Path of the Damned Revamp

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This campaign features the all the original missions as well as a newly added mission taking place as the new mission 3. The main focus of this revamp is to fundamentally change how the undead function as a race via introducing a more impactful Raise Dead. Every unit raised will now be a new unique unit based off of what you killed, albeit with weaker stats. These units are permanent but will not last long against their stronger living counterparts and as such you will constantly need to keep moving forward to crush your foes under a wall of literal bodies. While your necromancers start out with only the ability to raise feeble zombies from corpses, your power will grow as you conquer more and grow your Scourge.

The next important addition is a strategic layer consisting of both picking Arthas Menethil's abilities at the start of every mission and purchasing upgrades for your units to improve their capabilities. The campaign features 3 Difficulty levels each with their own specific achievement attached so that you may prove your mastery of the missions but the main focus is fun for the player over difficulty so players of any skill level can enjoy! Every map features improved atmosphere and terraining but attempts to stay recognizable as the original Path of the Damned Missions.

Requires the latest Warcraft 3 Patch -> with Classic Graphics!

Model Credits: Ujisama Hojo, NhazUl, TheSlaveOfGod, Mythic, Uncle Fester, Spinel, Callahan, Sin'dorei300, General Frank, Deolrin, Elenai, Kuhneghetz, Direfury, 67Chrome, AndrewOverload519, Tranquil, Eagle XI, Red XIII, Reflex, Sellenisko, Skipper, kangyun, AndrewOverload519, Tauer, R.A.N.G.I.T., Murlocologist, CloudWolf, Kitabatake, Sellenisko, Em!, Cavman, Scias,Tranquil, Stefan.K, JetFangInferno, assasin_lord, Mc !

This campaign was made using the ENGLISH version of Warcraft 3 and will likely not work with other game languages!

Update 1:
Fixed an issue in map 6 which causes hero progress to not be saved when final cutscene is skipped.


Undead Revamp 00 (Map)

Undead Revamp 01 (Map)

Undead Revamp 02 (Map)

Undead Revamp 03 (Map)

Undead Revamp 03 Interlude (Map)

Undead Revamp 04 (Map)

Undead Revamp 05 (Map)

Undead Revamp 06 (Map)

Undead Revamp 06 Interlude (Map)

Undead Revamp 07 (Map)

Undead Revamp 08 (Map)

Undead Revamp 09 (Map)

Undead Revamp 10 (Map)

Riderless Horses run into houses!? Weird that in chapter 2 you start with 3 dead heroes. They should be created after you get them. Diodor the Damned has hero glow but is a normal unit. Arthas should be the first hero for ease of access through F1...
Level 3
Aug 5, 2014
I downloaded this monstrocity reforge thing only to play your campaign and have no regrets. I am really impressed with how much fun it is to play. Incredible work. I hope for more :thumbs_up:
Level 21
May 14, 2021
I apologize for the stupid question, I am on this site recently, but is this campaign suitable for Warcraft before Reforge? I mean not 1.32, but version 1.31. Will the campaign work?
Read the map description. 1.32 (Reforged) is required, but you can only play this map on SD Mode.
Level 1
Aug 22, 2021
Hi! I've played through the first mission of this campaign and the idea seems really neat! I'm looking forward to seeing all the different types of raisable units. This is an interesting and enjoyable take on the base campaign. Unfortunately, I seem to have run into a snag. Whenever I start up the second mission, I only have 6 perk points and none of Arthas' items have carried over. I don't know why this is happening. I am playing on the latest version, 1.32.10, and I have classic settings selected. I am playing on English, I have bought reforged, I have selected the same difficulty each time, and I have replayed the first mission, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it to work. I'm hesitant to continue like this, since it ruins all sense of progression and that's half the fun in a campaign of this style, especially after all the work that has been done to add interesting items and bonus objectives that give long-term rewards. Since I have no talent whatsoever with the editor myself, I thought I'd make an account just to ask. Does anyone know what the problem might be, or how to fix it? Apologies if this question has been asked already and if this isn't the best place to ask questions, but I can't find any mention of a problem like this in the forum about this campaign.
I managed to kill Uther on Brutal difficulty without a base or Arthas leaving the starting area 😂

How I did it:
I used my starting units to kill units at the plague cauldron and loaded each corpse into a meat wagon and brought it back to Arthas at the beginning area to raise it. Then I sniped the first paladin with my meat wagons from the sasquatch ramp and simply repeated the bring each corpse to Arthas with meat wagons process.
My cultists and necromancers were able to raise hundreds of zombies from the plague cauldron, used them mainly as fodder.
Destroyed the trees under the first paladins base so my meat wagons could snipe the buildings from the second paladin's base.

