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A panther made by me. It's in fact a higher-detail version inspired by Panther made by @Kuhneghetz (aka: Dan van Ohllus) and meant to serve the same purposes.

Portrait is incorporated
All animations are custom-made by me.
Doesn't come with a team-colored variant.

Feel free to edit this model for your projects as long as you credit me for the model you based it from (remember this is conceptually based on Dan van Ohllus's panther).

Visit the original panther by Dan van Ohllus! Panther
March 2019: special thanks to nightelfbuilder for making an icon.

Panther (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.
Level 7
Mar 11, 2017
This model couldn't be tested in-game. Footprints, positioning and scaling of the model might require future adjustments. In fact, if there was someone who could test and fix these I'd be thankful.

This model issues several noncritical warnings from the sanity tester - they will likely require to be fixed in the future.

Other panther models - quick reference:
(free panthers)
- Panther (no TC) by @Kuhneghetz
- Watcher and Derivatives (two models, both have TC) by @Ujimasa Hojo

(panthers with riders)
- NightSaber Knight by @Hayate
- NECaptain by Sin'dorei300
- NEInquisitor by @PROXY
- Hero Inquisitor by @PROXY

Suitable icons for this:
- BTNPanther by @Kuhneghetz
- BTNNECatTransform by @BLazeKraze
- BTNAbility_Druid_CatForm (by Blizzard/Activision)
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Jul 12, 2018
it looks very good when standing still and the file size is excellent. The attack animations look too stiff and tame for me to want to use it in a map, though. Knees should bend more, neck should move more and the butt should move closer to the ground on several animations, especially attack anims since the cat would be striking upwards at most targets. The walk animation looks like he's running through tall grass, trying to look over it. Normally cats run with their head low and bobbing up and down, not held high. Humans are good at reading dog and cat body language, if you want this model to look realistic and "dangerous" it will require a lot more effort on some of the animations i think. Not that i could do any better myself, i can't animate at all, just thought i'd give my honest opinion since i think your model looks really good and would be awesome with some more dynamic anims.

big file size picture for cat movement reference:


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Jul 29, 2008
Detailed & fancy-looking. Especially useful as a Critter; however for uses as a Unit I think you'll want to flesh out some of the animations (notably Attacks & Spell), because they are rather 'weak' and/or slow looking currnetly.

Love the Portrait details.
Fun fact: My version (along with the White Tiger) was mainly created as an mount addon for the Night Elf Huntress/Sentinel (Priestess for the White Tiger though), with being a neutral creep as a bonus. Then I got carried away by adding Lions, Bengal Tiger etc. :xxd:

Your version is definately better than mine as it's more accurate in terms of it's proportions and movements. Good job there! :thumbs_up:
My suggestion is that you take the attack animations from the Timber Wolf as inspiration to make your Panther behave more aggressive when it attacks.