Project : Harry Pottaa And The Dining In Hell

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May 3, 2008
This could probably be my last 300 map before I start focusing at my campaign and I need a user that could help me.

Here is a few screenshot of the map.






This map is similiar to hero defense/survivor where all those player need to protect Player 1 (Red) from getting killed. It has difficulty setting and a voting system so all player can agree at which difficulty they want to play.

It consist of 3 type of hero only.

1) Wizard (Player 1 Red)
2) Spartan King (Player 2 Blue)
3) Spartan Commander (Player 3-10)

Each hero had 3 spell book (Offensive, Defensive and Supporter) and each spell book consist of 11 spell. The total of spell available would be 99 and 33 spell for each type of hero.

The map stage is currently 20% complete, this is because there is a lot of stuff to be add such as ability and item. So far I only complete the offense spell for each hero.

Here is a list of people that I need.

Tester - Test the map to check for any bug such as not functioning hotkey, inbalance unit and cost. (Only need them when the map is 90% complete)

AI Editor - Create a AI for those creep so their attack would be much efficient and challenging for player.

Terrain Editor - Although the terrain seem to be okay, but I still want the terrain to look much better than it is now currently in. But, under the condition that it doesn't cause any creep to get stuck.

Unit Editor - Balance the creep attack speed, damage, hitpoint, hp regeneration, mana, and mana regeneration so they would not be too weak or too strong.

Item Editor - Create item such as tome to increase state, level and etc etc...

Cost Editor - Fix the cost of gold for each item and the amount of gold a player would earn by killing those monster so it would not be too high or too low.

Ability Editor - Fix the amount of mana it cost to activate certain spell, damage of the spell and etc etc so the spell would not be too strong or too weak.

If anybody interested, feel free to post it at here.

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Level 31
May 3, 2008
Looks like a really nice and crazy idea ;)

Have you started the map yet? Please give us your latest version!

As you can see from the screenshot, yes it is. Currently under development, soo far the only thing finish is..:cute:

1) Voting system - All player able to vote for the difficulty that they want, consist of 6 level.

Easy : 50% hp
Moderate : 100% hp
Hard : 200% hp
Hardcore : 300% hp
Impossible : 500% hp
Dine In Hell : 1000% hp

2) 50 wave of creep had been created, but I haven't fix those damage, hp and etc etc for it yet.

3) Trigger - I think I could consider it as 100% complete.

4) Spell - Almost complete, with 21 more spell to go.

5) Item - Not yet done.