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New Affiliate, Clanfol.org

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Level 77
Oct 6, 2004
A small step for me, a big step for THW
Heero said:
Greetings everyone,

I'd like to announce that today clan FoL has been affiliated with The Hive Workshop.

The Hive Workshop said:
The Hive is a Warcraft III modding community. If you are totally new to the game or very skilled, you may either learn and get help or teach others: there is a place reserved here for you! The site also contains a vast resource section including most of the resources that anyone will ever need for a Warcraft project. You will find campaigns, icons, maps, models, skins, spells and tools. Extensive tutorials contain realms of information on how to create, improve and perfect your resources and maps. The Hive's forum allows everyone to talk about the game, modding, making resources and many other subjects.
A great step for our clan,
our first affiliate has been made.
I hope we'll affiliate with more websites in the future.

~- Heero

Thanks Heero and clan FOL!
Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
I have been waiting for this moment over half year. Finaly it happened and we are affiliate with Hive Work Shop. Nice job Ralle and Heero. I thank you. +rep

Eleandor said:
I'm registered there too, but quite inactive though...
Heh, that's true. But you have to remember that we are almost 100 member clan at battle.net and most of us don't post in our site. That's little sad.
Level 15
Mar 9, 2008
I saw the rules of clan Fol. They are doomed with those reqirements. 400 to 500 games. 45% win! Banishing if youre away for a time!
Harsh Hive is much better. And what is that word affilitate or something.
Level 19
Nov 16, 2006
Actualy not ...
We offer 5 options in order to join! ( Learn to read!)

Option 1) At least 45% with more then 400-500 games
Option 2) You should be gifted in mapmaking or any other-warcraft resource and/or a custom map player.
Option 3) 50%+ and one or more icons.
Option 4) A peon account can join under the following rules;
- Played over 25 games.
- Has over 55%.
Option 5) There are exceptions made for other members, by another reason which is given by any high-ranked inviter.

About affiliation :
Kitabatake said:
Affiliation practically means that there is a Hive logo at the bottom of the clan FoL website advertising Hive and a FoL logo at the bottom of Hive website advertising clan FoL.

So basically both sites advertise each other.
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