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Project Overview

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Jul 18, 2004
It must've been 3 to 4 years ago that I last visited this site. Back then it was named differently of course, but it's fun to still see my models, skins, buttons and other submissions in the database.

Hi, I'm GreyArchon.

I've made a map recently, and I thought I'd return here to my roots for a bit of advertising. It's a remake of Starcraft's Magic the Gathering, a map I fondly remembered as one of the best custom Starcraft maps I ever played.

You can find my remake here:

Map name: Magic the Gathering SC 1.46
Name of the creator: GreyArchon
Current stage of the map: Complete. For Next version is planned: Artificial Intelligence.
Summary of the map gameplay/objectives: Pick a Magic color; the offensive red, the magical blue, the hidden green, the defensive white or the powerful black. Defeat Enemy Wizards by summoning powerful creatures and casting map-affecting spells using the Mana gained from waiting and killing. Dozens of different strategies are possible!
Map features: 5 player spots, each a different color with its own playing style. 2 Observer spots, from which people can watch others fight to the death. Each color has 7 different creatures to summon and 6 different spells to cast. Each color can summon up to 4 Artifacts, and 6 different Multicolor creatures.
Miscellaneous Info: Based on the Starcraft original; Magic the Gathering.




Blue is considering the next spell he should cast.


Blue has cast Metamorphosis, upgrading his low-tier units. These units, with his Legendary Creature: The Unspeakable, fight off an attack from Black's Nightstalkers.


The next spell by Blue Floods his lands, making the rest of Black's creatures flee for safety.

Updated to Version 1.41 at 12th of januari 2008.
Updated to Version 1.42 at 13th of januari 2008.
Updated to Version 1.43 at 21st of januari 2008.
Updated to Version 1.44 at 22nd of januari 2008.
Updated to Version SC 1.45 at 5th of februari 2008.
Updated to Version SC 1.46 at 16th of februari 2008.
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