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Naval Battle - v1.39d

Submitted by TKF
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This map is protected

TKF Presents:

-Naval Battle-


Featuring manual based cannon combat like in Sid Meyer Pirates and Corsairs! A nice alternative to standard battleships maps.

Short Description: This is an intense AOS ship game that requires skills to sink your opponents. Unlike other Battleships maps with autofire with weapons, this map do purely have 100% manual cannon fire in this fun cannonball game. The map also feature ship boarding.

AOS/RPG Style: While fighting the enemy empire, you have the option to open the supply route from motherland, travelling outside the main area to search for treasures in the west in the forbidden waters or to the east on the open ocean. Fighting the neutral hostile pirates might give you some extra gold you need to win the game.

Practice against AI computers or just play for fun. A complex AI which can provide some challenge, higher difficulty will give them more one time "bonus gold". However AI can't match up with the best players.


This map has a unique cannon combat system makes this map unique from other ships AoS/Battleships maps you have played where you trigger the shots by your hand and feel the joy when you make a lot of hits. The maps cannon system that makes this kind of a "snowball" game you can enjoy many hours of fun gameplay along with other players.

You can try out numerous of tactics such as doing short range tactic for successful hits, long range combat, fire based cannons to make enemy ships burn, boarding tactics, capture empire ships, ramming, trading, exploring hidden areas of the map etc... or you can just focus where the action happens.

This map has similar terrain to the battleships maps. Although it has shocking similarity to the battleships when you start the game, most items are remade and all weapon based items is replaced. My main intent with this map is to give battleships a more realistic cannon system which makes this more fun multiplayer game with a slower pace and a much different gameplay from the normal battleships maps

For new players, they can practice against computers, as they learn how to play the game by watching the computer.

Example of AI in action

Map hosting shortcuts
Hosting Information:

Map can be hosted via MakeMeHost and ENT Hosting.

Makemehost host shortcut: www.makemehost.com/index

ENT shortcuts: ENT Gaming - User Control Panel - Login

Load code for ENT is
d1lpr for the 1.39d version

Terrain and Triggers:
Credits to Sked, original maker of battleships 3.0 for the original terrain
and for using some of maps initial triggers by Sked (repair and respawn etc)

Ship Boarding Arena:
Credits to Thrax- (hive) for the ship boarding arena terrain

Credits to CRAZYRUSSIAN (hive) for the hook icon
Credits to Kitabatake (hive) for the cannon icons
Credits to WILLTHEALLMIGHTY (hive) for the missile icon
Credits to Infinitynexus (hive) for the Hellfire icon
Credits to Tyrlop (hive) for the Merchantship icon
Credits to RED_BARON (hive) for the grapeshot icon
Credits to Blizzard for some wc2 icons

Credits to Illidan(Evil)X (hive) for the merchantship model
Credits to Bloody_Turds (hive) for the grapeshot model
Credits to RightField (hive) for the woodelf ship model
Credits to ViralHatred (hive) for the pirate battleship model
Credits to Mr.Bob (hive) for the Carrack model
Credits to Blizzard for the beta human transportship
Credits to AnemicRoyalty (wc3c) for the wc2 elven destroyer
Credits to HandCLAW (hive) for the wc2 troll destroyer
Credits to Infrisios for the chain head and chain link model
Credits to the rest i forgot to mention

Credits to Mechanical Man (hive) for the cannon doodad
Credits to Olomoleman (wc3c) for various ship doodads

More description
Moreover, all weapons is remade and turned into several classes:

Weapon Classes:
Ordinary Cannons: Standard cannons does good damage against ships and structures
Shell Cannons: Effective against ships, but is ineffective against structures
Missile Cannons: Like standard cannons, but do have extreme long range.
Anti-Crew Cannons: Does little damage, but kills much crew on each hit
Sail Ripper Cannons: Does medium damage and slows enemy ships
Fire Cannons: Direct hits causes the ship to ignite and cause burning damage over time
Siege Cannons: This weapon does bonus damage against structures.
Acid Cannon: This weapon does reduce the armor. It does only exist 1 acid cannon type weapon in the game.
Frost Cannons: This weapon has a chance to freeze a ship for 3 seconds.
Seeker Cannons: This weapon does have a proximity homing ability which follow its enemies.
Lightning Cannons: This weapon does have chain lightning ability upon impact.
Critical Cannons: This weapon does cause quadruple damage upon critical hits.
Shockwave Cannons: This weapon damage several units in a line and ignores obstacles and cliffs. Expensive but useful.
Torpedo: The submarines main weapon and it's only available for the submarine. It has a chance of ripping apart the hull of the enemy ship.

Repair wood: Limited to 5 charges, and does now replenish health over time instead of instant heal.
Hulls: Adds slightly more hp and damage reduction, but also reduces speed
Hull Reinforcements: Adds more armor to the ship.
Sails: Increases the speed of your ship. (doesn't consume inventory slots.)
Crews: Gives a certain stat bonus to the ship crew
Boarding Hook: Gives you the abilities to board ships and capture them.
Structure Kits: Builds a tower or a cannon fortress
Bomb: Places a high explosive bomb which does 7200 damage, but be careful so you don't blow yourself
Repair kit: Allows you to repair selected tower of friendly ship

New abilities:
Naval Mines: The lugger may lay mines, so unfortunate ships can trigger it
Infiltration: With the infiltrator you can steal enemy techs
Barrages: Some ships does have a barrage ability, which allows them to fire lots of cannons in selected area
Captain Cannon: Improves the ships front cannon. Bigger ship classes has more powerful front cannon.
Ramming: (Interceptor and ram hull item) Causes the ship to ram into another ship for damage. This damages both ships.
Boarding: (Destroyer, Pirate ships and grappling hook item) This causes your ship to do an attempt on capturing the enemy ship (hero ships are sunk).

Kill Assist System (New): Gives your teammates a percental share sinking enemy heros ship
Critical hit system: Gives you a chance of inflicting double damage
Multikill system: Gives you bonus gold for multikills and streaks.
Capture Abandoned Ships: Just move close up to the ship.
Burning System: Your ships might burn down if they are hit by a fire cannon. Using water item will remove the flames quickly.
Crew System: Mana shows how much crew your ship has.
Boarding System: Explained above
Damage System: Shows how much damage your ship has suffered in red numbers
Keyboard Movement System: Allows you to steer your ship with your keys, if you enter -move command
Cannonball System: That's a basic movement engine for the cannons

Different abilities: I've added a lot of new ships. All the ships have various abilities. There is over 21 ships to choose from.

New Hero Stats:
Carpenter Skill: Increases the effectiveness of lumber usage, constant ship repairs and slighly makes your ship stronger. Decreases the chance of making the enemy land a critical hit on you.
Accuracy: Makes your cannonballs spread less and make you aim better. Also increases the chance of landing critical hits by 0.5%.
Crew Strength: You loses less crew when hit by weapons and attacked, also it makes your chances for boarding more successful, also if you're boarded, you will more likely to surive the boarding

Boosts hero stats: The lumber is replaced with ability points. You get ability points when you level and when you kill enemy ships. This trainer look like an old paladin.

Stats increase: You gain 2 random stat increases for each level and the ship gets 1% increase of base hp (in strongmode it only gets 0.5% pr level). At level 26, you gain land crew ability, but you can always use -ul command.

Average: I know this isn't the best terrain, but it's playable for an AOS. It's very similar to the skeds original bs terrain. I have slightly changed the mainbase terrain.

