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Primary stats not highest stat?

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Level 10
Nov 20, 2005
Is this intentional or a bug?
Zerker primary stat STR = highest stat AGI
Monk Primary stat AGI = Highest stat STR

EDIT: I just thought I'd compliment on my sexy diagram. Wow s0ul that looks cool, thanks me!


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Level 6
Aug 12, 2010
the base AGI, right now is just a value that determines how much aspd, spellhaste,critchance,evasion you get for every point of AGI from items. higher base AGI, lower aspd, spellhaste,critchance,evasion values for AGI from items

base AGI still adds dmg for agi heroes tho

in my opinion, it was intentional
Level 9
Jul 11, 2011
the lower your base agility is (the white number), the easier it is to gain attackspeed from getting agility from items (the green number), since its not a flat rate
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