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Another one of my various models, this one, how ever, has a special story to it.

One of my very first beginning edits, I soon Abandoned it for a Tank, A pocket Factory, then the Puddle of Water, which was then Abandoned for the things you see in other screen shots, the red sludge minion (THE THING) the three headed elder Chimera, and then the Cattails and flowers and what not which then lead on to others. I only re remembered it from a skin I saw the other day by TwoVenomous for this very Base model.

started about a year and a half ago, and finished only just now, I present to you my second unit model, Night Elf Villager Women.

Based off of units\critters\VillagerWoman\VillagerWoman using the Night Elf Archer texture to Re wrap it. then I gave it Ears and Feet. Then Eye Glows. then I gave it portrait animations and other animations so that no portrait model is required, then added hand glows, and now its done!

It has 10 Animations, and 8 in game ones.
Stand - 1
Stand - 2
Stand - 3
Spell First
Portrait - 1
Portrait Talk -1

Designed for the scale between 0.9 and 1.5 but can be scaled bigger it dos not matter, until you get past 2.9 then the feet go into the ground and you will not see them during Walk.

Give credits and what not. if you do not like the feet you can delete them and lower the skirt back down to its original height level.

WARNING: The way I re-uv wrapped this means opening it in The Converter and swapping the night elf archer texture back to the original Villager Women texture will not work so don't bother trying.

INFO: The way this models built it doesn't matter if you import skins for the units\critters\VillagerWoman\VillagerWoman model, how ever It dos matter if you Import skins over the Night Elf Archer's Textures/Ranger.blp texture, some work some don't. Experiment, find what works. If you want this model and the skin that badly Id suggest either Using the Converter to change this models texture path, or change the texture path of the additional model you're importing. either way it should work with a re-skinned archer texture. an example being 67Chrome's Ranger Skin over a Re-imported Archer model. this method would require a re-import of the original archer skin.

If people want me to add more particle emitters for the spell and attack and stuff or just simple eye Particle Emitter like my TaurenSpiritChieftain model has on his face then I can do that I just felt this was alot of work and if you guys want more then I can do it I guess..

---update 1--- forgot to change all helpers into bones, and add key words, and the version number.

---update 2--- increased the height of the feet boots so that they never successfully hide them selves at any unit size between scale 0.1 and 10.0

---update 3--- Being I made this to be a spell caster unit, I suddenly realized it had NO TEAM COLOR!!! so I added that into her pony tail, surprisingly easy, and then when that felt like too little team color I added a team colored simple waist sash.

Civilian Women, Women, Civilian, Villager Women, Night Elf, Magic, Caster. It puts the lotion on its skin, It dos this when ever its told.

NightElfVillagerWomenV.114 (Model)

18:54, 3rd Nov 2012 -Grendel: a rather fine addition to the night elves. provides more variation. approved.




18:54, 3rd Nov 2012
-Grendel: a rather fine addition to the night elves. provides more variation. approved.

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Deleted member 212788

It looks decent EXCEPT, the hair does NOT match. You should make it more purplish and a bit thinner (like the archer's hair). Also, you could try to lower the file size as ~100 Kb is a bit much. If you get it bellow 80 Kb, I'd be very useful.
not sure I can make it much smaller, sorry.

I know 96 is a lot, but the original villager women model starts at like 79, the feet eye glows hand glows and ears made that go to 83, the additional custom Portrait - 1 and portrait talk - 1 animations made it go to 90, and the additional attack and spell animations made that into 96.

I linearized some bones but it didn't do jack all, made all the helpers objects into bones that made it 0.1 kbs smaller, also the hair is a pain to uv wrap and actually IS textured to the hair of the night elf archer, believe it or not. The only other night elf hair is the night elf sentry, the night elf huntress, and those are actually darker then this, except for the PotM hero, who's hair is not an option as I tried that. luckily theres no 55 kb portrait file hey? lol

and to make the hair smaller would also be a pain because then it doesn't hide the units head vertex's. =*( and to make the heads vertex's smaller means making the heads eyes all stretched, lol >.<

sorry its too big for you maaaaan *( all I could do would be to undo a lot of it. =/ if you want the purely uv wrapped version, you can have it if you want? its olny 79, thats below 80! lol just pm me.