Screenshots from Naval Battle in my Album


-Youtube link -

Thanks Vidya Only (Youtube)

Full Changelog
1.00 to 1.19c Changelog
No changelog written for beta versions

Fixed a bug with the music
Fixed a bug with the seamonster event music
Fixed a vision bug when you got revived
Removed an accientally added autofire weapon
Fixed the unlimited flagship range
Fixed a waypoint bug with the motherland supplies, causing it sometimes to suicide on our enemies
Increases the 5 minutes gold a little - just to give a slighly faster start
Fixed a bug with the pirate ships to give 20 crew instead of killing 20 crew
Bounty increased a little to decrease the extreme long games
Added crewnumber advantage in the boarding system, meaning having more crew is a great advantage
Fixed lots of minor bugs

Fixed a bug which causes the bomb to not stack
Fixed a bug which causes the french ships to not follow the new waypoint system

Fixed a bug that caused the magic cannon to do full damage against structures.
Replaced the Battle Ship name in leaderboards with Naval Battle.
Barrages have twice as much spread at max accuracy.
Fixed a bug with the prototype weapon quest.
Nerfed the bigger trader awards to reasonable amounts.
Added 1 new weapon. Grapple Cannon.
Also added a new ship on a dock on mid left of mid.
Fixed the music command

Fixed more allegiance bugs with the pirates.
Increases the spread rate of Flashship.
Fixed the hotkey for caravels ward ability.
Fixed a text bug with motherland supplies.
Fixed a bug the caused the captain to shield off cannonballs.
Mystic pearl will now randomly appear.
Nerfed the grapeshot weapon a little.
Increased the crew's hp with 50% and increased the guard towers damage.
2 new pirate ships added (only available at pirate harbor).
1 new trade contract added, more will come...
Minor bugs fixed...

Fixed a victory condition bug.
Fixed a pearl bug which caused it to be spawned by neutral passive.
Fixed a pirate contract bug.
Fixed the Pirate Gate bug.
Wards no longer act as a path blockers.
Change multiple bugs when changing into a pirate.
Given crew a 1 slot inventory in case items is out of reach for ships.
Added a gate in the pirate base.
Added 2 new pirate ships.
Minor changes and bugfixes...

Fixed a bug that caused crew not able to use switches
Fixed a fatal bug with hookshot (hopefully)
Fixed some other bugs

Fixed a bug that caused the cannon towers unable to hit sea monsters.
Fixed a bug that caused the dreadnoughts ability to not reduce crew loss.
Fixed a bug that caused caravel to be only sold for 100 gold.
Fixed a bug with the flamethrower buff.
Added speed mode (-sm).
Added enforced trader share as a way to nerf the trader.
Added 2 more trade missions.
Dreadnought is now immune to slowing weapons cuz it simply don't have sails.
Also added 1 more frigate - war galleon.
Minor tweaks and fixes...

Fixed a caravel death bug.
Fixed the steel hull description of dreadnought.
Fixed the Sail Cloth Contract bug for trader.
Fixed a bug that caused the mystic pearl to never appear.
Hopefully fixed the hookshot bug permanently now
Buffed the war galleons barrage skill. Reduced the cannon reload skill cooldown.
Added a gametimer.
Ships spawns occur slightly more often now.
Increased the bounty of empire ships.
Slightly increased the XP gain. Reduced the hp of the towers with 16%.
Crew can now pick up gold chests on land.
Increased the sell rate from 50% to 75%.
Changed the neutral pirate ships attack type and nerfed them.
Added a new creep: Pirate Cruiser.
Added a new hero ship: Elven Destroyer

Fixed a cooldown abuse bug with the boarding skills.
Fixed a critical pirate allegiance bug.
Fixed a teamkill bug.
Removed a bugged waypoint bug that caused respawned ships to move on their own.
Fixed the multiboard bug.
Decreased the gold given by the empire.
Increased starting gold to 1500.
Corrected the flamethrower tooltip.
Reduced the cooldown of repair equipment.
Different repair woods do no longer have shared cooldown.
Fixed the Send Spy hotkey.
Drydock can now be permanently destroyed without getting reconstruced.
Fixed a pirate joining glitch.
Added 2 gateways in forbidden waters
Added 2 new weapons.
Added 5 new items and a new shop in base.
Also added a hero ship: Goblin Annihilator
Done some minor balancing and adjustments.

Fixed a fatal trader bug which was abusable (hopefully)
Increased the cost of the goblin ship to 9100 gold

Fixed a bug with the deaths on the multiboard.
Fixed a drydock repair bug (hopefully).
Fixed the never ending boss music bug.
Fixed a bug with the afk function when entering/exiting forbidden waters.
The recent added gateways should now work properly.
Slightly increased the force gold.
Corrected the Super Siege cannon description.
Captains Level training does now cost 6 ability points instead of 5.
Buffed black pearls boarding crew.
Added 1 new weapon.

Removed the TK kick system due to fatal bugs.
Fixed a bug with the rocket barrage level requirements.
Fixed a minor accuracy system bug.
Fixed a leveling bug for the trader which allowed it to suddenly gain extra level points.
Fixed a bug that caused a gateway to be owned by the empire.
Fixed a low crew issue regarding the acid cannon.
The trader repair mission do now have correct info.
Due to complaints, french empire is now renamed to spanish empire.
Some of the crew items do now have land crew abilities.
Added 4 more crew types:
Cannon Crew: Ranged Attacker
Veteran Cannon Crew: Siege Attacker
Carpenter Crew: Repairer
Engineer Crew: Repairer and Builder

Fixed a fatal bug which fucked up allegiance settings when the pirate base died before the empires did.
Fixed a fatal bug with the sea beast gate, which did take control over your ship.
Fixed a bug that causes the workers to go berserk and die.
Fixed a bug with the crew effect when it dies.
Fixed a gateway bug. It does work 100% now.
Fixed a bug with the pirate gate.
Fixed a ton of other minor bugs... (to many to list)
The goblin ship does now cost 11500 gold and the abilities is still the same.
Nerfed fire weapons by 10% (Despite higher dps, the burning duration is reduced.)
Added new naga shops at the great ocean.
5 new items added for sale in naga shop.
2 new crew units added.
Naga Crew: Amphibious
Naga Royal Crew: Amphibious

Fixed a fatal error issue with the pirate gate.
Nerfed the nage crew.
Set the custom crew limit to 12. (15 for standard crews)
Main harbor does now 3 times more damage against crew

Removed the repair mission due to major bug (yeah, that means 1 more trade mission will be added soon, so creative suggestions welcome)
New game rule: All game modes must now be entered within 2 minutes
Fixed a bug with crew killing ship which gave 0 bounty
Fixed the voting bug (hopefully it works)
Fixed a cooldown bug with the naga crew
Fixed a couple of typos in item description
Mode Removed: No Pearl and No trade mode
Mode Added: Rush Mode (7000 gold start, level 10, No pearl, no trade)
Added new host command: -noup; disables ship upgrades for players
Ship only weapons nerfed: Constant changed from 1.45 to 1.35 (7.4% nerf)
Fire weapons nerfed: Constant changed from 1.80 to 1.75 (2.8% nerf)
Carpenter skill does now give 8 hp <acronym title="Google Page Ranking"><acronym title="Google Page Ranking">pr</acronym></acronym> point instead of 5
Balance Changes;
Grapeshot Cannon: Price changed from 8200 to 6000
Royal Cruiser: Hp changed from 8000 to 9000
Pirate Battleship: Hp changed from 7500 to 8400
Flagship: Hp changed from 6500 to 7500
Dreadnought: Hp changed from 12000 to 13500
Annihilator: Price changed from 11500 to 13000
War Galleon: Price changed from 4200 to 4300
Interceptor: Price changed from 1800 to 2000
Interceptor: Speed changed from 210 to 220
Other minor balance changes...

Fixed a bug with the gold message for the spanish empire
Basic Cannon cost increased with 200 gold - Damage increased accordingly
Basic Culverine cost increased with 200 gold - Damage increased accordingly
Slightly buffed shell weapons again: 1.35 -> 1.40 (3.7% buff)
Buffed Cannon Crew ability with 20%
Added a -angle command (angle -270; -angle 90)
Sail Ripper weapon is slightly nerfed
Crew does now again provide bounty (bug in 1.11)
The single cannon ability of all ships has 33% less cooldown
Buffed all sails items, except the perfect sails
Precisor And Destroyer has slighly more crew and speed
Brig has 10 more crew capacity
Starting ship has 5 more crew capacity
+And a lot of other minor balance changes
... and some other changes
Added a new ship: Infiltrator (1300): A nimble ship which specilazed in stealth and getting intel. It's ability gives various results depending on the target.

