... then 2 weeks ago I checked in and it was fully functional :D You can't believe how happy I was and still am.
Maybe you could advertise this on facebook? Make your own page? Post some of the story there? Many people still play warcraft custom campaigns and maps.

Thanks again for that wonderful experience.
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