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Other Useful Information

Discussion in 'The 2 Player Campaign' started by TheSpoon, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. TheSpoon


    Jul 16, 2007
    The 2-Player Campaign
    Other Useful Information

    This thread contains extra information on some of the workings in the maps. So if you want to read a little more about the game's mechanics, have a look here.

    Due to the advantages of having a second player, a number of changes were required to make the game more fair. This includes:
    - Reduced harvesting rates: The base collection rates for Gold and Lumber have been reduced to 5.
    - Reduced total food limits: The max food limits for each player is reduced to 60. (Each player is entitled to a little more than half due to the costs of having extra peasants)
    - Reconfigured Upkeep Systems: Due to the other two balances, a change to the upkeep system was needed. The new levels are:
    [No Upkeep - <19 food - 5 gold per tick]
    [Low Upkeep - 20-37 food - 4 gold per tick]
    [High Upkeep - 38-49 food - 3 gold per tick]
    [Max Upkeep - >50 food - 2 gold per tick]

    Here is a list of all the sharing systems that I have added to the campaign:
    - Exchange System [Exch]: Type '-exchange' to give selected units to the other player. Workers, Altars, Town Halls, Heroes and Summons are not allowed to be exchanged.
    - Resource Sending System [Send]: Type '-gold X' or '-lumber X' to send that amount of resources to the other player. This system will bypass any resources that would be lost to upkeep rates.
    - Upgrade Sharing System [Upgr]: Upon the completion of a research, the upgrades are automatically shared with your ally.
    - Techtree Sharing System [Tech]: All techtree requirements are shared with your ally. Eg. Only 1 player would need to build a blacksmith to allow both players to train riflemen.
    - Resource Deposit System [Depo]: Allies can use other players buildings as a drop off for resources. Eg. Player 1's peasant can harvest lumber near Player 2's lumber mill and return collected resources to there.
    - Information Sharing: When clicked on an allied building you can view what units/researches/upgrades that it is currently working on.
    - Shared Spells: Certain spells, such a Death Pact and Dark Ritual can now be used on allies units.

    However, due to the nature of some of the missions, certain sharing systems will be disabled. As shown in this chart:

    Mission Disabled Systems Mission Disabled Systems
    H01 [Exch][Send][Upgr][Tech][Depo] U01 [Exch][Send][Upgr][Tech][Depo]
    H02 U02
    H03 [Exch][Send][Upgr][Tech][Depo] U03
    H04 U04
    H05 U05
    H06 U06
    H07 (No resource balances) U07
    H08 [Upgr][Tech][Depo] U08

    At the end of the level your score is added up and you are given a rank between A and E. These are the factors that contribute to the score you recieve:
    - Time Taken: Obviously, the longer you take the complete the map, the lower you score. The time you are expected to take depends whether the level is classed as a Short, Medium or Long level. The timer stops whilst you are watching cinematics! The potential score is always 120.
    [Short levels score between 5 and 20 mins]
    [Medium levels score between 10 and 40 mins]
    [Long levels score between 20 and 80 mins]
    - Bonuses Found: These are usually items, but can also be units that are given to you. Search the map, destroy creep camps and destructables to find all of these. The score given varies, but the total bonuses will usually add up to around 100.
    - Extra Score: This score is unique for each map. It can be seen as a side-quest to attain additional score. The score given varies, but the extra score will usually add up to around 100.

    At the end of the map these 3 scores are added up and are given grade based on the total score. The rank you are given also has a value, which contributes to the grade you are given at the end of the campaign. It is stored into the save/load code.
    - >90% = A - 5 points
    - 75-89% = B - 4 points
    - 55-74% = C - 3 points
    - 30-54% = D - 2 points
    - <29% = E - 1 point

    Below is a chart containing information about the map length and extra score.
    Mission Map Length Extra Score Mission Map Length Extra Score
    H01 Short Surviving Footmen U01 Medium Avoid Detection
    H02 Medium Blackrock Base Destroyed U02 Long Easter Eggs Found
    H03 Medium Enemies Killed U03 Long Elven Farms Haunted
    H04 Long Expansions Built U04 Long Gold Mines Haunted
    H05 N/A Map Explored U05 Long Silvermoon Destroyed
    H06 Long Conversions Prevented U06 Long Blackrock Bases Destroyed
    H07 Long Units Lost U07 Long Researches Completed
    H08 N/A Critters Killed U08 N/A Kel'Thuzad Unharmed
    H09 Long Enemy Bases Cleared

    At the end of the campaign, if you used save/load codes all through the game you are given an overall score and rank for the campaign.

