Old models from Wc3.Search??

Hi there, i remember that there were MANY MANY more models & icons on the old website of hiveworkshop.. "Wc3.Search-something".. :confused:

Where did those models go?! :huh:
I remember MANY MORE chinese models, luckily i have maybe 100-150 old models that dont exist on Hiveworkshop, but sadly not everyone.. :cry:

The napoleon model = Awesome!
More industrial & revolutionary models! :grin:

Can't make a map with only 1 Napoleon model..

Oh well, have a nice day! :infl_thumbs_up:

////Michi aka ReDbEaN
i hand lots of them when they closed but 1 year later my computer crashed i lost of of them

Man that sucks!! :sad:

I have a lot of models & icons left, I will make some maps with every unit on with correct adress so they will work later on, on your maps, now im busy with MY map tho, but maybe in a couple of days, friday maybe.. :infl_thumbs_up: