Monster Master RPG

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Monster Master development was taken over by Thorlar and Browning.
You can reach out to them via Discord.


  • -Increases experience gain by 50% for all players at or under level 5.
    -Changed the init text.

  • -Fixed a critical bug that only player 1 can buy items.
    -Fixed a bug that the starting items did not belong to the right player.
This is just a small bugfix version with some critical bug fixes!
So its important to play this version!


  • -Added a new icon for Wisp King.

  • -The gates in Dungeon #13 now just respawn if you completely reenter the dungeon.
    -Added a new way to get Iraculus. (2 methods now!)
    -Now monsters learn stages 4 spells with FL 30 or more instead of 40.
    -New Multiboard state: "Tut" while you are watching the cinematic tutorial.
    -Increased the hp of the dungeon #13 gates by 150%.
    -The abilities in the treasure were swapped - fixed.
    -Increase duration of the boss gold texttag. (+2 sec)

  • -Hopefully fixed the hotkey problem with Mega Ball [R].
    -Fixed an exploit where you were able to give someone else items from your court monsters.
    -Fixed an exploit where you were able to give purchased items to other players.
    -Fixed a bug that monsters did not need to have FL to wear FL required items.
    -Fixed text of Fusion Scroll #45. (Unholy -> Demon)
    -Fixed a bug that Fusion Scroll #39 did not drop.
    -Spellname: "Stufe" instead of "Stage" in tooltip: Chain Lightning, Healing Wave
    -Fixed the bug that monsters in the court at lvl 1 will get a level up.
    -Fixed the buff of the Lightning Boots movementspeed-aura.
    -Fixed a calculation bug in the master protect system.
    -Fixed the tooltip of the Fusion Scroll for Serpentia.
    -Fixed a disorder of the fusionscrolls variables.
    -Fixed the error message of the "-tut" command outside of the town.
This is just a small bugfix version.
But if you always want the newest version its recomended to play this one. ;-)


  • -Added a huge cinematic tutorial.
    -Improved the command: "-mi" -> you now can use "-mix" where x is the number of an other player.
    -If you now take monsters from the court you wont get spammed by text messages.
    -Made Monster Master a little bit smaller.
    -Improved the Afk-Sys message.
    -Improved the Leaver message.
    -Added a specific buff to all potion effects.
    -Changed the icon of Chaos Orc.
    -Changed the soundset of Wicked Draenei.
    -Bosses now drop Fusion Scrolls with a chance depending on the boss' strength.
    -Made the monster effects of the court illusions of other players much smaller.
    -Slightly improved the coding of the single-player-detection.

  • -Fixed a bug that caused Yamata fusion to malfunction.
    -Fixed a multiboard bug which caused green icons after a player left the game.
    -Fixed a bug that no illusion was spawned in the court if you catched a monster with a full team.
    -Fixed a bug that monsters at lvl 1 which were loaded in the court got a level up when restoring.
    -Fixed a bug that monsters weren't invulnerable when entering the Healing Zone.
    -Fixed a bug that AntiUnitControl Sys does not work.
    -Fixed a bug that caused a different Ankh value in the market and for sale with the item management system.
    -Fixed a hotkey of Manashield stage 4 with 'W'.
    -Fixed the Manashield buff tooltip.

  • -Increased the Slow duration from 4 to 7 seconds.
    -Balanced Dagger.
This is just a small bugfix version.
But if you always want the newest version its recomended to play this one. ;-)


  • -Fixed a bug that the kill-boss-message was displayed as often as there are players in the same dungeon.
    -Fixed the multiboard bug with the eyes.
    -Fixed the camera bug with dungeon #13.
    -Fixed a bug with Item Info ability which showed the wrong item owner.
    -You weren't able to start the PvP fight - fixed.
    -Fixed a bug that Pipe of Insight need lvl 5 instead of lvl 4.
    -Fixed a bug that the Leave trigger will not activate when a player leaves the game.
    -Warmace gives wrong boni - fixed.
    -Medallion of the Brave gives wrong boni - fixed.
    -Fixed a bug that all players were informed when a unit in the PvC arena dropped an item.
This is just a small bugfix version.
But if you always want the newest version its recomended to play this one. ;-)

New Kontent:

