Harry Pottaa & The Dining In Hell

Level 31
May 3, 2008
~Harry Pottaa & The Dining In Hell~

Current Status : Alpha
Game Type : Hero Defense
Amount Of Hero Available : 3
Spell Available : 96 (3 spell not available yet)
Total Creep Waves : 50
Total Difficulty Available : 6
Voting System Available ? : Yes
Mission Objective : Protect Harry Pottaa
Map Size : 2.31mb






~Credit List~

Terrain Editor

1) forzamoto


1) Werewulf
2) antihero
3) Tenebrae
4) Venom
6) Mc!
7) DeathKnight
8) Juice_F
9) ChevronSeven
10) Quack_Kills
11) Fougie47
12) Shiv
13) JJ Entertainment
15) Pyritie
16) Dark Hunter1357
17) Gwen Stefani
18) EternalEpix
19) Nash
20) alfredx_sotn
21) Eraser|85
22) malice
23) Chaos
24) KelThuzad
25) shamanyouranus
26) Deathclaw24
27) Paladon
28) Freezer
29) OgeRfaCes
30) VaLkYroN
31) meneldor
32) cedi
33) wet_water
34) Jimnaboo
35) lllLSDlll
36) Arcsol


1) Tenebrae
2) General Frank
3) Werewulf
4) Radagast
5) Sven
6) JetFangInferno
7) Rizz_Boomer
8) Illidan(Evil)X
9) Callahan
10) Nasrudin
11) Ket
12) Xazuki
13) communist_orc


1) Mage_Master
3) Andre Pogi

~Recruitment List~


Currently in need of a expert terrainer. Previously forzamoto have edit the terrain, but I remove it and redo it cause I have to set up the lane for it.

~Map Tester~

This map is in serious need for bug tester to check the unit balance, item cost, spell damage and etc etc.


Currently I am lack of idea of what the other 3 defensive spell I could add into this map. If you are good with jass and have the idea for it. Feel free to post it here.

~Item Developer~

Need idea for armor and weapon item. So far only the potion and book item have been done. nastyboy_44 have create the item for me, but my computer have been reformat and I lost the old map.


Need somebody who are good in balance the unit damage, attack speed, bounty amount, item cost and etc etc.


Q : How long have you work out at this map ?
A : Very long, it probably the map that I have delay the longest compare to my other work.

Q : Oh my gosh, there is so many spell for each hero. How to use it ?
A : Each hero have 3 spellbook consists of offensive, defensive and supportive spellbook. Each spellbook have 11 spell on it with the hotkey for offensive spellbook start with F, defensive with D while support U. It would take time for you to memorize all the hotkey.

Q : Is it all the hotkey working ?
A : Yes, I hate malfunction hotkey. If you found out any hotkey doesn't work, please inform me ASAP.

Q : When do you plan to release it to map section ?
A : As soon as possible, right now I just need the terrain, item & 3 defensive spell for Spartan Commander to be done before the release.

Q : Do you have the map for us to test it ?
A : Yes, I do. You can download it since it was attach to this post.

Q : How can I contact you ?
A : By posting it here or send a message to my visitor message.

Q : How can I get the unprotected version ?
A : By posting it here or send a message to my visitor message. I would send the unprotected version to you.

Q : So, does this mean the downloadable map is currently protected ?
A : Yep, to reduce the file size and enable a quick upload/download.
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