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Dec 21, 2013
If you're banned cause of your lewd art, I'll visit the mod who banned you and punch him (if i have enough money to go there)(unless your art is off limit)(jk, plz dont ban me mod)
Art is a hobby of mine. I used to dream about becoming great artist. I had ideas. I had motivation. Despite the fact that people would tell me I am good artsit, fact that I was comissioned and actually employed for short period of time making paid art seem like a lifegoal, I was not satisfied with outcome of my work. Money that I have earned did not bring me happyness or improved anything in my pathetic life. Everything went on bills, apartment rent and my mother's car.
So many people telling me my art is good without having a single idea of what it takes to be a good artsit or when do you even clacify as one. I have my own understanding of it and I will never meet that goal. Passion is gone, motivation vanished, joy disapeared. Art is nothing more than depression and thrustration. Ideas may seem great but in practice it is all turning wrong. I have no guts to be an artist or anything more than just a sack of useless meat. Time to stop fooling myself. I have no future.
I wont produce any shitty sketches any time soon or maybe ever.
Sounds like you set your expectations for yourself a bit too high. That's what ambitious people often do, and it's not a bad thing to have ambitions, but it leads to disappointment when things aren't going the way you planned. Try setting your expectations lower and you might surprise yourself more often. And I'm not talking only about art here, this applies to almost every aspect of life.
Just remember that we're all human beings, no matter how awesome or unique we might feel at times of success, we all have that moment of realization, that in the end, we're not all that special. Some might get depressed over that fact, but the fact that nothing matters and won't matter in the grand scheme of things makes enjoying our lives much easier without worrying too much.
Think about it like this: You have a limited amount of time on this earth. Unless you make some ground-breaking scientific discovery, not much you do will matter in the far future, so all you really have is how you will spend that time you have. Happiness is the only thing that really matters in the long run and all the time you spend in depression is, for a lack of a better word, wasted. Just view life as an equation of happiness and enjoy the small things that keep us going.
I know it doesn't work like "Get happy plz", but is it not worth a try to enjoy your life? If not for yourself, then for the people who care for you, for your friends and family, and the people subscribed to you, waiting for your next lewd art compilation (god I miss those :D). It hurts to see a fellow artist suffer.

That being said, I'm sure you're tired of those anti-depression walls of text, so I'm just gonna say, just do whatever makes you happy in life, even if it means giving up on your art. While I (and many others, I'm sure) am gonna miss it, there is no point in doing something you do not enjoy anymore. Find another hobby perhaps, anything to take your mind off those heavy thoughts.
Wish you all the best mate! :]
BR already expressed my thoughts greatly. I'll just add a few words.
I'm sure you're not "a sack of useless meat", and art is surely much more than frustration, sleepless nights, red eyes, numb fingers and anxiety.
Art is a way of expression(too) and can also be a haven for some of us.
I must admit that the artist's life isn't easy, but nor anyone's life is easy. Life isn't meant to be easy, i think.
You are a valuable person, you just can not see it(i blame depression for that). We, those around you who know you(even less), we see you with other eyes than you see yourself. Maybe you should have at least some little confidence, i think no one here is trying to mislead you or something. There are not only bad things in this world, it's just that the good ones, like any precious thing, are harder to get at. Keep fighting!
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Jul 29, 2008
git gud m8

What I meant to say was... Art or not, you are a worthwhile human being with great, perhaps even eternal, potential. Sounds like you've got some severe issues, though, that we can neither diagnose or really do much for. Please get yourself some help, man. Therapy, medication, wellness, exercise... No shame in needing help.

I made some sketches of naked gnomes (which you wont find on Dumblr or DeviantFart) and textures of rocks/vines. I never made any rocks and had to take a look at texture tutorials which just make me depressed of how people draw so good and I cant even be compared to them.
Drawing gnomes is fun tho. I found artist by name Anzka and tried to emitate faces he makes. Too bad THW is a site for 12+ y/o kids which makes posting links to NSFW content banable. Speaking of which, why am I not banned yet? I keep tumblr link at signature and it contains explisit material.

ayy I got job as dishwasher in a bar, which is 10 hours a day with no days off for whole summer! Better than 12-14 hours job with less pay and no days off I had 2 years ago :DDDDD
That all means I cant draw much and gona spend more time hating my insomnia which definetly not caused by CrIpPling DepReSsion, which is not real. Who need more than 6 hours of sleep anyways?
Anyway, here is a sketch, where I pretend to know how muscles work, of a character (who looks like a dyke) for a comic I will never be able to make. And it's not nsfw! So I can actually post something here! Altho I should let this thread die instead and create a new one with propper not misleading name.


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Jul 29, 2008
Glad you got a (somewhat?) better job, man. Work can be an important part of staying sane.

Sorry you won't be able to draw much; you've got talent. Find a way to keep it up.

6 hours of sleep is... OK but probably not ideal. You wanna shoot for 7.5 or 9. Look up "sleep cycles", if you can.

Get help for your depression, man. There is no stigma. I've been meeting with a therapist for almost a year, and taking anti-depressants myself for the last month or so. It's a process. gEt HeLp.



woohoo 3 days in a row I have been eversleeping and waking up before few minutes to work. I totally dont feel like a piece of meat. I could have like 3-4 hours to do stuff, but when I have that time, I feel like doing absolutely nothing. TOns of motivation and overflowing positive selfesteam. Aw yeah. Lets see how fun it gona be 4 days in a row. Maybe I gona dream of washing dishes.
That looks really amazing, especially the non-bladed metal part. I always loved how to make metal look in your icons, you have an unmistakable style of shading it that is so unique and awesome.
Not a big fan of the shape of the wooden shaft though. Having it become smaller towards the handle looks a bit weird, like you tried to give it a bit of perspective, but I don't think that's what you were going for, given that the top of the shaft is not visible to support that look. Maybe make it a bit thicker on the upper-right side to have it be the same thickness and imitate that classic wood axe handle shape thingy.
The background glow is also some pretty good stuff :3
Aren't you gonna upload it to the icon section?