Fixed the share bug
Fixed a bug with the infiltrator ability
Culverine cannon does now have correct tooltip
Buffed the speed slightly of all ships
Sails ability increased from 6% <acronym title="Google Page Ranking"><acronym title="Google Page Ranking">pr</acronym></acronym> level to 7%
Crew Quarter item buffed, but does cost 700 now
The ships front cannons is buffed (not captains cannon)
Reduced the overall bounty with 33%, but increased the initial bounty with 75 gold
Towers owned by players do now provide bounty
Crew weapons effect buffed
Added a new mode: -stm (doubles the hero ships hp and crew)
Added a new system: Critical hit system

Fixed infiltrators hide ability
Fixed some bugs in the capture system
Fixed a -stats bug which caused the speed to display 0
Capturing ships does now provide loot and some xp
Nerfed the anti crew weapons a little
Harpoon has longer range now
Glaive cannon is buffed
Sail ripper slighly buffed
Some minor balancing...

added a new mode: -sg; Limits the map borders.
Fixed the infiltrators invisibility skill
Sailripper cannons does now deal 50% damage against stuctures (it was 10%)
You will now receive empire gold every 3 minutes
Ship upgrades does now apply every 3 minutes if the empire has sufficient gold for the upgrades.
Slightly decreased the bounty on the empire ships (not the rowboat)
The drydock does now repair 50% faster
Elved destroyer does now have a powerful magic cannon which replaced phantom speed
Reduced the cost of current Heavy Rocket Cannon to (4800), the damage also reduced to according the price.
Added Super Rocket Cannon (12000)
Some minor balancing...

Fixed the gold sharing bug, allowing you to share gold in nopool mode.
Fixed a fatal error issue when you did buy tomes with non-hero ships
Added a new cmd: -ula; Unloads all crew.
Added Imperial Heavy Cruiser (creep ship, capturable)
Increased the cost of fireball cannon
Increased the of basic siege cannon
Decreased the cost of heavy shell cannon
Gold and upgrade frequency increased to 4 min (was 3 min)
Increased the level limit to 200 from 100
Increased the tech limit to 30 from 20
Killing spree system added!
Added a new ship: Elven Carrack (2100)
Added a new ship: Elven Destroyer (4500)
Added a new shop: Magic Weapon Merchant
Sails no longer use inventory slots
Added 9 new weapons:
Frost Cannons (3)
Seeker Cannons (3)
Lightning Cannons (3)
Minor balancing...

Added a new neutral ship shop: Goblin Dock
Added a new ship: Troop Transport
Changed Elven Carrack into Goblin Carrack
Added explosion effects on hero ships when taking high damage
Fixed the hide skill bug for the infiltrator ship
Improved the damage stacking of seeker weapon
Fixed a bug with seeker weapon causing it to sometimes disappear and not doing damage
Frost weapons does now have slightly bigger chance to freeze, but somewhat less damage
Nerfed all lighting weapons by 20%
Black Pearl does now cost 20000, and has 1000 hp more than before
Pirates players do now spawn much closer, until that base is destroyed
The pirates get 1 pirate ship every 50 seconds now
Added a new neutral ship shop: Goblin Dock
Added a new ship: Troop Transport
Changed Elven Carrack into Goblin Carrack
Fixed some minor bugs

Slightly readjusted the critical hit system. Bigger ships have slightly more resistance of being critically hit.
Added Flare ability to Goblin Carrack and removed bugged ability
Fixed a bug with the slow effect of Super Frost Cannon
Nerfed the Elven Destroyer seeker barrage ability
Removed a spree bug which did occur when players leaves
The Hide ability buff does now disappear when using abilties
Increased the projectile size of Super Rocket Cannon
Increased the projectile size of Heavy Siege Cannon
Reduced the cannon cooldown on lv1 from 9 sec to 7 sec
Reduced the cannon cooldown on lv2 from 7 sec to 6 sec
Nerfed the Napalm duration to 15 sec down from 20 sec
Heavy Cruisers do no longer spawn when the harbor is destroyed
Carpenter Stat is slightly buffed.
Carpenter hp bonus increased from 8 to 10 pr stat
Carpenter regeneration increased from 0.4 hp to 0.5 hp pr sec
Improved retreat AI a bit
Increased the cost of Transport from 2600 to 2900
Added a new secret shop with exotic weapons and items (3)
Added Critical Cannons (2) in the secret shop
Minor bugs fixed...

Added a custom modes selection with buttons for the host
Everyone do notice now when you changes your team name
Fixed an lagging animation bug with the crew tomes
Fixed a bug with pirates losing permanent cannon weapons when dying.
Fixed a classification bug with boarding ships, it was counted as air unit earlier
Reduced the winning wait delay to 5 seconds
Added 5 gold income for every 10 seconds
Added high income mode for increased gold income
Added a gate hint after 30 mins

Cannon reload cooldown at level 5 is increased from 3 seconds to 3.5 seconds
Infiltrators infiltrade ability does now also steal tower tech
Remade the kick system to be more reliable
Sinking empire gold transports no longer resets leaderboard
Player 3 does now get to see the multiboard when finished choosing modes
Fixed a bug where the pirates didn't benefit from periodic small gold income
Fixed tooltip on starboard cannons decription
Increased the kill spree max limit from 25 to 70
Fixed a bug which allowed you to buy from enemy magic shop
Nerfed Hull Reinforcement items
Item sell value is reduced from 75% to 50%
Increased the cost of Basic Cannon
Increased the cost of Infernal Cannon
Shock Wave cannons added (2)
Dreadlord has a new ability: Multi Bombardment, which replaced deck cannon ability
Added a new mode: Weak Structures
Added a new ship: Goblin Destroyer
Fixed minor bugs...

Reduced turn rate of all cheaper ships to balance turn evasion
Fixed a ability bug with multi bombardment ability
Fixed the custom mode closedown bug when you did choose double ship hp
Reversed No Black Pearl -> Black Pearl Mode, thus making it not available in other modes
Fixed a bug with the shockwave cannons which made them not working sometimes
Attempted to fix the hookshot fatal error issue (I'm not sure fix works)
Fixed no fog mode. The map is no longer revealed in no fog mode
All trade location is revealed for the merchantman
Increased the range of Demolisher to 1800

Implemented a new system: Advanced Boarding Simulation (ABS)
ABS supports: Boarding Assistance System, AI support, Only 1 event at the time
New terrain imported: Wood
Harbor mainbase terrain changed
Added a new game mode: Simple Boarding (same as old boarding)
Hook items does now depend on your ship stats to succeed boarding
Super Grappling hook nerfed from 100% to 75% boarding chance
Added a new player command: -autofire (good in laggy games)
Players can now purchase additional ships at harbors
Created new captain units with the boarding system
Added a basic cannon to all ships at start + 1 charge of weak wood
Destroyed harbors gives the opposite team a bonus of 2000 gold for every 4 minutes
Added incremental bounty system for empire ships, increasing bounty according to tech level
Changed the bounty to:
Heavy cruiser: 400 (+5% pr tech level)
Cruiser: 160 (+5% pr tech level)
Battle Ship: 70 (+5% pr tech level)
Rowboat: 25 (+5% pr tech level)
Reduced the anti drop cooldown duration after firing your guns by 2 seconds
Swapped the location of goblin dock and ale brewery to make trading easier at start
Slightly buffed Dreadlord hp and crew (7000)
Fixed the Undead Crew item from not working
Increased the bounty of cannon tower from 500 to 600
Increased the base hp of watch tower from 2500 to 3000
Increased the crew in imperial battle ships from 40 to 45
Increased the crew in imperial cruisers from 100 to 120
Increased the crew in pirate ships from 100 to 120
Hit points healed does now show display in green numbers
Added stun delay when recently captured a ship
Harbor crew regeneration changed from 5% rate to 10 crew pr sec
Ships do now gain 1% increase of their base hp pr level now
Fire cannons direct damage reduced by 25%
Fixed some typos
Some minor balancing