    For the Human Campaign the scores are:
    45 - S
    41-44 - A
    36-39 - B
    29-35 - C
    20-28 - D
    9-19 - E

    For the Undead Campaign the scores are:
    40 - S
    37-39 - A
    32-36 - B
    26-31 - C
    18-25 - D
    8-17 - E

    I hope this information is useful to you all!
  2. McQvaBlood


    Jul 3, 2010
    Sentinels Campaign: Terror of the Tides
    Additional Information

    The main difference you can easily notice regarding these maps is that there are two players. However, unlike in a melee game, these two players are expected to co-operate better. To this end, the game's mechanics have been changed, a number of systems and functions have been added. These bonuses and the presence of a second player are such a huge bonus that a few restrictions had to be made to make the game balanced.

    Supporting Hero: If there are one or three heroes on a map, an additional hero is added to that map to even the number of heroes owned by a player. On some of the maps, control over the additional hero is not granted to you at once and is instead linked to the completion of a quest.
    Hero Distribution
    Chapter Player One - First Hero Player One - Second Hero Player Two - First Hero Player Two - Second Hero
    (1) Rise of the Naga Maiev Saithis
    (2) The Broken Isles Maiev Saithis
    (3) The Tomb of Sargeras Maiev Saithis
    (4) Wrath of the Betrayer Maiev Saithis
    (5) Balancing the Scales Maiev Malfurion Saithis Tyrande
    (6) Shards of the Alliance Maiev Tyrande
    (7) The Ruins of Dalaran Maiev Malfurion Saithis Magroth the Defender
    (8) The Brothers Stromrage Malfurion Naj'entus Illidan Tyrande
    Shared Powerups: The effects of a few powerups are divided between the two players, regardless of who manages to pick up the item.
    List of shared powerups
    Tomes: All heroes receive the effect of all tomes you acquire throughout the campaign. If by the fifth map, you have collected a total of 3 Tomes of Strength, 2 Tomes of Agility and 5 Tomes of Intelligence, Maiev, Saithis, Furion and Tyrande will all have 3 additional strength, 2 additional agility and 5 additional intelligence. / Gold Coin: The gold is divided between the two players. Normally, a Gold Coin contains 250 gold. This means, that if a hero picks up a Gold Coin, 125 gold are added to each players gold stock. The amount of gold contained in a Gold Coin often varies per map and difficulty. / Bundle of Lumber: The lumber is divided between the two players. / Glyph of Fortification: The armor and hit points of both players' structures are upgraded.
    Shared Start Location: On maps where you have a base, starting structures are divided between the two players. Some basic structures that the base contains an uneven amount of such as Trees of Life, Ancients of War, Ancients of Lore, Moon Wells, Altars of Elders are granted to the second player free of charge on Normal. On Insane, some starting resources or other structures are removed to pay for this.

    Shared Bounty: Players get half the bounty for a neutral that is slain, regardless of who landed the last hit.
    Normally, when killing a neutral, the player landing the killing blow is entitled to receive bounty for that creep. This is now changed into both players receiving half the bounty that would be granted. So, for example if you kill a Giant Frost Wolf, instead of one player getting 11-15 gold, both players get 5.5-7.5 gold and if you kill an Ancient Wendigo, instead of one player getting 107-121 gold, both players get 53.5-60.5 gold. Be aware that values are always rounded down. (15 gold split is 7 gold for both players.)
    Shared Upgrades: If a player finishes an upgrade, the other player will also gain all of its effects.
    If a player researches Sentinel, Huntresses owned by both players can use the Sentinel ability. If a player researches Druid of the Claw Adept Training, Druids of the Claw owned by both players receive an additional 75 hit points, 100 mana points, 0.32 per second mana regeneration rate, 1-4 attack damage and can use the Rejuvenation ability.
    Shared Techtree: If a player constructs a structure, it also enables all techtree items, such as additional units, buildings, items and upgrades, associated with that building for the other player.
    If a player constructs a Tree of Eternity, both players will be able to construct a Chimera Roost, buy Orb of Venom and Anti-magic Potion from Ancients of Wonders and research Druid of the Claw Master Training, Druid of the Talon Master Training, Hardened Skin, Resistant Skin, Marksmanship, Upgrade Moon Glaive, Well Spring, Advanced Moon Armor, Advanced Reinforced Hides, Advanced Strength of the Moon, Advanced Strength of the Wild.
    Shared Information: When clicking on the unit or upgrade producing structure of the other player, players can see what upgrades and units are queued and how close the current upgrade or unit is to finishing.

