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Old Watcher

This model represents very old watcher.

Watcher, Old, Zombie, Lanternman

Old Watcher (Model)

Old Watcher (Model)

12:36, 28th Oct 2015 Misha: freaky xD i like it
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
His face looks like the one of a zombie because it is pale and does not have enough wrinkles. His eyes are too crooked, making him look like a madman. Also, I think you should not let him have his eyes so widely opened because it gives a zombie-ish feeling. Maybe showing a part of the eyelids could solve this problem.
I like the dress he's wearing, it gives the feeling of an old man at least but his hands could use of more details because they just look like white irregular shapes right now.
That's all I got to say about the model. I hope you'll work on it. Good luck! :thumbs_up:

Oh god why is he staring at me.

He's staring into your soul, beware!

The eyes are just priceless. You should keep them, they're just funky and too cool to be changed.
You should fiddle more with that lantern and those slippers/shoes.
Also try to give that face a geoset coloring, something more with a gray tint(maybe even a beard if you want more personality).
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