Fixed the boarding camera bug which did make the player lose vision of the game
Removed the goblin destroyers hookshot ability and replaced it with disrupt beacon ability
Cleaned a few trigger bugs of the Advanced Boarding System
Fixed a trigger bug when the boarding ship was sunk, causing it to not work again ingame
Fixed a bug with sometimes gaining insane amount of xp from being hit by cannons
Fixed a double bounty bug, caused you to gain to much gold when sinking gold supply
Fixed a bug with the afk command allowing players to drop your items while in AFK mode
Added a AFK dialog back button if the player types -afk
Autofire is enabled by deafult for the afk player
Increased the xp and gold reward for barrel of ale trade good
Empire Ships don't get increased bounty for sail upgrades
Ice cannons does now have 20% more range and does cost 20% more
Frost Nova cannon does cost the same but causes 200 less damage instead
Freezing damage bonus of Frost Nova cannon increased from 400 to 500 damage
Increased the drydocks strength by 40%
Increased base hit points of following ships:
Brig: 700 hp -> 800 hp
Interceptor: 750 hp -> 800 hp
Merchantman (Trader): 600 hp -> 650 hp
Goblin Carrack: 950 hp -> 1050 hp
Transport: 1200 hp -> 1400 hp
Precisor: 1650 hp -> 1850 hp
Destroyer: 1750 hp -> 1900 hp
Goblin Destroyer: 1600 hp -> 1750 hp
Elven Destroyer: 1400 hp -> 1600 hp
War Galleon: 2100 hp -> 2400 hp
Pirates Pride: 2900 hp -> 3300 hp
Corsair: 3400 -> 3800 hp
Elven Cruiser: 3000 hp -> 3400 hp
Dreadlord: 4000 hp -> 4500 hp
Juggernaught: 4700 hp -> 5200 hp
Goblin Warmachine: 4200 hp -> 4600 hp
Pirate Battleship: 8400 hp -> 9500 hp
Royal Cruiser: 9000 hp -> 10000 hp
Black Pearl: 7500 hp -> 9000 hp
Royal Flagship: 7500 hp -> 8500 hp
Dreadnought: 16000 hp -> 18000 hp (Fixed typo)
Firing sounds is now pitched with 10 different pitches
Some minor adjustments...

You can now sell items again (I accidentally did a mistake in the editor)
Fixed a critical afk bug (Given the wrong variable)
Fixed cannon drop cooldown bug which caused you cannons to be undroppable permanently
Fixed undead crew abilities
Reduced the anti item drop cooldown to 3 seconds
Ships which participates in boarding arena combat can now get hit by cannons

Added a new feature to advanced boarding: Jumping lianes
Added a new shop: Structure Merchant (near the carpenter shop)
Added a new structure: Cannon Fortress
Fixed a bug with boarding system which caused ships to lose all crew upon win
You can now choose from 4 different starting weapons
Fixed the multideath bug
Removed the random explosions
Fixed a limit map borders boarding combat bug
Ships does now always spawn with full crew
Decorated the base and shops with some doodads
Added animated repair capstan when you repair at the drydock
Swedish repair crew does repair 40 pr sec now, but costs 900 more
Added repair crew (150)
Added maintenance crew (1850)
Added Cannon Fortress Kit
Moved the structure items to the Structure Merchant
Changed the gold chest to look like a gold coin now
Fixed some wrong tooltips
Minor changes...

New hero bounty formula: 200 + 2% of total item value + 4% of ship value
Added new mode: -fortressmode. Allows the team to start with 2 cannon fortresses
Added a new player command: -gold team ; shows how much gold your teammates have
Buffed the bomb and increased the cost of the bomb
Increased the bomb radius from 500 to 575
Increased the bombs max radius from 250 to 300
Increased the cooldown of goblin warmachines bomb ability
Nuke cannon does now deal twice as much damage
Increased the cost of nuke cannon from 25000 to 44000
All anti crew weapons have 100 more range
Slightly increase the aoe of shockwave cannon
Fixed a bug when you won which caused the hero to unpause
Respawn trigger is now disabled when you win
Fixed a bug with a boarding system
You can no longer purchase ships at enemy harbor
Fixed the seeker damage bug
Carracks Flare ability is buffed
High Explosives is buffed
Player ships cannot be slowed below 75 speed
Minor bugs fixes...

Added new ship: Submarine (6000)
Added a rebuild drydock feature to the structure merchant
Changed the goblin carracks flare ability to goblin scout
Implemented KDR to the bounty
New bounty formula: ((175 + 4% of ship value + 2% of item value) * ((2 + kills*0.02) - (1 + deaths*0.02)))
Empires does now get ability points from killing hero ships
You do now get ability points from the empire along with the gold
Added ability point bonuses to the multikill system
Leaver gold reduced by 50% (But not in share gold mode)
Crew's Pillage ability reduced by 50%
Buffed all shockwave weapons with 20% more damage
Buffed all siege weapons with 25% more damage
Siege weapons does now only double damage against structures
Cannon fortress cost increased from 6750 to 7500
Cannon fortress bounty increased from 2000 to 2500
Cannon fortress is automatically created near the east gate when opened
Fixed a pause bug when you did leave the ship
Fixed a multi captain bug when you used leave shore
Fixed a bug causing the -kick command to work only once
Simplified the multiboard when there is less players to make it less confusing

Added a new item: Scout Crew
Submarine cost increased from 6000 to 6400
Reduced the cooldown of all repair wood to 20 (Not the goblin wood)
Ward moved to carpenter shop
Added some starting delay on non-weapons items
Your ship type is shown on the multiboard now
Attempted to remove multikill bug
Fixed some advanced boarding bugs
Fixed a bug which didn't make the ships you captured count towards corsair award
Fixed an invulnerability issue when you got repaired by the drydock
Fixed the price and correct numbers on the creep ships at harbor now
Fixed a seeker bug
Fixed a spree ending bug when you did sink one of the empires trade ships
Heavy Cruisers now stops spawning when you lost your harbor
Fixed some minor bugs...

Added a new vote mode: Ramming Party
Added explosive barrels near the west gates
Multiple trader rewards does now stack
Heavy Cruiser Rockets no longer targets heroes
Demon gate does now have a deadly boss unit
Fixed a major bug causing handy-man to not be invulnerable
Fixed a bug which allowed you to move the ship when you had handy-man
Fixed a bug causing the jumping crew to sometimes become untargetable
Fixed a bug causing the empire to sometimes give 0 ability points
Attempted to fix advanced boarding ending bug
Slightly buffed the scout crew ability of goblin carrack
Fixed some minor bugs...

1.20 to 1.29 Changelog
Reworked the entire cannon system
The new cannon system exceeds the old limit of 3 cannons pr side
The cannons are now stacked upon purchase, saving inventory slots
Better ships have higher numbers of cannon ports
Added 1 new ship: Elven Thunder Ship
Added a new feature: Rebuilding harbors
Fixed a 0 ability point bug given from the empire
Buffed the siege equipments damage by 66%
Demolisher no longer consume 4 food
Fireball cannon cost increases from 1200 to 1500
Fireball cannon damage is increased accordingly to price
All fire weapons is nerfed about 10~15% to balance the game
Infernal cannon cost increased from 17000 to 20000
Infernal cannon damage increased from 2500 to 3000 (slight buff)
Stone hull does now provide 5% damage reduction, but costs 50 more
Bronze hull damage reduction reduced from 20% to 15%
Bronze hull costs reduced from 1000 to 800
Added a pirate merchant shop for the pirate base
Added a cannon fortress for the pirate base
Fixed the wrong tooltip for the Dreadlord ship
Increased the cost of Dreadlord from 7000 to 7500
Increased the cost of Juggernaught from 8500 to 9000
Fixing drydock does now cost 4000, reduced from 4500
Fixed a kick bug
Fixed a bug with the extended sensor triggers
Minor changes...

