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  • NOt last and not first, strangely. I had like 30-45 parts then... not sure...
    Well I was like repairing the wall, every time I repaired a message "parts" or whatever appeared at left. And then it crashed...
    Crashed when trying out the newest version while trying to repair an indoor war. You know, current repair speed is realy low, stuff should be repairable as quickly as it gets destroyed. Also some of weapons seem t be unpossible to put in inventory.
    Oh, fights with marines are awesome, but the way they just get into the bridge is a bit lame, they should try to seek out all the crew members instead, patrolling the whole ship and probably destroying some of doors.
    also walls get destroyed with simple handguns to easily. I say ordinary weapons wouldn't b able to damage walls, only some special Gauss cannons/rifles, explosives and aircraft should be able to destroy walls.
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    (Post) thanks for the info about arrays, I'm having a hard time grasping the concept of arrays fully, but it makes sense!
    Anyways, I figured out that the items were unpickupable because they were made Untargetable... got problems with how to make black mask now... any suggestions? This SC2 editor thing is quite messy...
    Both armor and hp improvements would be nice. And some extra hemertization systems would be nice, like possibly some kind of shield that would temporaily work as outter wall...
    Also the proximity mine should have some detonation time so it would get revealed before detonating. You know, to avoid TKing and massing minsefields. It should be more of a trap than way to kill a player...
    One died because of spawning where he shouldn't, other got lost, other got killed by dehermetization caused by me. Oh, you should probably make walls stronger to to prevent dehemetising the whole ship with such ease.
    Abyway as I sent firendly message to you in SC2, there are like four people that you should add to credits list for testing. All of them are Cortex Rpers.
    Sinan got killed at whole begining when he got spawned in unfinished area.
    Ghilleh was stuck in reactor room first, when I fred him he got on Wraith and got lost, the spacebar didn't followed him in Wraith...
    StroggBoy died from dehermetization caused by me. Anyway you should like put some kind of text notification on screen if person is in room which is dehermetizing and informing to leave the room.
    Some other guy who's name I forgot but I wrotte to you in message... not sure how he died...
    No error messages or something... oh wait I think I in unit selection menu ticked that unit is unclickable or something (And untargetable though still Selectable).
    Well that's my main tough now, I mean when I order to pick the box the unit just comes close to it or on it...
    Did that already, but because of unknown reason item just doesn't pick up...
    Oh cool, pretty sure there's a lot of things to learn from your map.
    Got some question for my own map I'm currently making.
    See, how do you make items that can be pickable up? See, I made an item that should be pickable up and or out in invetory, or equiped, allowing you to use a weapon.
    Oh and I base it on melee, not campaing, so that's why I can't just take one of existing items.
    Stoped? Myabe you should instead change animspeed?
    Oh, you could also try just instead of changing animation/model create a behavior or trigger that would tint the model ldarker, maybe also decreasesing flight height too for walls.
    Tinting could also help showing other equipment like consoles getting disables.
    Current particle hell is pretty horrifiying, you can't see anything trough it and it decreases the FPS unberably. Of course just tinting or whatever my make it more lame graphically, but I wouldn't say currently the ship is really appealing.

    Oh and most of maps with inventory systems seem to have this problem...
    Physically surrounding. Once I had this problem, though I'm not sure if that was item problem, but after dehermetization currently there's no way to stabilize pressure. Oh, talking about items somethimes when your inventory is full and you buy items they just get dropped and belong to you, revealing the view.
    Try messing with unit animation speed, I remember in Cortex RP once I set animation speed of Odin Wreckage and it like emmited one fire particle per it's point in like eight seconds. Oh, I've set anim pseed to like 0.01 then...
    Okay, tested it, here's my report:
    -Hyperion saboteur. Should be capitalized, minor mistake but might leave negative first immperssion.
    -The most Western part of ship got a bug. It's dehermetized from begining and I don't know why but sometimes it just gets... completely removed with everything on it! That might be related or to hyperdrive or to damaging the walls on the bridge.
    -Science vessel malfunction or not finished, picking up parts for repair ing seems to be bugged too.
    -seems surrounding yourself with items may help to presurize yourself. Weird, you should check that.
    -destroyed walls are a bit to firey and laggy. Can you fight some alternative models for that or decrease emmision someway.
    -If you move your camera you may get lost, there should be a way to easily re-select and return to your chracter.
    -If you press the Up button on the log on terminal you'll see there are lots of 0:00:00 messags, not one. Plus I think you might have swapped the up/down button.
    just don't overcomplicate as always, overcomplication is the only reason your maps are not at top of raitings...
    Wait you're working on map or boardgame?

    Oh and good luck with your projects!
    I tried working with the validators and buffs, but I cant figure it out. If possible, could you please explain to me how to add the validators and buffs to the effect, if its not to much trouble to ask for, or just direct me to a tutorial(Or a demo map would be awesome)

    Thanks in advance

    Custom Attack

    Yeah, I had the feeling that was the case, I had tried a few things as well and came up with nothing. It's not really a big deal, it just comes off a little fishy when you play a game once with one type of font, then restart the game and see the master fonts applied differently. I think I will just leave that issue as it is.

    Thanks so much for taking a look into it!
    Hiya M0RT :D

    Got a question for ya regarding using custom in-game font (since you seem to be rather resourceful about this type of thing):

    I've utilized pretty much every type of font customization in the TUTORIAL, including custom fonts for text-tags, the escape menu font, master font, etc.

    Everything works great, but 2 things that I have noticed:
    1. Text Tag Fonts are not applied to triggered text tag creations.
    2. The font of the 'LOADING' in the loading screen is not updated.

    Both of these things are fixed the second time you load the map (without quitting WC3).
    Any idea why reloading the map a second time updates these two things? It would be nice to get them to work on the first load.

    Thanks for any help,
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