Shadow priests, Shadowspawn and numerous fallen spear throwers were enough to bring each paladin (including uther) down without any un-renewable casualties

Sadly, arthas still had to leave the starting area for me to entirely finish the mission... :(




Level 5
Sep 6, 2019
The story of this campaing is very boring we played warcraft 3 arthas story thousund time let make other warcraft or wow lore not same :/
Level 2
Aug 25, 2021
This is one of the few reasons people play Reforged. Is a good campaing, but not perfect.
I would like to make known about the catacombs, those that take out ghouls, I thought of it as a tower that creates units to explore or units to defend the base, like shock troops that buy time for the main army. Something that happened in the sixth mission is that after finishing 4 catacombs for ghouls to appear and act as decoys, i finished with the map full of them. Is it possible that in the future there may be a limit for the catacombs or a certain limit of Ghouls on the map?
By the way, i lost all my progress once (items and scourge perks) and I think it is because I started the game on another computer user. So it's my fault and also something to consider.

Sooooo... any idea how to extract/unzip custom maps for Reforged? Its been an hour since I started to look for info on that and found none.
You (and others who will need a answer) can read [THIS] thread about custom campaigns, but is a no, for now... The way i play this custom campaing (right now) is to put the custom maps in a folder (Path of the Damned Revamp) and thar folder has to be located in C:\Users\the-user-you-used-to-download-Warcraft\Documents\Warcraft III/Maps/
I apologize for the stupid question, I am on this site recently, but is this campaign suitable for Warcraft before Reforge? I mean not 1.32, but version 1.31. Will the campaign work?
Sadly no. And will need the English version.
Requires the latest Warcraft 3 Patch -> with Classic Graphics!
This campaign was made using the ENGLISH version of Warcraft 3 and will likely not work with other game languages!
For those who downloaded the game in another language (like me, yay....) it is possible to change it. With, the options before playing Warcraft, it is possible to change only the text options (not audio), a minor download and there will be no need to download again for English and with the language you originally downloaded.
Level 1
Sep 8, 2021
I had to make an account just so I could comment, this campaign is amazing absolute quality. I had to try it after seeing Jaybreno play a few missions and I love it. This is just as good if not better than anything Blizzard could've come up with.
Level 1
Sep 8, 2021
Well now I gotta come back like a jackass and report some weirdness. The first few missions give such a fantastic impression. The Catacombs building doesn't seem to work at all, The Key of Three Moons, first mission you get it, it won't spawn anything. Additionally on both of the QUel'Thalas missions there's a significant difficulty spike, I keep getting constant, large attack waves of elves, either simultaneously or one after the other in rapid succession. Playing on Normal btw. The constant swarms of units wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the heroes that always accompany them, almost all of them have powerful AoE abilities and level up as they kill things, so they'll drop a big stun AoE (Sylvanas's stunning frost arrow volley is very annoying) or a shockwave and spike up a couple of levels. You barely manage to replenish your forces before another chain of waves come.
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Level 1
Sep 8, 2021
After finishing the campaign gotta say its over all pretty great. The first two Quel'Thalas missions are a pretty big difficulty hike then things kind of mellow out really hard afterwards lol. The Catacombs building is a neat idea and I like it adds to the swarms of undead feel its just a little buggy sometimes. Specifically on Key of Three Moons it won't spawn any ghouls and Under The Burning Sky any ghouls that spawn from it are hostile to the player.
Regardless I still think this is an amazing campaign its everything I could've wanted from Regorged.
Level 9
Mar 4, 2014
Cool campaign, i finished all missions on brutal, on the latest version of War3.

- For starters the most important positive thing i can say about this campaign is the fact that all units, heroes and the selection buildings at the start of every mission have the Q W E R T system implemented, is such a small but important thing that all custom maps and campaigns need, and this one has it so, Great job for that!

- I really liked the new concept of raising the fallen enemy units as permanent undead zombified units of their original selves!
Such a cool concept, and the fact that most units even the unique ones can be raised like that was truly the highlight of the whole campaign.
All of them having unique and cool undead zombified skins and even new spells and passives, loved it! :thumbs_up:

- Having to choose from multiple spells, race bonuses and A.I. units at the start of every mission was another great concept, I liked most spells even tho clearly some spells are better than the others, for example the 50% lifesteal passive was pretty insane! it was very hard not too choose it each mission. :gg:

Also liked that we could use lots of points to summon the bonus hero Dalvengyr for some missions, and when he dies he can't revive, pretty neat.