Fixed a critical bug which caused cannons to not work at all
Added a new mode: Unlimited Cannons mode
Expensive Ship award is now fixed according to the new cannon system
Added a leaver condition in the empire ability distribution system

Fixed a countbug with the new cannon system, causing you to fire to few magical cannons
Fixed a bug causing the empire ability points to not being reduced
Fixed a small boarding bug
Nerfed the mortar teams damage to 2/3 of original damage
Added 40 hit points to the mortar team
Changed the mortar teams attack speed from 3.2 to 2.7
Nerfed the Monsoon Storm greatly

Remade the cannon system stacking rules
Cannon system is now more noobfriendly
Enforced a stacking limit system for weapons
Each ship does now have a stack limit pr slot instead of pr side
Fixed a bug with Black Pearl not changing it's cannon limit
Added an intelligent cannon fortress aiming system which retargets heroes
Changed the icon of the goblin transport ship

Fixed some more boarding bugs
Fixed a bug with the multitrading
Player ships does now get the boarding chaos buff when boarding
Corvettes does now only have 2 cannon slot limit
Added more spread for increased number of cannons
Chance to do critical is halved from 1% to 0.5% pr accuracy
Crew Drilling ability point cost reduced from 19 to 18
Multi Bombardment damage reduced from 120 to 100 pr level

Added a new tower: Arcane Tower (1200)
Added a new item: Arcane Tower Kit (1500)
Added 1 strategic circle to each lane which can be captured for additional income
Strategic circles gives the owning empire a bonus gold income of 100 every 30 seconds
Added Ability Training to the Old Captains ability shop
Fixed a severe unload crew bug that made you not able to unload special crews
Fixed a bug that caused the infiltrate ability to reveal everything
Fixed a bug that caused the chaos buff sometimes to not disappear
Fixed a bug that caused pirates to board pirates
Fixed some boarding bugs (hopefully them all)
Fixed a small bug with right click auto attack feature
Renamed Imperial Heavy Cruiser to Imperial Battleship
Increased the ability point income cap from empire from 3 to 5

(I found the 1.22 version, so I continued from that version)

Fixed a voting bug that prevented rush mode from being voted
Slightly nerfed gold hull
Increased armor bonus of all hull reinforcements
Buffed Catapult damage by 50% and reduced it's cost
Empire does now gain 2 ability points for killing player ships
Super cannon does now correct damage (1200 -> 1100)
Buffed the attack speed of arcane tower
Critical cannons are now 18% cheaper (because of reduced crit chance)
Fire weapons buffed by 6%
Fixed a couple boarding bugs
Fire weapons buffed by 6%
Changed the shell cannons into piercing cannons

Removed the harpoon from starting weapon selection
Changed the auto simulated boarding duration from 10 to 15 seconds
Most weapons do 25% of full damage on splashes
Weapons with medium explosion radius does now 50% of full damage on splashes
Tome of ability training costs decreased from 7 to 6
Changed the auto simulated boarding duration from 10 to 15 seconds
Increased the cost of precisor from 3200 to 3500
1 new structure added: Captain's Hut
Squished large models
Crew killer weapons do now have accuracy minimum requirement before you can buy them
Harpoon now requires 5 accuracy to buy
Sharp blade now requires 10 accuracy to buy
Grapeshot now requires 15 accuracy to buy
Changed the Precisor cannon crew skill a little

Fixed a bug with north trader which didn't give the empire gold
Disabled the boarding scene by default due to bugs (it can be enabled in custom mode)
Removed captains hut added in 1.24
Fire weapons buffed by 20% from 1.22 version, mostly increased base damage
Rebalanced the spread formular again. Maximum miss angle is 25 with 1 acc
Increased the repair costs of heroes if you use deployed repair crew
Changed the respawn formula, 5 + shipvalue/60 -> 7 + shipvalue/80
Reduced the bounty on all empire ships by about ~20%
Also reduced the bounty on empire towers
Increased the cost of empire ships a little
Nerfed the lighting weapon damage by 10%

Changed the cannon fortress cooldown from 20 sec to 6.5 sec
The fortress only fire 1 barrage at the time instead of 3
Greatly increased the costs of hired ships
Ships attack and hull upgrade increased from 1250 to 1500 gold cost
towers attack and hull upgrade decreased from 1250 to 1000 gold cost
Show correct level for spanish team when a player research team upgrade
Fire based cannons do now less damage vs structures
Slight readjustment to the cannon system
Balanced the repair woods, so they are consistant with their value
Readjusted repair over time items
Increased the costs and hp bonus of stone, bronze and gold hulls
Electric cannons sligtly tweaked
Your starting ship do now have 20 more hp
Increased the speed buffer for boarding
Building under construction should now be hit by cannonballs
Minor things changed...

Given more variation of ships at main harbor (3 ships from elven dock)
Added 1 more main harbor to pick ships at main base
Removed the ability training tome to prevent unbalanced stats at end games
Cannonballs should now fly by each other and not collide collectively
Slight cost reduction of spawn ships costs
Changed the Intercept and Wind sails skill
Readjusted some of other ship abilties
Readjusted the speed of some hero ships
Readjusted the hero ship costs, given them more round costs
Removed the wards ability from Explorer and replaced it with mines
Renamed Explorer to Lugger
Bought sails provide 20% less speed bonus
Improved cannon skill description
Buffed ballista and captains cannon damage from 45 to 55 dmg pr level
Slightly buffed the damage of basic culverine, but reduced range by 100
Changed the empire upgrade settings if to little gold is available
Changed the ship speed upgrade costs from 1250 to 1500
Changed the maintenace upgrade costs from 1250 to 1000
Slightly buffed the effect of ship speed upgrade
Fixed a bug which didn't turn off Boarding options when game modes was locked
Fixed a dice bug which caused the Spanish empire to only upgrade 75% of the time
Fixed a bug that caused neutral ships to be captured by cannonballs
Minor changes

Added assist points on multiboard
Removed the treasure master end game award
Added assistant end game award
Changed the luggers naval mine ability a bit
Mines are now vulnerable to cannon splash damage
A "mine" floating text will now appear above detonating mines
Nerfed the sailors net ability from 2/3/4/5/6 to 1/2/3/4/5
Reduced the XP gain when being hit by cannonballs
Buffed the speed of glaive cannon (750)
Reduced the cost of sail ripper cannon from 2200 to 2000
Reduced the costs and damage of acid cannon by 33%
You must now have pirate allegiance paper to enter pirate base
Fixed a bug which made the mines without vision
Fixed a bug with the 2nd main harbor
Fixed a small bug with cannon system
Fixed a bug that prevented you from landing naga on water
Fixed a bug which allowed the infiltrate skill reveal the entire map
Fixed a bug that allowed infiltrator to steal gold from arcane tower

Most trader contracts does now vanish when you have the trade good
Added shop floating texts
Added cooldown info on most hero abilities
Changed cannon reload cooldown from 7/6/5/4/3.5 to 5.5/5/4.5/4/3.5
Changed trader cannon reload cooldown from 14/12/10/8/6 to 11/10/9/8/7
Replaced the Send Spy ability with Enforced hull (Pinnace 450)
Halved the barrage casting delay
Buffed the ship speed upgrade from 0.05% to 0.07% pr level
Also added ship sails upgrade into bounty calculation
Changed the empire upgrade settings a bit
Increased the assist timer for assists
Fixed a purchase bug that did allow you to get a free item
Fixed a bug that could make the ship invulnerable
Fixed a assist kill bug that caused selfkill bounty award
Fixed a bug which didn't allow you to get the ships at 2nd harbor
Fixed some minor bugs

1.30 to currect version
Set a negative selection scale on projectiles to remove hp bars
Slightly increased the cannon collision size according to ships size
Added heal buff to drydock repairs
Empire team upgrade is performed only once first 20 mins
Removed imperial rowboat from harbors to buy
Changed the freeze chance for ice cannons from 20/35/50 to 20/30/40
Increased the frost damage of frost cannon (6000) from 200 to 250
Reduced the freezing duration of freeze water skill
Increased the cost of shell cannon from 1600 to 1850
Increased the damage of shell cannon from 390 to 450
Projectiles no longer damage other projectiles which caused leak
Improved the damage display system using variable
Fixed a bug with the naval mines which conflicted with the crew system
Fixed a cooldown bug with cannon fortress which made it fire more slower
Fixed an info bug to Hull repair skill

Reenabled the Advanced Boarding arena
Added one more boarding arena on the map
Added a new ship: Troll Destroyer (6000)
Troll Destroyer abilties: Deck Cannon, Shadow Image and Dual Barrage
Added AFK detection system
Reduced cooldown of hooks and boarding abilities from 80 to 70 sec
Readded the loading screen
Readjusted most cannon item damages, both nerfs and buffs
Buffed basic missile cannon weapons damage
Buffed all magic cannons damage a little
Changed the acid cannon armor reduction from 4 to 3
Fixed some wrong tooltip infos
Fixed a bug that interupted a players barrage if he had a cannon fort
Fixed a crew killing bug for empire cannon fortresses
Fixed a bug that allowed you to board sea behemoths
Fixed a bug which sometimes showed that you was respawned in 0 sec
Fixed a damage system bug which an explosion effect when changing ships
Fixed several bugs with advanced boarding, including pause bugs

Fixed a terrain glitch which prevented the spanish to reach the switch
Added 50 more hp bonus on stone hull
Increased the crew quarters capacity from 70 to 90
Increased the crew quarters cost from 750 to 1200
Added HandCLAW into credit list

