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Olaus Ringbom

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A work I made for the Concept-Art course.

We had a chore to make a 1560-with-Gotland-styled character (human or 1560-styled-Transformers-like) with 3 turn-around poses, one in-game pose and one portrait.
The reason we Graphic Gamer class had to make a character is that a Film/Movie class is making a movie with that theme.

I made a big strong male smith and called him Olaus Ringbom. He is a warm-hearted person who is very helpful, but he can be also determined. He lives in a happily family with his wife and two children.
Sometimes, Olaus wants to do more then just working in a blacksmith. He has dreams about going on an adventure around the world.

Started by drawing with pen and paper, then scanned in Photoshop CS2. Then I made cleaner lines in Manga Studio EX 3.0 (easier to make line-arts with this software). The line-arts were expored to Photoshop CS2 so I could color the character. Since no dodge/burn/smudge/filters were used, I used the brush tool to color and it's special brush shapes to give it texture details on the clothes.

I'm quite glad how the result turned out, except that the arms on the ingame pose went a little off.

I'd like to thank Pernilla Persson for her feedbacks to my concept-art and for her useful anatomy lectures she teaches to me and my classmates.

Note: I still used the mouse.

Original image size can be found here


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