- Arthas being able to level up till lvl 50 was interesting, but other than extra stats i would have loved to see him get other bonuses for leveling up.

- I obviously liked the whole revamp aspect, most if not all missions and even cutscenes were changed for the better in my opinion, you really enhanced quite a lot of the original experience from the og campaign, in that aspect you did a great job.

- Having those extra heroes from the altar to play with was great! they sure enhanced the gameplay experience, each of them was unique and done well, also having another hero (The Lich) that can rise permanent undead was nice to have other than Arthas himself!

- Having to not pay any taxes to the upkeep was truly a blessing, especially when you can mass tons of undead units having to pay taxes for all of them would be bad for gameplay and also it would not make any sense from a logical aspect since who would we actually pay those taxes to anyway? to the Lich King? :xxd:

Having to pay for upkeep was always a big problem in my eyes with Warcraft 3 in general, i mean sure it works for the melee gameplay aspect, but it doesn't work anywhere else, especially for campaigns, the only thing it really does is to just harm the gameplay experience by making the player have less units to play with and also less gold. So you did the right thing to take them out all together and have none of that low-high upkeep nonsense!

- I like how most units had their collision size reduced so the undead armies aren't that clunky when they move, that was a really good idea!

- The achievments and challenges were nice, even tho most of the times i pretty much ignored some of them cuz i just wanted to play however i wanted, but them being there is better than nothing for sure.


- It seems like the attack speed of all heroes gets reduced in these chapters: Chapter 3, 4, 8 and on all difficulties, not sure if this is a glitch or if is intended, either way is a bad thing.

On Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 9 their attack speed came back to normal based on their stats which is fast attack speed.

- The Catacombs structure that summons ghouls is pretty glitchy.

In Chapter 5 the building doesn't spawn ghouls at all.
In Chapter 6 it works as intended.
In Chapter 7 it works as intended.
In Chapter 8 the ghouls don't have shared vision with the player, so i can't see them on the map.
In Chapter 9 the ghouls become hostile to the player.

The Ghouls should share the same upgrades as the player i think. Them having 0 - 0 upgrades is kinda sad.

- This custom campaign is lacking quite a lot in the items department, i think there were only 2 or 3 unique items and even those were only from the first missions and they gave like + 3 agi and str, or + 6 str, the rest of the items were either the same classic ones or even weaker with just different skins and names like +5 dmg and + 2 armor.

That was pretty bad, there should be a much bigger variety in items, strong items should be dropped from heroes and bosses, also there should be secret ones as well.


- The main suggestion i can give to this custom campaign is a button which controls all the undead units (except workers) to make your whole army attack move in one place, for example Arthas can have this ability, similar to the normal attack move but for the entire undead army, units and heroes alike, this is a must especially when you have so many undead units scattered around all over the place, zombies, skeletons, reanimated and zombified enemy units that were raised and forgotten on the old battlefields, is such a headache to always have to come back and hotkey all of them just to tell them to attack move somewhere else, So having 1 button/spell that does that for all of them is a must in my eyes!

- Like i said there have to be more items, especially stronger and unique ones through out the campaign, items are very important in my opinion, they can enhanced the gameplay experience by a lot!

For example you can make it that stronger items similar to the ones you get at the start like the + 3str/agi stats can drop at higher difficulties.
At hard it can drop +5 all stats and at Brutal it can drop + 15 dmg or +7 all stats for example.

- More bonuses to choose from at the beginning of the missions would be great, similar to Dalvengyr, maybe with 20 points you can get a Stronger Pit Lord Hero or something similar, or maybe with 15 points you can enhance the ghouls that come from the catacombs to become Elite ghouls that have op stats, the sky is the limit with those bonuses basically.

~Bonus Chapter with Kael

- Spell breakers don't regen mana, even when they are near the arcane generators, after building 4 of them it seems like they do regen, nvm.

- Arcane wagons can't enter boats.

I had a good laugh when i tried to attack Garithos out of curiosity, i did not expect at all for him to become hostile and to actually send his entire army to kill me haha :xxd: even the villagers and the kids came to attack me lol :jd:

This mission was nice, interesting concept with the mana, the less u have the higher the negatives, and if u have more you got positives, the whole race being based on mana is cool.