Added -giveup command, which allows a team to giveup if everyone agrees
Changed the secondary skill hotkey from V to C
Kicking an AFK player using kickvote will now be easier
Replaced the Elven Cruiser Elven Crew with Engineer Crew
Replaced the War Galleons Engineer Crew with Hull Reinforcement
Hull Reinforcement (War Galleon) reduce the crew killer effect by 10% pr level
Dwarf Hull reinforcement does now have crew killer weapon reduction: 25%
Elven Hull reinforcement does now have crew killer weapon reduction: 25%
Increased the cost of dwarf hull reinforcement from 2100 to 2650
Increased the tower gold costs a bit, except tower kits
Made the terrain behind pirate base unbuildable by tower tactic
Veteran Cannon Crew is now targetable by cannon towers (Mechanical)
Slightly increased the cost of buyable crews
Reduced treasure map mission awards from 1200g/300xp to 900g/200xp
Increased the pig/goblin potion mission awards from 900g to 1200g
Fixed some wrong tooltips
Fixed a bug that allowed you to select collision dummy from boarding sequence
Fixed a bug that didn't remove hide buff when being directly hit by cannons
Fixed a bug that allowed you to move your ship when boarding

Hero Bounty change: 175 + 2% of value -> 250 + 1.5% of value
Kills/Deaths bounty change modifier reduced from 2% to 1%
Increased minumum bounty from 50% to 75%
Enforced kill credit on pinnace High explosives usage
Slight price changes on Pinnace and infiltrator
Slightly reduced the speed on spawn empire ships
Fixed a bug with -giveup Command not working
Fixed a bug with shortgame mode which didn't include top area
Minor changes

Readded captains hut, with 3 different upgrades to choose from
Captains hut has an ability which allows you to focus stats when leveling
Decreased the bounty by 25% when the pinnace is using high explosives
Setting High Explosives to autocast will now toggle explosion on death
Removed the restriction of buying tomes with crew
Assist bounty for single assist has been raised from 25% to 30%
Base bounty of killing heroes reduced by 25 gold
Added cannon fortress mode command (-fm) in quests
Increased the cost of acid cannon from 4000 to 5000
Increased crew protection of dwarf hull reinforcement from 25% to 35%
Increased crew protection of elven hull reinforcement from 25% to 45%
Buffed the sinking chance for submarine torpedoes from 15% to 20%
Fixed luggers description
Removed right click attack bug
Fixed a bug that could cause double victory texts
Fixed a bug that caused items when you changed ship to never be dropable
Small changes

Added new ship: Elven Shock Cruiser (10000) at elven dock
Added a new ability on captain hut: Ship Hull Skill
Added -rclick command to enable right click attacking
Nerfed sailors fish net skill from 1/2/3/4/5 to 1/1.5/2/2.5/3
Destroyers sail ripper skill damage is reduced
Rebuild spawn harbor costs reduced from 10000 to 8000 gold
Rebuilding repair drydock reduced from 4000 to 3000 gold
Reduced the imperial rowboats hp from 150 to 140
Increased the hp of Battleship class ships by about ~20%
Crew protection percentage is now shown on dreadnoughts steel hull
Changed the costs and damage of many ordinary cannons
Fixed a bug that could cause pinnace to do double explosion damage
Fixed a bug that didn't trigger victory

Reduced the engineers teleport range from 600 to 500
The engineer should now be prevented to jump to gate switch
The pirate cruiser should no longer trigger the switch
Fixed the wrong dmg from picking starting cannon

-After almost a year pause, updates resume-

Hero ship speed will now impact on damage system
Having more than 300 ship speed will now make your ship take extra damage
The "Stats" command will now also show your damage reductions
Ram ability will now cause spell damage instead of normal damage
Rebuilding destroyed spawning harbors is decreased from 8k to 5k
Increased the Assist Timer so it should be easier to get assists
Decreased bounty received from killing pirate creeps
Fixed a bug with captains hut upgrade causing fatal error
Minor changes

Changed the speeds of projectiles
Increased the speed of slow cannons by 33% (600 -> 800)
Increased ths speed of medium cannons by 11% (900 -> 1000)
Increased the cost of shell cannon from 1850 to 2400
Gold coins now only provide 100 gold instead of 150 gold
Doubled the cooldown of caravels naval mines ability
Nerfed lightning effect damage caused by lightning weapons by 25%
Surpassing 275 speed will now gradually increase damage taken
Fixed a bug that should remove boarding freeze after boarding

Damage increase when surpassing 300 speed instead of 275 speed
Traders only take additional damage when surpassing 400 speed
Increased the base costs of critical cannons by 16%
Increased the damage of ice based weapons by 10%
Increased the damage of fire based weapons by 20%
Goblin flamethrower receives 20% more range instead of dmg change
Mortar teams should no longer be able to trigger the gate switches
Fixed a bug that allowed you to select enemy/allied towers and use sell ability

Fixed a bug with Naval Mine item, it will now create real mines
Demolisher should no longer have homing shots against hero ships
Speeded up the basic rocket cannons initial birth animations
Changed the standard cannons damage to crew a bit lower
Clearly indicated what does spell damage in cannons descriptions
Added a new stats award: Sea Warrior (includes all creep kills)
Winning in boarding combat will give additional 1+ ability points reward
Reduced the empire ship spawns bounties with about 10% overall

Siege equipment should no longer be able to shoot on gateswitches
Put a tower near the ocean treasure gate to prevent treasure theft
You should no longer be able to open gates unless taking out the pirates

Damage increase when surpassing 285 speed instead of 300 speed
Fixed a gate opening bug

Made counters to prevent naga looting
Fixed a bug that allowed attack ground to trigger gate switch
Changed the damage and armor names in the map
Also change the damage modifier values and some ships armors
Trees near the naga treasure will now regrow
Reduced the range of demolisher from 1750 to 1550
Increased the attack cooldown of mortar crew
Closing both gates will now properly cut off supplies from homelands
Deploying crew will now cost you 20 gold each
Deploying special crew will now cost you 50 gold each
Loading back crew will return you the gold
Added -la command (Load all nearby crew)

Created a hashtable based cannon creation system
Changed the damage types in the game and damage modifiers
Cannons do now consist of 7 damage types, instead of only 2
-> Crude, Normal, Arrow, Magical, Siege, Spells and Legend
Introduced a new armor type: Sturdy
Readjusted damage reduction of all Hulls
Added new reduction features on hull reinforcements
Nerfed armor bonuses of all Reinforced Hhull items
Submarine is slightly buffed and does now cost less 6400 -> 5000 gold
Buffed the siege weapons damage by 10%, removing splash damage
Buffed the rocket weapons damage by 5% (basic rocket 5% cheaper instead)
Repair woods do now have 50% less charges; thus halving costs
Reduced the large splash damage from Thunder Cannon, it do now cost less

Added Hookshot ability on Dreadlord Cruiser (Removed Ghost storm)
Added a custom mode: No betrayal mode (Players cannot become pirate)
Remade the seeker homing system
Changed seeker cannons damage type from spell to magic
Changed some weapons damage types settings
When pinnace is using high explosives, it will no longer nullify spree count
Remade repair items, repair bonus will instead adds to repair over time
Repair items will show total repair over time when used
Added armor type to ship descriptions
Slightly buffed glaive cannons
Increased the damage done by Harpoon, Sharp Knifes and Grapeshot
Floating damage text should no longer be visible under fog for enemies
Reduced carpentry (strength) attribute passive repair from 0.5 to 0.35
It should be easier to kick unwanted feeders now
All repair wood items do now have the correct 5 charges
Repair kits set from 10 charges to 5 charges
Added 3 new hull items, in secret shops
Empire ships bounty will now increase by 8% every 4 min, not 5% pr upgrade
Using -autofire, you can now stop firing using hold position
Fixed a bug that easily cancelled ships barrage abilities
Fixed a damage bug with heavy seeker cannon dealing to low damage
Fixed a bug that caused hulls you tried to pick up, to vanish
Fixed a bug that made AFK shared control removed
Fixed a bug with additional cannon skill not working at all
Fixed a bug with crew stats upgrades
Fixed a bug with -stats damage display
Fixed a bug that removed critical precision upgrade when changing ship
Fixed a bug when capturing ships, that made ships way to slow
Minor bugfixes

