Particles to specific animation

Level 22
Feb 4, 2005
My model is above the grid, elevated very high if you import it in a modelling program. When I create a particle (using the Magos tutorial), it stays much below the model, that is on the level of the grid. I am newb with particles and I will say what I want, steps how to do it using Magos Editor will be much of help.

My model has 3 meshes, Stand and Death animation and is elevated highly above the grid. I want to make it all in flames only for its falling Death animation. It can be a single fire particle or 2 that are scaled, so that they cover the main body and some other parts. Where should I create the Particle Emitter 2 and how to make that? Also the particles to be on the model, not below it. I tried translation there are some (0{0:0:0)) smth like that and when I change the second 0 that must be Y axis, nothing happens. I don't know which war3 textures are best to do fire and what colors, so you can say that too. Full way to do it = thx.