    Slow harvest: When harvesting from Gold Mines, you receive only 5 gold per turn instead of 10 gold per turn. When harvesting lumber, you receive 5 lumber per turn as usual, however the time to gather that amount is twice as long.
    Food limit: Both players have a food limit of 60 instead of the melee 100.
    Upkeep levels: The upkeep levels are changed to fit the new food limit.
    Upkeep Levels
    Upkeep Gold Income Food
    No Upkeep 100% (5) 0-20
    Low Upkeep 80% (4) 21-38
    Medium Upkeep 60% (3) 39-50
    High Upkeep 40% (2) 51-60
    There are also a number of commands you should know while playing the campaign. Some of them are pointed out when playing, others are not.
    -gold will send gold to the other player. (eg.: -gold 50) / -lumber will send lumber to the other player. (eg.: -lumber 75) / -load can be used at the start of the map to load your heroes' items, stats and skill distribution. (eg.: -load Xcf8-L0oe) Please notice that the load code generated at the end of a map is specific to the next map. You cannot load items from the second map into the fifth map and you cannot load items from the fifth map into the second map. When receiving a load code, you will see that the letters are colored. A digit colored in red indicates a letter in lower case, a digit in blue indicates a letter in upper case, and a digit in gold indicates a number. So the example load code would appear like this: "Your code: Xcf8-L0oe" This can be crucial when the code contains letters that can be difficult to tell apart because of the Warcraft III font. (o, O and 0; I and l, etc.) / -normal and -insane sets the difficulty. / -ok is used when you are satisfied with the start of game options (difficulty, items) and wish to begin playing. Both players have to type this.

    There are also a few things that are new to the campaign, these will be detailed here.

    Shadow Orb: In the original campaign, the Shadow Orb scales exponentially in power as you acquire more pieces. In my version, the Shadow Orb scales normally to allow you to divide the Shadow Orb between the two players if you want. So, if both heroes carry a Level 5 Shadow Orb, it is as powerful if one hero carried a Level 10 Shadow Orb.
    Shadow Orb

    Level Damage - Old Damage - New Regeneration - Old Regeneration - New Armor - Old Armor - New Value - Old (Sell Value) Value - New (Sell Value)
    1 1 1 0 0.2 0 0.3 50 (25) 125 (62)
    2 2 2 0 0.4 0 0.6 100 (50) 250 (125)
    3 3 3 0 0.6 0 0.9 200 (100) 375 (187)
    4 4 4 0 0.8 1 1.2 300 (150) 500 (250)
    5 5 5 0 1 1 1.5 350 (175) 625 (312)
    6 6 6 0 1.2 1 1.8 400 (200) 700 (375)
    7 7 7 0 1.4 2 2.1 550 (275) 825 (437)
    8 8 8 0 1.6 2 2.4 700 (350) 1000 (500)
    9 9 9 2 1.8 2 2.7 900 (450) 1125 (562)
    10 10 10 2 2 3 3 1250 (625) 1250 (625)

    Saithis: She is the Warden accompanying Maiev on her journey, played by the second player. As always, the supporting hero has a custom set of skills.
    Saithis' spells
    Icon Spell Hotkey Description
    [​IMG] Blade Shield B The Warden enchants 3/4/5 blades to form a shield around a target unit. The Blades deal 15 damage to units they hit. Speed of 500/600/700.
    Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown is 10 seconds. Costs 100 mana.
    [​IMG] Shift F Moves the Warden next to a target unit. Range of 1000/1075/1150. Cooldown is 10/10/1 seconds. Costs 50/10/10 mana.
    [​IMG] Twilight Guardian G Summons a powerful Twilight Guardian to attack the Warden's enemies. Twilight Guardians have 475/600/725 hit points, 0 large armor, 22-28/32-38/42-48 magic attack, 1.6s attack speed. Twilight Guardians have the Kiss of Death ability, which instanly raises an enemy unit to fight for you for the rest of the spell's duration if the Twilight Guardian landed the killing blow. This cannot effect Heroes, structures, mechanical units, worker or creeps above level 5. The raised unit has no spells.
    Lasts 60 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. Costs 125 mana
    [​IMG] Eclipse E Passive. Allows the Warden to use her spells more rapidly by blocking the cooldown of a spell she casts once every 24 seconds. Short cooldown spells are not considered.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
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