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Brothers Art

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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I felt since I lack the skill to actually make my own art (outside of photography), I'd show some of the family art. My brother is an artist by profession somewhat. Here is some of his work. He used to paint more, but now he does installation art.

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, the only other place I could think of was OT, but I decided here was good enough.

-The first is a snowmobile he made out of clay. It went to Mexico City for an art show.
-Second is some other models he made. Not sure if they were all clay. They were shown in Victoria BC.
-Third is his hand and an ant. He made a video in which he marked the path the ants took form the nest to wherever they were going. He then later erased parts and made new paths. They actually followed the new paths pretty well. I couldn't get the video as it was never shown online (you had to go to the exhibit). This was shown in a few places I think.
-Forth and fifth are of my favorites. These are paintings he made for a show in Toronto and for an art gallery here in my hometown. My other brother now has a few gigantic ones he got made for his wedding present.

Not sure if you art buffs will shun me for it not being my work, but oh well.


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Level 9
Aug 23, 2007
Wow your brother definitely has talent. The first one is a little small so I couldn't get a good view. The second with the models is amazing. They are very detailed from what I can see. But I have to say the final 2 are my favorites. The colors really go well together especially in the pattern they were placed in.
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