  • -A completely new Dungeon. (#13)
    -7 new T4 monsters.
    -4 new ?-monsters.
    -11 new Fusionscrolls.
    -new PvC fights up to rank 31.
    -2 new basic items.
    -new item models for potions and food.
    -converted all boss items into ultimate items.
    -3 new ultimate items.
    -now all bosses have got their own personal boss items.
    -10 new normal items. (lvl 2 - 29)

  • -Recoded and highly improved the Save Load System. (code resett!)
    -Greatly improved the initial monster choose system.
    -If you now store monsters in the court there will be illusions which help you.
    -Added a system which decreased damage taken to your Master if he got monsters on his side.
    -Bosses in Dungeon #12 or higher now got stage 4 spells.
    -When PvC enemy monsters revive they now attack a random unit instead of the master all the time.
    -Chain Lightning: added information about how often the strike jumps.
    -If you store a monster now it will get unselected.
    -Item drop messages now only goes to the players in the same dungeon where the item has dropped.
    -Added new command: "-afk"
    -Added new command: "-ping"

  • -Fixed a camera bug after a lost PvC fight.
    -Tauren boss monster was lvl 28 instead of lvl 25.
    -Fixed Rain of Fire tooltip for the damage over time value.
    -Fixed a bug that the item sell special effect and texttag wasnt on the right position sometimes.
    -Added pathing blockers to the dungeon portal of dungeon #12.
    -Fixed a bug that Poison Attack's duration was undefined long and did not kill creeps at stage 4.
    -Fixed Dragonhead Naga soundset.
    -Fixed a bug that Evilbird was a strength hero.
    -Fixed a bug that Arakkoa was a strength hero.
    -Fixed the attributegain of Wildekin.
    -Fixed a bug that you were not able to sell fusionscrolls in a shop.
    -Fixed many other minor bugs due to the complete recoding of the map.

  • -Decreased cooldown of all net-effects from 3 to 1 second.
    -Increased cooldown of Entangling from 10 to 12 seconds.
    -Improved Curse from 2/4/6/8 to 4/8/12/16.
    -Improved Manashield from 3/2/5/2/1.5 to 3/2.25/1.5/0.75.
    -Balanced some lvl 2 - 29 items.
    -Made all bosses from Dungeon #12 or higher stronger.
    -Balanced Heal from 5/10/25/50 to 10/20/35/55.
    -Balanced Damage Aura and Fear Aura. (1/3/6/10) and (-1/-3/-6/-10).
    -Improved True Sight.
    -Improved mana- and lifedrain at stage 4 from 50 to 60 points per second.
    -Added mana cost to Reincarnation.
    -Gave Draelokk another third ability. (Splash -> Pulverize)
    -Draelokk now gains less intelligence and more agility.
    -Set Ankh gold price from 2000 to 1250.
    -Set Teleport gold prive from 200 to 600.
    -Improved Gold Ring.
    -Improved Ring of Life.
    -Berserk balanced from 20/40/60/80% to 25/50/75/100%.
    -Increased Multipower duration from 12 to 15 seconds.
    -Imrpoved Critical Strike from 10/15/20/25% chance to 15/20/25/30% chance.
    -Chimaera now gains more intelligence. (- other stats)
    -Mandraga now gains less intelligence. (+ other stats)
Coding & Mapping:

  • -Recoded everything into vJass.
    -Improved the PvC init function.
    -Coded a teleport system for Dungeon #13.
    -Changed imported Icon Paths.

  • -Made all bosses in the map bigger.
    -New Item coloring:
    ->Basic: Grey
    ->Normal: White
    ->Boss: Red
    ->Ultimate: Teal
    -Gave Black Wolf a new model.
    -Gave Raven a new Icon.
    -Added a chaos effect to Duros and removed the fire effect.
    -Changed the icon of Rune Lobster.
Other Things:

  • -Credits: Dan van Ohllus (Raven Icon & Triclyde)
    -Credits: Misha (Naga Sorceror)
    -Credits: Air Elemental (alfredx_sotn)
    -Credits: Ocubeam (Beta Tester)
This is a very huge update of the map.
As you can see there is much new kontent but you also need to start new because of the recoding.
I hope you can understand that and will still enjoy the game.


  • -fixed a bug that you were able to deactivate the enemy Ki with gHost.
    -fixed a bug where it could happen that your monsters will stay in the PvC arena after you lost a fight there.
General Changes:

  • -changed the seconds spell from Balamoth: (Defensive Attitude -> Rain of Fire)
    -now dead monsters will revive when you start a PvC fight.