Overall i very much enjoyed playing through this campaign, it sure is one of the better versions of the other custom campaigns that try to enhance the classic War3 stories!

My final rating for this Custom Campaign is an A

P.S I always found this moment in the og campaign and here pretty hypnotising, the acolytes doing their summoning magic and those pentagrams and their nice color makes the whole scene awesome.
Nice Acolyte vibes.gif
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Level 4
Oct 13, 2016
This is one good campaign. Really high quality stuff.
I really like the ideas. Expanded 'default' campaign with different difficulty levels, selectable abilities, etc.
But 1.32 requirement just straight-up kills it for me. Aww.

I highly recommend playing this campaign for anyone who has 1.32 ver of the game. Because it's what the reforged campaigns should've been.
Level 3
Sep 7, 2017
Just finished this campaign again had a LOT of fun especially destroying bases in the last mission.

I would add I heard you wanted to enchance it, well would be nice to see more impactful items and possible new tier 2 perks honestly those that are there doesn't make much difference except void-units builds and fly units upgrade. I mean nerubians meh you wont have an army of only them.

Also may be there could be a perk of some sort around this - when u start a mission you have a little time window before you reached 100 limit so that you can build some good units namely aboms, 2 statues probably some casters and wyrms. May be this could be delayed somehow idk.

Also if Im honest different units are cool but many of them are somewhat useless. I mean arch liches, slow dudes, may be nerubians. I know some of them for early game y just saying, may be there could be some ideas around that. May be add Death knights as units hm. Anyway lots of fun just small things that might make it better - items, perks, may be tweaking new units so that you could have a build around them or but making them more impactful.

Bear in mind there's no time to click all their abilities when u have 4-5 heroes and some casters :D


Hosted Project: LoA
Level 21
Apr 6, 2014
Once more with feeling, lots of screenshots. Figured I'd just post what I have for now.

  • Lichlings
  • Green square of doom when requirements aren't met.
  • Caster mastery is a bit skewed.
  • Are the dalaran factions meant to have any attack/armor upgrades?
  • Kel'thuzad goes green for one dialogue line.
  • Farstrider challenge does not show as completed as others would.
  • Farstrider faction's upgrades are a tad odd.
  • My confusion at seeing a random farstrider seemingly coming from nowhere.
  • Upgrades/mastery for all enemy factions in the silvermoon mission are strange, attack but no points into armor.
  • "Its ancient powers"
  • Orc and allied upgrades don't seem right in this mission.
  • Endless torment's upgrade tooltip and the actual ability on the unit are different. 180 seconds compared to 300 on the units. And no mention of swordsmen I guess.
  • And some random knights got stuck behind a barracks but I don't know if that was a newly built barracks or a pre placed.
  • Neither Fallen Grunts or Ogres actually benefit from undead upgrades.
  • Hath's hotkey for his ult is a bit far on the keyboard heh.
  • While it's not that important the shaman upgrade doesn't actually match any units and the peons themselves cost food.
  • Remaining rock chunks we meet again.
  • Choosing Lords of Death does not actually match up to the option that shows up when you select it. Correct faction in-game though.
  • "A council of six down to a gathering of five."
  • This last one is probably me just being annoying but I noticed the spawner.


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Level 4
Jun 9, 2017
i would love to try this but i currently can't use the 1.32 version it would be amazing if it's available on 1.29 or 1.31 though
Playing through the recent update atm, found this random acolyte in hiding that wouldnt interact with Arthas.

(also notice minimap amongus lol)

Mission 1
- Tome of Power dropped by the Paladin in Mission 1 is redundant, everyone will have Arthas level 5 by then.
- Throughout the mission, Arthas has been randomly gaining +16 exp every other minute or so while none of my stuff is in combat
- The guy hiding with the sheep looks a bit off
- Captain Marwyn (Purple summon dude) has raise dead on default auto-cast, often messing up my Call of the Dead rotation
- Two random female villagers stuck behind trees
- I forgot to do the Golems, but now I can't because of the Acolytes (mostly my fault, but a path way would be nice)
Update: I noticed I had 2 random zombified peasants, they were able to destroy some trees, stone token acquired!

