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[Picture] "Without Hesitation" After Andorias reached Falmir, he quickly gathered his men, ordere

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Level 10
Aug 10, 2008
"Without Hesitation"

After Andorias reached Falmir, he quickly gathered his men, ordered several of the Elite Guards to warn the Falmir Soldiers that soon there might be an orc invasion.

After gathering most of his troops he and his men began moving towards the Rocky Wastes and prepare heavy defenses for a disaster which has yet to come.

Elite Swordsman: This disaster you talk about may not occur for a long time already, why are you afraid of it just yet?
Andorias Valorfist: You must note that there is never harm in being prepared so early, but the information I received claims that our time is short already.
Elite Swordsman: But there must be a way rather than just waiting for this to happen.
Andorias: As far as I learned, preventing this will require the knowledge of Avians, but going after those mythical creatures would be madness.
Elite Swordsman: Then what is your alternative way to "prevent" this.
Andorias: We cannot prevent it. However, we can control the movements of the greenskin in the Rocky Wastes, even though their numbers are massing and ours are... few.

The Falmir Elite Force now attempts to establish outposts around the Rocky Wastes to reduce the threat the greenskin may possess in the upcoming months.


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Level 21
Jul 27, 2008
Oh must admit this sounds crazy, guy returns from the other continent claiming that he knows that invasion is imminent and the only way to safe humanity is by asking avians. Makes me wonder who authorized removal of soldiers from capital city to protect Rockywastes.
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