EDIT: tried to use the PotM's hair again and I got the same problem--hair vertex's don't like that texture, the women villagers hairs just not meant to fit that texture shape.--sorry. =*(

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Deleted member 212788

Hmmm, I really like her spell and attack animations, but 1 quick suggestion, why don't you remove the feat as a whole? you did say that they don't show up in game so it's something that I could gladly go without. Still, if I decide to use it, I will pm you :)
I added feet because I hate how the villager womens floats around, in my opinion (just mine maybe) the way the villager women floats around looks dumb. the cloak has underneath it the animated bones just for feet, I didnt even add or animate those, just added feet onto them, and the cloaks animated in such a way as to look like there are feet present. blizzard just removed the feet but left the bones for what ever reason. which pissed me off when I found that out.

if you don't like the feet, you have my permission to remove them. and they show enough of the time, especially during walk, because they step for ward and go backwards and everything, looks way more real then just floating, especially going down hill terrain where you can see under her cloak better, while the normal villager women going down hill looks like shes magical and floating. the feet really add hardly any space.

EDIT: made her feet present all the time so they don't hide at any scale now, this was caused because her feet where not above the center of origin.

I know this texture looks somewhat unnatural on a villager womens shape in a cloak, so I did my best to make it work. there is no better night elf women texture. and no other good way to make a standard night elf villager women, for night elf towns or what ever, the spell first and attack animations are just extra icing, to make it a legit spell caster unit. If you don't think the texture fits, perhaps elaborating on that? to help me?

she looks so surprised because the face had to be altered to make the facial texture work. I also had to add eye glow so that meant making the front of her face more flat. I know it looks kinda weird but nothing I could do to have centered eye glows and not have them visibly mess up her nose, eyebrows and so on. though the face looks ok at the scales between 0.8 and lower, and 2.5, and the portrait animations have the face somewhat altered.

and thank you orcnet! and others for helping tell me whats wrong with it. so that I may improve it.
a modestly dressed night elf girl? Blasphemy! :D
biased against night-elves? :wink:

lol! I know right! shes so conforming to society's rules! no big chested wc3 girl here, I made her breasts smaller actually because they were ultra pointy. lol

thanks misha lol glad you like it!

EDIT: team color made the model 1kb bigger. for a total of 97 kbs
well, don't get confused from certain comments, 97kb for what it offers isn't that much. But i still got a few suggestions for changes:
  1. you should change the attack anim into something.....maybe more offensive/aggressive (like a punch)
  2. the sash should use another texture. It looks a bit....cartoonish the way it is right now (only one color without shadings and such?).
  3. the gutz are appearing shortly during the anim ''Stand 3'', whihc they shouldn't do.
Otherwise it's pretty good. I don't mean to insult you or make your work down, but you should apply a few changes. :wink:
Level 4
Jul 22, 2011
The dress is a bit weird imo 3/5 at the moment, good idea but it should be improved
To Uncle Fester: the bones appear during stand 3!?!!?? wtf

ok il fix that right now. didn't notice that my self, interesting, thanks uncle.

EDIT: weeiiirddd.... I can't see it happening in game, could you perhaps tell me what frame it is that this is happening at Uncle Fester????? I cannot see it my self. not in mdlvis editor any way D= I see it in magos but not in game. so im confused. plus this model looks different in magos then it dos in game, I tested it extensively to be sure. D=. also in mdlvis editor it looks a lot different then in magos, could you test it in game to make sure it is actually happening in game? and not just bein buggy in magos? you'll notice the arms flailing about oddly in magos too but not in game.

Uncle Fester, using this tool here:

I could not see the issue you where referring too, either in my test map or in this map Iv linked, did you use magos to view my model at first?

the attack animation is supposed to be a one handed wavy hand flailing ''spell'' like motion, like the priest's attack. I know its not that lively or aggressive looking but neither is the priests attack I guess, blizzard made this model buggy to work it, il see what I can do to make it better, perhaps making the other arm drop down or something. shes not a melee attacker ya know! =D a punch may look more aggressive, but too hard to make look good on this model, as being a martial artist my self, I know that a punch is you're entire body twisting into it, you're back leg extending backwards, and you're shoulders turning into it, and you're waist too, arm fully extending. that type of punch is most proper but might be too hard to rig. let me see if I can make the magical attack more aggressive or at least lively looking. =D

as for team color, I just found the team color being un-shaded made it easier to see at night, other units are rigged with unshaded team color, and such a small piece of team color as this sash is worthy of a better team color texture? let me see what I can do.

To Nolko: the dress was lifted higher so it doesn't sink into super strangely deformed terrain. it also shows the boots better. the dress uv wrap is really hard to work with so I chose the moon symbol part from the night elf boot, not sure what else i can do to make that too much less deformed looking. sorry D=
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I tried real hard to make a good team color uv wrap look good but they all looked horrible. is the pure red sash really dreadful?

and every uv wrap I tried on new hair looked so bad. I ended up liking the team color pony tail idk maybe just me.

and every re uv wrap I tried on her face looked so depressingly bad.

EDIT: I can keep trying if people think I should =*(