  • -Improved Armor-Train Aura. (+0.1/lvl)
    -Improved Mana-reg-Train Aura slighty. (+0.05/lvl)

  • -fixed an interface bug with Hydro Water.
    -fixed a bug that Tuskarr and Wildekin had no icons in the multiboard.
    -fixed many typos in some tooltips (special thx to Tails Clock @ TheHiveWorkshop)
    -added a playercolor to the boss itemdrop message.
This is just a small bugfix version.
But if you always want the newest version its recomended to play this one. ;-)
The most bug fixes and changes are positive for players.
Special thx to Tails Clock @ TheHiveWorkshop!


  • -Now monsters etc get unselect when MM enters or leave a room.
    -MANY new Monster Master names. (26 in total! One for every alphabetic character!)
    -The Boss from Dungeon #8, #9, #10 are stronger now.
    -Improved the F9-Log from "Items" and "Fusion-Help".
    -Now ALL T4 monsters with a sub fusion with a ?-monster needs a min FL by 10!
    -PvC Monster Master now level their Aura abilities dependent on their level.
    -After all players left a dungeon all monsters there are completely reset - also the food boni!
    -Increased the FL-increase from +5 to +6 when fusing two monsters at lvl 30.
    -Deactivated a blizzard feature to make the whole map visible.
    -Added a new sortie for the Portal Room, because many players disliked the long way out.
    -Now PvC enemy monster can have a FL.
    -Now feeded monsters have got a visual effect so that you know which one you feeded.
    -Added a new Multiboard State: "PvC" while fighting in the PvC-Arena.
    -Added a new Multiboard State: "PvP" while fighting in the PvP-Arena.
    -Recoded all PvP Triggers and konverted the last Gui triggers into Jass and vJass - also fixed bugs.
    -Monster Masters in a PvP fight are now invulnerable as long as they got monster on the arena field.
    -Added a new Dungeon: #11 - "Dream World"
    -Added a new Dungeon: #12 - "Elemental Islands"
    -Changed how FusionLevel improves the monster: 1/6 = +Damage - 5/6 = +Stats (max: +50stats/+10dmg)
    -Changed the calculation of the chance to get a boss item.
    -Recoded the Ability Learn Systems for a much better performance.
    -Added full fusion bonus to all monsters for a better ingame performance.
    -Added a new Master-Databank for all ingame Monster which substituted some other Databanks. (Hashtables)
    -Every Player now has got an Itembox in the town in which he can store items.
    -Recoded the whole MonsterManagement System. (better performance)
    -Increased the "item-give-range" from 150 to 300.
    -Added the ItemManagement System to the Monster Master of every player.
    -PvC-Arena: The enemy Monster Master now recall his monster a few seconds after they died.
    -8 new PvC fights in total!
    -Remade/Rebalanced the min req rank points for the dungeons.
    -Made creep gold also dependent on the creep's FL. (for example: creeps in dungeon #10 now give 35 gold)
    -MonsterView in the Multiboard now shows if a monster is dead or alive.
    -Greatly Improved Init. (Performance)
    -Reduced revive time from the Monster Master from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.

  • -Cmd: FusionLevel was displayed wrong in some situations.
    -Fusionscroll: fixed the name of the "Balamoth" fusionscroll.
    -Sound: fixed the SnowOwl soundset.
    -Fixed a bug that a monster did not have any FL damage boni after restoring it from the court.
    -Fixed a bug that all T4 air monsters belonged to the unholy class.
    -Fixed a bug that you were able to catch enemy monster's and the monster masters in the PvC-Arena.
    -Fixed a bug that Bird Talker had a melee attack instead of ranged.
    -Fixed a bug that sometimes you got teleported to a wrong dungeon or something like that.
    -It was possible to catch and feed enemy summons - fixed.
    -It was possible to target the own monsters with feed.
    -It was possible to target the Monster Master with feed and nets.
    -Fixed a buggy event from the Court Store feature.
    -Snow Owl and Frost Treant had the same abilities - no bug, but many players disliked that.
    -Hopefully fixed the bug that Taunt did not work correctly.
    -Fixed a bug that respawned monster in dungeons always lose their FL.
    -Fixed a bug that players were able to move their units into the PvP-Arena castle.
    -Fixed a bug that players were able to share purchased items - now they are binded.
    -Fixed the itemdrop system textes and added a playercolor to them.
    -Fixed the tooltip of Rejuvintation.
    -Fixed a bug that creeps in dungeon didn't get increased damage due to their FL.
    -Fixed a bug that PvC monsters did not remove when the player left the game while fighting in the PvC-Arena.
    -Soundset: Fixed the soundset from Raven. (Bearvoice 0.o)

