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[Picture] "Defensive Preparation" Days after the new Khan was chosen, Highlord Andorias Valorfist

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Level 10
Aug 10, 2008
"Defensive Preparation"

Days after the new Khan was chosen, Highlord Andorias Valorfist and Commander Veranor were observing the situation to set up the defense strategy.

Andorias Valorfist: The new Khan's risen then, who is he?
Commander Veranor: Your old rival, High Chief Kaz'Agal is now the Khan.
Andorias: As I suspected, how is the situation around the wastes?
Veranor: A mass of Greenskin force is stirring around the borders, swarming the outposts and nearby villages, many of the villages have been ordered to begin evacuation however, but our men are few.
Andorias: How many soldiers did we gather?
Veranor: The number barely reaches a thousand.
Andorias: And our Templars?
Veranor: Around five hundred only.
Andorias: This is a grim situation, the greenskins are most likely seven thousand least. But where are the men from Falmir?
Veranor: None have come from the capital, the city has been dark these past days. They refuse all requests of reinforcements.
Andorias: Perhaps fate is against us in this very moment, we will return to the capital and prepare all defenses and fortifications, we will see if we can fight the Khan in the fields... or behind the walls.

The whole Elite Force and the gathered Soldiers prepared to move back to the capital.


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Level 21
Jul 27, 2008
What about whole center of Corinth? Just doesn't seem strategically or tactically correct to withdraw to capital that is so far from actual front, I mean the defensive lines should be drawn in center of continent or edge of peninsula at worst in this point. Also anyone has any idea what is south?
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