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[Picture] "A Warm Welcome from the Vulrakar" During the hard days of traveling through the danger

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Level 10
Aug 10, 2008
"A Warm Welcome from the Vulrakar"

During the hard days of traveling through the dangerous paths within the jungles of Radaghan and having the risk of getting lost, Highlord Andorias Valorfist and his men were attacked by a group of ambushing Vulrakars. Although the Vulrakar did not succeed in eliminating Andorias and his men, heavy casualties were dealt, many elite soldiers of the Highlord were slain and he himself had lost his blade.

Andorias Valorfist: These beasts seem as aggressive as the greenskins themselves, but we must always expect such threats between us and our goals.
The Knight behind Andorias: We may not survive further attacks from them, how far are we from the city?
Andorias Valorfist: By my knowledge we must be so close, the sky becomes unusually darker as we get closer.
Knight: What dark wasteland are we getting ourselves into?
Andorias Valorfist: Storm is well-known to these lands, that is the cause of this mere darkness, you need not to worry.

After aiding the injured and burying the dead, Andorias and his men moved on towards their destination.


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