  • -Illusion now deals the same damage on every level.
    -Balanced Sneak. (made it better [+])
    -Balanced Koma. (made it weaker [-])
    -Balanced Fire Rain. [-]
    -Balanced Megaball Ability. [+]
    -Balanced Blizzard. [-]
    -Balanced Mega Magic. [+/-]
    -Balanced Summon Earth Elemental [-]
    -Rebalanced PvC-Arena fight cost to: "15x²"
    -Balanced Special Missiles. [-]
    -Balanced Healing Wave. [+]
    -Balanced Rejuvintation. [-]

  • -F9-Log: "WarlordsMaster" was written wrong.
    -F9-Log: fixed a writing bug with my email adress "[email protected]"
    -Name: fixed the typebug where "Toxic Liquid" was written "Poison Liquid".
    -General minor interface improvements.
    -Fixed a bug that Evil Armor got no projetile when he attacks.
    -Fixed a typebug "stroed" -> "stored" in the MonsterManagement.
    -Fixed a minor typebug "actived" -> "activated" while map init.
    -Teleport: The Monster Master now face to you after teleporting.
    -Added a minor grafical effect to the meres in dungeon #10.
    -Added a big pier on the bottom end of the town.
    -Added "Robbepop @ Northrend" to make sure on which server you have to search me. ;-)
    -Added peq to the credits for his small, passive hashtable tutorial.
    -Added Kricz to the credits for his awesome icons for the Monster- and ItemManagement System.
    -Added PipeDream, Vexorian, PitzerMike and MindWorX to the credits for the JNGP and vJass.
    -Added a fire visual effect to Duros.
    -Added the Partnership with "clan Gnet" and "God-Network" to the Loadscreen text.
    -Made some minor terrain cosmetics in a few dungeons.
    -Added new import icons to the MonsterManagement System.
    -Added new import icons to the ItemManagement System.
    -Added Headlessone to the credits for his beta testings.
This is a very huge update for MM RPG.
Nearly all missing Gui triggers are converted into Jass and i also use vJass elements.
The game is getting into his last steps bevor the first non-beta version is starting the development.
I did not change anything but the performance on the Save/Load system,
so your codes will still work. ;-)
This version is only stable to v1.24 and not to any earlier versions of wc3!

New Monster Master Names:

  • A - Avaldo
    B - Baldir
    C - Celvin
    D - Doros
    E - Evio
    F - Faras
    G - Gantor
    H - Helgaris
    I - Ionas
    J - Jaquaire
    K - Keeve, Krucz
    L - Lorgomir
    M - Malgabis
    N - Normanus
    O - Olavius
    P - Peokles
    Q - Quezal
    R - Rokhan
    S - Silvan
    T - Temeras
    U - Urio
    V - Valnar
    W - Wamberan
    X - Xantis
    Y - Yizz
    Z - Zoltan


  • -Fixed a bug which causes monsters in dungeons to despawn when a player left the region.
    -The monster in the sub fusion field will no longer lose it's items.
    -Some of the new monsters caused bugs in the savesystem - fixed.
    -When a player left while fighting in the PvP arena, the others couldn't finish the fight - hopefully fixed.
    -When a player left and revived afterwards, his state in the multiboard was 'alive' instead of 'left'.
    -Hell Walker had a melee attack - fixed.
    -Moonwood Walker had a melee attack - fixed.
    -Beast Talker had a wrong soundset - fixed.
    -Fixed some spellbutton positions.
    -Fixed a typeing bug with Scroll of Fusion #16.
    -Improved the damagelost of cripple.
    -Recoded the player left trigger. (Gui -> Jass)
    -Increased effect duration from Multi Power from 10 to 12 seconds and fixed typing bugs.
    -Dark Dorem has now got a new passiv ability. (Lifesteal -> Evasion)
    -It was possible to catch the PvC monster master which causes bugs - fixed.
    -The tree eating ability could make shortcuts in dungeon #8.
    -Hopefully fixed the hotkey bug with Megaball.
This is a fix version like v0.37b.
I hope there wont be any greater bugs in MM RPG now,
so that i can start developing the v0.4b versions.