Mission 2

- double-pressing the Start Mission button still works, I got 6 Meat Wagons and two of every hero.
- Araj stuck in trees at start of mission?
Plot twist: Meat Wagons are able to kill the tree Araj, allowing you to revive him and have two at once!
- Kinda bothered that Meat Wagon kills destroy corpses, but oh well, so be it. (I'm not doing a min-max run like before)
- Bug where you can kill Uther without Arthas ever leaving the starting area / without a base still works
- New Building Acquired message kinda in an unconventional color (could be intentional, idk)
- Thessarian still has slice heavy sounds, should be bash
- Villagers in front of first paladin's base don't actually morph to Militia
- Random dog critters are hostile (maybe give them an attack value or add them to some waves?)
- Demon Claws item says increases attack damage by 5, but it actually increases it by 6.
- Plague Cauldron Quest Update plays 'Quest Discovered' sound instead of Quest Update when it updates
- Any unit put right in front of this particular house will disappear from the game, for good 😐
- Uther died before the cinematic (again) Didn't even really notice it was him, thought it was just the 2nd paladin dying lol
- Inconsistent quest message coloring
- Incorporeal scourge perk not applied to the spectral sasquatch
Just to confirm I do actually have the perk and am not wasting your time.
- Weird meat wagon glitch
- Minor spelling mistake: "Achievement" instead of "Achievment"
- Suggestion: Would be cool if you could set a Rally point of the Plague Cauldrons

Mission 3

- All heroes' attack speed are really slow compared to mission 2
- Altar of the Darkness affected by Human Masonry upgrades
- Headmaster's Will lacks item description
- Gargoyles serve almost no purpose in this mission

Mission 4
- Mirdoran the Fallen uses Creature Carapace instead of unholy armor
- Random high elf villagers around the map aren't hostile
- Magic Runestone has an attack, but doesnt use it
- Dark Ranger and Nathanos' Plague Hounds not classified as undead
- Random scourge buildings use Human Masonry upgrades
- Dark Ranger is affected by secondary spellcaster training while it shouldnt be
- Deatholme is redundant and buggy... The AI tries to build way too much stuff in a tiny area, troops get suck and they make 500 zombies lagging the map
I recommend capping the amount of zombies they can have and increasing the aggressiveness (usefulness) of their AI.
Also perhaps set the pathing size of their builds smaller or disabled on some, idk.

Alternatively, I have another cool idea that may or may not take a little while to implement, but may be worth it.

As soon as you unlock Deatholme ally, give the player's workers (both zombf. peasant and Acolyes) to construct a Deatholme Banner. When a banner is placed, all deatholme production structures will set their rally point there. To make these units actually go somewhere, have an ability on the banner that when cast causes all deatholme combat units to attack-move to the cast point.

Bugs foresight: Deatholme banner should be placable off-blight, only have like 50 hp and limited to only one. Destroying it causes all deatholme units to casually (gradually) return to their base. When a banner attack move point is set, ALL deatholme combat units should charge immediately.
- In my opinion, you should unlock cannon towers in this mission (because you also get abominations)

Mission 5
- Call of NerZhul Arthas ability not pickable at start of mission
- The abomination that arrives as reinforcement isnt the special bloodgorger guy from last mission

- Catacombs not working
- Enemy bases run out of gold too fast; you should punish the player for taking long, not reward them
- Nerubian Tower deserves a buff from its standard 8-10 damage attack, especially since you moved it up in the techtree
- The Secret pathway leading to that lightning mage tower area is too narrow for any hero to go through
- Reavers are still way too powerful for their cost, I recommend making them a 3-food unit and +75 gold cost
- Nerubian Desecrators too weak/not worthwhile, I recommend making them a 2-food unit instead of 3, they're literally all-round weaker than Reavers and somehow cost more lol
- Terramancer unit does not raise with Call of the Dead
- Large part of the top of the map are empty/don't offer any items/purpose to clear the area
- Elves hostile to creeps that defended fountain of mana
- Final encounter too easy, none of the many units have any upgrades
- not enough time to pick up item dropped by Sylvannas
- last cinematic not skippable

Mission 6
- Call of Nerzhul still not selectable
- Mission can be started twice again by spamming the frostmourne pedestal

- Mission too easy, even on Brutal

I'll be listing more bugs to this Reply if I encounter any 👍
I'm playing the new update on Hard diff consistently throughout the entire thing


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Level 21
Apr 6, 2014
Right before I forget again, there is a hostile dark ranger that starts as an enemy and on hard you can easily clear the map long before the summoning is close to being finished. INHUMAN


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Level 8
Apr 28, 2020
I have to say, I'm SUPER impressed by your attention to detail with lore character. Dar'khan's lieutenants, Belovir, Thas'alah, the Council of Six, it's just really well-done and polished. Awesome job!