Remade the boarding system, multiple parts can join now
Each level do now increase base max hp by 2% instead if 1%
Slightly increased base hp of all hero ships
Merchantman is now restricted to 1 cannon pr slot
Decreased the traders base hp from 650 to 550
Changed damage type of super rocket from legend to normal
Buffed the repair bonus of repair woods a bit
Changed the damage types and armor types of different crew
Fixed a bug with shockwave cannons not working at all
Fixed a bug that caused the ship to not respawn
Fixed a damage bug with destroyers/Precisors ballista cannon

Minimum hero bounty is now 150 gold
Rebalanced the hp and price settings of hero ships slightly
Random kill by High Explosives no longer adds spree count to enemy
Using High Explove ability is now always visible with explosion effect
High Explosives will now only yield 50% of bounty to enemy
Fixed a bug which caused never ending spree bonus if sinking a pinnace
Fixed a severe bug which multiplied the damage done by forward cannons

Starting gold set to 1800 gold now in normal modes
Starting gold set to 8000 gold in rush mode
Max crew capacity will be increased by 2% for each level now
Reduced the max base crew on the bigger ships to compensate a bit
Overall nerf of all weapons by about 12,5% for balancing
Extended the range of starting culverine cannon
Lowered the range of starting ballista cannon
Autofire trigger should no longer interrupt movement
Corrected the damage value on cruiser cannon now
The 3 first empire incomes should now provide somewhat better income
Empire tech level is now displayed for each income
Cannon barrage abilities will now also trigger the bought cannons once as well
Empire buildings no longer have a fixed bounty
Fixed a hashtable scaling bug with big ships front cannons
Fixed a bug that allowed you to easily abort barrages
Fixed a damage bug on Lightning Cannon's chain lightning
Fixed a spree kill bug
Fixed a bug with boarding timer to blink at 0 permanently

Added a new Battleship class ship (14000) at main harbor
Added Ranged Combat skill at captains hut
Added Volley Cliff skill at captains hut
Added Faster Cannon Speed skill at captains hut
Initially, cannons do now have a 5% chance to pass cliffs
Empire Cannon fortress cannons can now pass cliffs 50% of the times
Added new item which can block freeze effect
Added a new legendary item which can increase range (30%)
2 shops outside map center will be available in short mode now
Naga shops will be available where the switch is in short mode
Dwarven Tech crew boost range by 15% (Dwarven Merhcant)
Increased the costs of permanent repair items
Merchantman will not receive shared ability points from empire
Traders ability point rewards will be given to the empire
Traders will receive 50% of their ability from trades each income
Players can also receive bonus ability points from empire now
Special bonuses is received for empire assists and building kills
Made a terrain trade shortcut passage for north trader on east
Added a afk debugger, in case the shared control is removed
Items owned by afk player should no longer be droppable
Slightly increased the pull range of Meathook
Buffed critical hit skill in captains hut from 4% to 5% pr level
Nerfed traders barrier armor bonus
Empire will now give players all the ability points for each income
Moved goblin carrack to main harbor and renamed it to hunter carrack
Reduced the speed disadvantage of having to large stack of cannons
Reduced passive heal by carpentry skill from 0.35 to 0.25
Reduced the range of sensor item and sensor skill to submarine
Suicide mission do now give empire 50% of the gold, was bugged
First Barrage wave will now always shoot at pointed location
Fixed a bug that allowed critical cannons to do more than 4x dmg
Fixed a trader bug that allowed selfkill gold for suicide mission
Fixed a projectile bug that allowed seekers to ignore cliffs
Fixed Cruiser Cannon for troll destroyer and juggernaught
Fixed a fatal error bug with seekers going off map edge
Fixed a bug with lightning cannon abilities not firing
Fixed a triggered angle bug with barrage abilities
Fixed a bug that didn't reset vertex color after respawn
Corrected a few tooltips

Added Murloc Crew at Naga Shop
Changed the Carrack Hunters Homing Rocket ability
Added a new secret item which boosts cannonball speed
Frost Nova Cannon no longer causes damage to allies
Frost Nova Cannon price slightly increased
Deck Cannon ability do now splash damage
Slightly increased the costs of crews
Nerfed destroyers sail ripper skill slow amount
Attempted to fix death when buying new ship bug
Added temporary range bonus with Cannon Fury ability
Spell based cannons should no longer be reduced by armor
Fixed a bug that drained your ability points when repair empire ships
Fixed a bug with neutral hostile boarding doing nothing
Fixed a bug with submarines starboard cannon skill
Fixed a bug that allowed you to change ship using a crew or hut
Fixed a fatal forward cannons unlimited range bug
Fixed a boarding bug which allowed you to board sea demon
Fixed some minor bugs

Added a new corvette class ship (2000) at main harbor
New Abilities: Defence Field, Structure Repair and Build Tower
Changed the building system so you can speed up with repair items
Changed primary attribute icon with a cannon
Changed all secondary abilities hotkeys from [C] to [V]
Structure Mechanic item do now benefit from your carpentry skill
Corrected some cannon abilities descriptions
Decreased Cannon Tower attack cooldown from 2.4 to 2.1
You will now start with 5 charges of weak repair wood
Buffed Ballista Front Cannon damage from 65 to 75 pr level
Moved frigates to 2nd harbor page
Remade Phantom Speed ability
Researching counts as activity for afk detection system
Removed fake ability point message for trader
Removed the trader from empire gold share equation for balancing
Added a debugger for building owner change bug
Fixed a boarding related fatal error bug
Fixed a bug that made boarding not happen
Fixed ability point bug that gave it players that left the game
Fixed a bug with ocean gates
Fixed a bug that caused torpedo to jump over cliffs

Added AI for players
Nerfed the direct impact damage of fire based cannons
Slightly decreased the cost of electic cannon weapons
Fixed a bug speed with medium speed cannons
Fixed a bug with Frost armor item not resisting freeze effect

AI will now control afk players (bugfix)
Fixed a bug that caused the AI to randomly fire to often
Fire resistance item will now also reduce fire damages
Fixed an AI waypoint bug
Smaller bug fixes

Latest Changelog


All players starts with captains hut
Traders hide ability should no longer block fires and such
Submerged submarine can now be hit by cannons
Submarine torpedo does now arrow damage, no splash
At level 5 submerge, you can dive into shallow waters
Nerfed freezing chance of higher tier frost cannons
Nerfed Brigs repair hull skill
Increased the cost of purchasing imperial ships from harbors
Naval Mine cost increased to 1500 gold
Elven Destroyer should now correctly fire front seeker cannon
Fixed thunder ships lightning front cannon from not working
Fixed some severe bugs with homing missile skill
Fixed bug with dead buildings under consctruction killing projectiles
Fixed a permastun bug for boarding
Minor changes and bugfixes

Added a spellbook button for spending ability points
Removed the Patrol Command button for heroes
Delayed the first starting wave by 8 seconds
Some small adjustments
Fixed a bug with shield spell not working
Fixed a bug with afk AI not working properly
Fixed some minor bugs

AI will now control afk players (bugfix)
Fixed a bug that caused the AI to randomly fire to often
Fire resistance item will now also reduce fire damages
Fixed an AI waypoint bug
Smaller bug fixes

Added AI for players
Nerfed the direct impact damage of fire based cannons
Slightly decreased the cost of electic cannon weapons
Fixed a bug speed with medium speed cannons
Fixed a bug with Frost armor item not resisting freeze effect

Hookshot, Added in 1.37

Bug reports and feedback appreciated!

Naval Battle, Naval Combat, Sea Battle, Battleships, Battle ships, Naval Conquest, Ocean, Naval, Sea, Waters, Boarding, Battle, Cannon, Skill, Pirates

Naval Battle - v1.39d (Map)

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    [√] - Well given information/detail/description, it even very neat as well.
    [√] - I had to admit the loading screen look very good.
    [√] - Vote system available.
    [√] - Give credit to original author
    [√] - Variety of item and unit to choose from.
    [√] - Those computer ain't retarded either, they know how to run to their base to recover themselves if they are almost dead.

    Neutral Review
    The bottom review is the list of suggestion/comment and opinion about the map. It usually contain an useful hint for the map author if the map author try to earn more merit point for their map.