  • -Fixed a bug, that you got "Drac Lord" instead of "Balamoth"
    -Typefix in F9-Log: "speedygonsales" -> "SpEeDyGonsales"
    -Some fusions for new monsters did not work - fixed.
    -Pardise Bird in Dungeon #10 had no items - fixed.
    -Textbug in the box on top right.
This is just a small fix version, but it's still importn to play this one instead of
v0.36b because the bugs were huge and everything but funny.


  • -Fixed the Staff of Lightning bug by changing how the spell is working.
    -Fixed a bug in the AntiAfkSys and recoded it a lil bit.
    -Fixed a bug, that sometimes enemies massed in dungeons. (for example in front of a gate)
    -Monster Master was able to equip some "only monsters" items - fixed.
    -Fixed a bug, that players lost gold when they got killed in the PvP arena.
    -Cloud Fog didn't cause enemies to miss on their attacks.
    -Monsters with Reincarnation wont get removed from the game now, when they die while reincarnation isn't ready.
    -Critical Strikes from items never triggered - fixed.
    -Megamagic was able to destroy trees, which could cause other bugs - fixed.
    -PvC Enemys often didn't attack your monster master - fixed.
    -Fixed a huge bug in the Fusionsystem, where a wrong monster was removed instead of the fused one in fusions with 2 different players.
    -Fixed a bug, that monster had no abilities, when they were caught above level 1.
    -Earth Guardian was shown as T2, but it was T3.
    -Fixed a tooltipbug from Poison Strike.
    -Added manacost to teleporter. (staff)
    -Wisp had a melee attack, but should be ranged - fixed.
    -Fixed a bug, where the Itemdropmessage said that a fusionscroll dropped, when a specialitem dropped instead.
    -Increased the distance from a portal when you enter a new dungeon.
    -It was possible to go through the closed PvC-Arena door - fixed.
    -Mega Drac had no projectile - fixed.
    -Added an error message, when loading with an old code. (also some Errors didn't worked right)
    -Added some error messages for "-new"; for example when you try to repick while fighting in the arena.
    -Fixed some bugstates.
    -Fixed a tooltipbug in the "Drac Lord" fusionscroll.
    -Fixed a bug that True Sight did not have any level conditions.
    -Fixed a bug that Corruption Aura did not have any level conditions.

  • -Decreased Loadingtime and improved game performance a bit by changing how the ability learn system works for enemy creeps.
    -Recoded the whole teleport triggers and added a few features to them. (GUI -> JASS)
    -Recoded the Fusionsystem a bit - now items from "parents" will go into the inventory of the result monster on will be layn down to its feet.
    -Recoded some other Triggers from GUI to Jass.
    -Added a max loadcount: Players now have got 5 tries to load their heroes.

  • -Increased size of dungeon #6 a bit.
    -Increased size of dungeon #7 a bit.
    -Imrproved the portalrooms "terrain" a bit and made the missing numbers for the next dungeons.
    -Remade a few interface options.
    -Added a new imported icon to Burning Treant. (selfmade)
    -Added a new imported icon to Frost Treant. (selfmade)
    -F9-Log completly remade.

  • -Added 4 brand new ?-monsters.
    -Added 7 brand new T4 monsters.
    -Added a new Multiboard, which give a great overview about the players and their teams.
    -Monsters now learn their stage 4 abilities with a min fusionlevel of 40 instead of 50. (they also need to be lvl 30)
    -Greater bosses now give more gold, when you kill them.
    -2 neu Dungeons! (#9 and #10)
    -New PvC-Arena fights. (20 total)
    -A new command: "-swapxy" which allows the player to swap the monster data with the data from a court slot.
    -Remade the fusionlevel requirements for T4 and ?-Monsters.
    -Increased the attack damage from monsters with higher tiers. (+2 dmg / tier)
    -Monsters in higher tiers get a hp and mana bonus now.
    -The command "-mi" now also shows the Fl of all monsters.
    -Monstermaster now revive after 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds.
    -Now, only players, who are in the Dungeon get the gold and the message, when a boss is killed.
    -Added a new Ability: Stomp

  • -Balanced the price of some staffs.
    -All mana potions now cost 5 mana to cast.
    -Increased the bonus damage from Inner Fire.
    -Increased the bonus damage from Damage Aura and made the value non-%.
    -Rebalanced the price of some Monster Master items.
    -Rebalanced heal value of Spell: "Healing Wave"
    -Flying Dutchman now has got new abilities.
    -Greatly improved True Sight.

