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How well does your piece emulate the theme? Does it make you think "schizophrenia" or just "mildly insane"?/15

How original is the piece? How creative are you with the theme or instruments?/10

Basically, how well does it flow? Are accents used to good effect? Do overall levels make sense? etc./10

How well is it composed? Do the key changes make sense?/15
Final points will be determined 75% by judging and 25% by poll

Inviting your friends to vote for you, bribing random members with rep and otherwise cheating with the VB poll system will get you DISQUALIFIED, BANNED from future contests, -REPPED, and possibly INFRACTED. So don't do it!

This includes, but is not limited to, sending PMs out to various users, getting other people to send those PMs, advertising this contest on other sites with the intention to gain more votes (whether it is explicitly stated or not), and so on. If you are suspected of cheating, the staff will notify you and interrogate you (hopefully) over PMs.​


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Mar 19, 2010
Are we allowed to vote for everyone else??

EDIT: Well my vote also goes to WWTW!
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Level 18
Aug 23, 2008
Unfortunately there were only a couple of tracks that even remotely gave me an idea of schizophrenia. So it's a real shame people think anything will do for this theme. Schizophrenia is not the condition of an evil scientist or a room in a medieval castle. It's a mental condition of chaos and dysfunction. So I went to look for a track that would give me that dysfunction the most. That would be Devine's entry. Especially because of the delay in the echo that desynchronizes the vibe into something that would almost make 1 whole work against itself.

I'm afraid it still isn't what I would think about with schizophrenia. Maybe I am too strict in my judgment, but in my opinion none of these entries would earn high scores for Theme. If you would try to imagine what would go on in the mind of a schizophrenia patient, then none of these tracks would really fit that.
Level 10
Jul 14, 2004
I can't believe it, the poll is online! :goblin_jawdrop:
Very nice post, the five weeks of waiting were worth it. :goblin_good_job: :wink:

My vote goes to Zipper. I like his very subtle approach best.
I have some notes about the entries from when I heard them (without ranking). You may read them, but I have to warn you that they are my unfiltered very personal opinion based mostly on feelings (if I tried to find objective reasons for everything I felt, I could have judged, what I did not do because of time problems). So basically add an ", I think" to every of the notes in your mind! ;)
- Zipper (very nice and subtle, only the ending is an a little too sudden change in color in my opionion and could be more implemented into the rest of the piece)

- Wherewolf (nice groove and many nice ideas, but connection between the parts and longtime development could be better)
- Devine (Electro, heavy contrast in sound fits the theme; maybe you could have connected your two worlds a little more)
- JetFangInferno (nice piece, but I don't like the sudden piano-solo entry, it simply seems to have nothing to do with the rest, no matter if the theme was schizophrenia)
- CoBrA b (very interesting, it just could be clearer musically)
- Mr Pockets (veeerrry scary sounddesign, but a very little musical part, there should be more in a music contest)
- bhusta (too few variation)
- deepblade (sorry, I did not understand the dialogue in your post… the music is very calm, too little crazy in my opinion)
- lexalex (wild dissonances; should have more variation in soundcolor, it's too much piano and drums)
- Tails96 (somehow lacking a climax)
- Who_iS_Ruben (not bad rock piece, but somehow your musical material is in no way as hard as your means, e.g. the doublebass over a long time - this does not work very well)
- Wolfman (too little development)


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Level 51
Jun 4, 2009
Yeah well, again the unsatisfying one vote possible problem :).
There were many genres and a vote to just one of them isn't fair, so I humbly congratulate all of the contestants for their work.

As for the dialogue relating my piece of sound I can say this: The kid is sedated (asleep and unconscious but subconscious). While asleep he "dreams" of a leprechaun that asks him to find his gold for benevolent reasons (which gives us the hint that the boy is a good man). While asleep he also hears and sees but from "far away" two other beings: a crow and a lily.His mother's name is Lily and the doctor who treats him is named Chrow. While awake the boy sees the leprechaun, hears his whispers and answers them but tries to hide anything from his parents (this implies very unusual and chaotic behavior although not intentionally done). When caught he is sedated and hears the voices of his mother and doctor as some animal reflection in his dreaming mind.
Level 12
Dec 4, 2007
Haha i can definitely sense some "Infected Mushroom" influences in Devines Track. And it worked well, i guess it can be called schizophrenic, because of its "saw" effect approaching in the middle all of a sudden.

Mr Pockets entry is really disgusting isn't it? And i find it more chaotic, or overdriven than schizophrenic to be honest, might've worked better if it would've become "harmonic" to the end.

Who is Rubens entry has a really "driving" rhythm and speed, didn't expect anything like that in this contest. I personally liked its refreshing approach. Turns to some blues-feeling in the middle, quite nice yet the blending is too harmonic i think.

Wolfmans entry uses highly weird melody and some "tuff-tuff" backrhythm played by a overtuned snaredrum?!, alternating between left and right. Worked well to make me uncomfortable, really feels nonlinear and messy.

Wherewolftherewolfs piece is quite beautiful i feel. Maybe the most artistical theme of all, but i think it's not "braindamaged" so to speak.
Honestly I prefer more abstract themes unrelated to the games, it just leaves more room for creativity and doesn't get people into a spiral that it has to sound like the game music (first contest was Wc3 themed and we ran into this problem all the time with people constantly bashing other people who's music wasn't orchestral).

But the theme of the next is up to whoever hosts the next one of course (I'd prefer if we got into this habit instead of going through long, dramatic polls about the next theme with people complaining about their voices not being heard and all that crap - host picks a theme and that's that, MUCH easier).
Level 9
Sep 29, 2007
I must say. I am disappointed with the voting. Only 26 voters are only 4 out of 12 contestants received votes. Truly disappointing. Most of the ones with 0 votes have good pieces which will be disadvantaged in the final results because of poor voting.

Now this is why all went all RAGE and caused a drama in the last contest's poll thread... Still, I will judge as correctly as possible with no regard to the poll results. May the worthiest win.