    [√] - This game really need to be able to adopt a good strategy if you wish to win.
    [√] - It is very fun to play provided you know what to do

    Negative Review
    The bottom review is the list of negative stuff about this map. Negative review usually not only about how bad the map is, but also if it does follow the rules of thehiveworkshop or not.

    [√] - Although you give information/detail/description very well, you did not mention this map is protected.
    [√] - Sometimes the cannon firing is not as accurate as it should be. Although I aim directly at the enemy, sometimes the cannon firing too left or too right.

    Rating & Miscellaneous information
    Score - 95/100
    Rating - 5/5
    Condition - Very Good
    Status - Approve
    Review - 1

    The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else.
    Feel free to contact Alexis Septimus by clicking this [​IMG]Visitor Message.
  2. Rui


    Jan 7, 2005
    Haven't you uploaded this before? If yes, use the Update button whenever you wish to upload a new version. The button is located above the Map's Name.
  3. maplover


    Jun 8, 2008
    i suggest you make the ships sink more slowly and make water splash out while sinking...
    when hit by cannon balls wood should be thrown out!
    make the navigating system with the keyboard controls more realistic! it shouldn't be like i press left key and it just turns to left in a second....it should move a bit front and turn slowly . i think this might help you in your future updates for this map ...
  4. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Yep, but there's a major difference between Beta and this version in terms of map size and lagg.

    Also I can't make the preview picture to work on THW for some odd reasons.'

    I lack wood animation and effects to make that work. Splashes isn't a big problem.

    Also the key movement system is beta. It gives move orders to your ship, not trigger movement. Also it's not possible to get turn rate below 0.1, so the ships turn around pretty swiftly anyways... I think the keycontroll turn shouldn't surpass ships turnrate, but I haven't checked that part it myself yet...

    Also decreased all movement bonuses, so ships doesn't look like racerboats anymore. (Well, intercept still kinda does)
  5. Discohydra


    Dec 16, 2007
    Ahhh good game, And better terrain from the old Beta.
    You've outdone yourself on this one TKF, Good work!

    I haven't played it before, but, ill try it out on a single player test. If possible with your new "Xv0 defeat system"

    Good work though, I can tell it's good
  6. Septimus


    May 3, 2008
    Well, TKF.. it they are same map with the only difference in size and lag. You should remove the version that you think is not the best.
  7. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    If you play on singleplayer and choose 0 computers, you should be able to test the game. It's the same in beta.

    I've removed it now.


    I hate trade atm - it's unbalanced!
    Trade Nerfing:

    I need to balance trading, cuz at current state the missions gives way to much money in comparison to when you not trade. about 5 times in difference. I'm going to at least halve the awards and perhaps make an enforced trade sharing system, that gives half of the trade share to the other players against the traders will. This way the other in your team will benefit from slightly increased income from the trade missions, while the trader itself keeps 50% of the gold.

    So basically trading will be much less profitable, but it still gives you abundance of ability points.
  8. Ash


    Aug 27, 2005
    There was no need to remove the other; one is a more expansive map and focuses on adventure and 'RPG'ing, whereas the other is solely confined to an AoS.
  9. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Some of the other modes disagrees. Also the other version no longer exist on my computer :/ since I kinda expanded the same map. To late now...

    Anyways you have to wait 30 min from start until mid arena is revealed for mere mortals. Many players won't figure out a way to get outside the mid arena, as it requires some IQ. I've never seen a game so far where a player has figured a way to travel west, this seems to difficult for them to crack the 2 step puzzle (which isn't hard IMO)

    Also to the right side, 2 step puzzle (1 step if killing pirates isn't counted as a step)

    This is still an AOS type, many games are played without anyone traveling beyond off the normal AOS arena. Also it's a huge risk going on a adventure, since you lose ally vision and you're base might get owned meanwhile.


    I've updated to 1.02 and fixed a few things. It did take some time cuz my editor crashed :/
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2008
  10. Cokemonkey11


    Wurst Reviewer

    May 9, 2006
    I loved the original naval battle, gotta test this version out.

    Do you plan on releasing an "epic lag free" version of the beta? (with autofire cannons)
  11. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    What original naval battle? beta? or the Naval Combat version?

    No, have no such plans. Also I've deleted the beta at the hive, so it's a bit late.

    Also if I add autofire weapon and remove the manual weapon system, it will be "just another BS clone". So no!


    If you find bugs in 1.02, I would like to know.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2008
  12. Cokemonkey11


    Wurst Reviewer

    May 9, 2006
    Tested it last night, and I was depressed to see a "private pirate dock"

    I will most likely never play this again, not competitve at all. All the ships are slow as shit and the ship abilities are organized rather poorly.
  13. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    What's bad about the pirate dock?

    Explain what's so bad about them?


    I greatly reduced the ships speed they will stay that way. This is not a racing boat map like all the other maps. Expect a very long game when you play this map.
  14. Cokemonkey11


    Wurst Reviewer

    May 9, 2006
    basically the fact there are pirates and black pearl ruin the game imo.

    the cast weapon idea is actually pretty cool, i like the way you set it up, but theres a bug. port and starboard side flipflop incorrectly (according to my friend) so when your facing downward it's still the "left" side of the screen, but not the ship.

    I played as trader and it was quite boring, no new trade routes.

    We both became pirates and ended up "losing" even though we werent allied to and couldnt see the south empire.

    The bottom door to the pirate dock doesnt work - trees in the way

    the ability "artillery" didnt destroy the trees

    It takes 15 minutes to get out of the pirate waters

    The east side "open ocean" is pretty dumb since the opening is on north side

    the pirate ships that are randomly scattered about my trade routes were super annoying and they basically just sat there till i got someone to kill.

    Basically the only thing I like thats changed is the cast-weapons, but even they don't work that great.

    Might I suggest, in order to organize hero spells better, keep them in a 'spellbook'?
  15. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Starboard = right side of your facing
    Port = Left side of your facing

    I've tested this multiple times and it's working as it should.

    I haven't done anything there yet. But I'll maybe add more trade routes to far away locations. Perhaps motherland trade mission, Going to a random spot in west....

    Good thing mentioned this, cuz the trade system is still the old same and unchanged. I've only reduced some of the mission awards so trading isn't as imba anymore.

    You mean you wasn't allied with each other when you joined the pirates?

    When ALL players is pirates, there's basically no sides to fight, so win. Also I've not changed the victory conditions to fit the pirates.

    Their role is simply go against both empires and have fun and change which empire they want to attack, or both. Pirates is kinda 3rd team in this map. The purpose is not for the pirates to go against everyone. Yeah and I put the spawning location for the pirates quite far away, so it takes some time before you get out of the pirate hole.

    It jammed? Weird. But that gate can be blown if needed...

    There is 1 gate for south side and 1 gate for north.

    Isn't the current abilities enough?


    New version! 1.03! The currest cannon hotkeys AWSD. Currently the ships secondary abilities uses V and R hotkeys. I think the hero spells should be easier this way and slightly better organized than random hotkeys.

    I added 1 more trade mission for the trader, but that requires 90 trade points to start, and also risky as you might get the wrong trade item if you try to cheat :xxd:, but you can finish this in 2 ways, so it has multiple ways unlike the other static trade contracts! Doing this hard mission will unlock a new weapon.

    ops 1.02 loading image! xD
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2008
  16. bnw2000


    Jul 2, 2007
    Can you give me a clue on how 2 to use the mystic pearl???
    Also how do u open the west gates?? where the pirates cove is lol....use bombs ??
  17. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    There's things you have to figure out yourself. I'm sure you find out how to get into the west.

    I'm releasing a 1.04 version soon with another 2 pirate ships, and I'll fix the buy bug which prevents pirates from changing ships. Also going to add a win condition for the pirates, and you must defeat the pirates if some player which did betray their empire, just to make the game fair for those pirate suckers. (hah!! they don't have an army of ships, they're screwed!)

    Currently the 1.03 version used the ancient non changed win conditions which does not include the pirates. I'm going to change that!
  18. bnw2000


    Jul 2, 2007
    Must there be a pirate ship??? Else whats the use of having the flagship west where u cant enter cause there are no pirates
  19. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    You can get there without being a pirate you know. Getting black pearl is a cheap way of getting yourself shut off from the world when you can't pass the gates.


    Map size 127x127?
    That's bs! It must be confused by the camera bound expanding trigger.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2008