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[Picture] "A Reconsidered Journey" The day after Andorias' dream or rather nightmare, he immediat

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Level 10
Aug 10, 2008
"A Reconsidered Journey"

The day after Andorias' dream or rather nightmare, he immediately packed everything including the artifacts and headed to the docks.

Andorias Valorfist: Greetings admiral, I've heard that you are heading east to our newly established outpost on the coasts of Radaghan.
Admiral: Aye commander, they've demanded troops to secure the surrounding regions of the outpost in the name of Falmir.
Andorias: Then I too shall be sailing with you, there is business in that continent that requires my attention.
Admiral: Always at your service commander, though the kingdom is currently sending troops to the Haedorin Outpost, greenskin activity has been detected there and my ship's sail is delayed because of that.
Andorias: No matter, I will wait here then. And your name, admiral?
Admiral: Ah pardon me for forgetting that, name's Smithers.

Thus Andorias awaits the sail.

Also, this admiral guy is not the same as the one in the cinematic.


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