  • -Made the 7 missing Fusionscrolls for the ?-monster t4 fusions.
    -Added 12 brand new Fusionscrolls for the new monsters.
I had a huge data lost. So the work for the new version took longer and i had to recreate much stuff.
Please report all bugs to me, so that we can make MM RPG an awesome and bugfree game! :D


  • -Added 11 new Boss Items
    -Added Fusionscrolls
    -Added new and different Nets
    -Added Ankh of Reincarnation
    -Added Teleport
    -Added Staffs for Monster Master.

  • -Balanced some abilities
    -Added a few new abilites
    -Now every ability has got a new ultimate level 4 for lvl 30 monsters.

  • -Reset of savecodes because of SLS recodings
    -New Revive System
    -Fixed all reported bugs
    -Recoded nearly all Systems

  • -Added about 60 brand new monsters. (119 monsters total!)
    -Fixed some animation bugs of many monsters.

  • -Changed the Fusionrules so that it is now easier to understand for noobs.

  • -Remade the whole terrain.
Because of the great terrain changes, the gameplay was influenced
and is now more like the real Dragon Quest Monsters or Dragon
Warrior Monsters games. The way you have to find new monsters could
be difficult for newbs, but i think, when someone like the gameplay
he will find it out. ;-)


Persons, who know and liked the Dragon Quest Monsters
or the Dragon Warrior Quest games,
will sure love this! :D

And now the description:

You play the role of a Monster Master in a town of a volk which live
close to the nature. There you get the mission to train your own team
of Monsters to help them cleaning the country from the Darkness.

To get a better Monster Master and to get permission
to enter the greater areas, you have to fight
and win competitions in the PvC arena.

To get better Monsters,
you have to fusion them.
The stronger the parents,
the stronger will be the fusioned monster!
There are 141 Monsters in total in v0.55b.

As the Monster Master you can decide,
when your Monsters fight,
what Abilities they use and what Weapons and Armors they wear.
Every Monster has got 2 Item Slots.
The Monster Master can't wear equip items,
but he can carry potions,
or nets to catch new Monsters
or other useful stuff for the team to survive in the wilderness.

You can make matches versus your friends
in the PvP arena or play together as a team in the hostile dungeons
in the world of the monsters.


There are many features.
It's the best to find them out by simply playing the game. =)
It could be that the game isn't beginnerfriendly,
because in the beginning it is hard to
understand how everything works,
but finally it's fun, when you understood! ;-)


And now a few Screens of the Game for you!

Basic Monsters:

Tier2 Monsters:

Tier3 Monsters:

Tier4 Monsters:


A Fusionscroll for twinfusions:

A Fusionscroll for normal fusions:

General improvements:

The new monster court:

Perspektive 1

Perspektive 2

The King

New shopping area:

View from the Town over the World of MM RPG:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part Boss

Part 1

Part 2

Part Boss

Part 1

Part 2

Part Boss

Part 1

Part 2

Part Boss

The whole Dungeon

  • -You will get a wrong savecode when you save with more than 200k gold


HF & GL by playing my game!

Credits are given ingame F9-log. ;-)

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Monster Master RPG v0.59s (Map)

18:57, 21st Aug 2009, Rui(#322): While original, the essence of this RPG differs little from that of most of the others. Read my review for details. Approved and rated 3/5 (Acceptable).
Level 1
Mar 6, 2008

good luck with soloing the map! ;-)
but you will get some problems in dungeon #11 and #12 i think! :D

btw: some good news!
at the moment i can develop the map very fast.
everything seems to work fine.

well here is a small, brand new picture of some new icons in MM RPG v0.4b.^^
you can also have a look on the great player itembox,
which you can use in that version to store your items.^^

as you can see i added an Item Management System and rename the other Monster Master abilities to the Monster Management System.^^


Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
V0.4B looks great! But here are some things that I hope you can change before release:

My Bristleback’s bezerk move does not work when I press the hotkey.
I found an item that needed lvl9 and both my creatures were lvl9 but could not pick it up. It was an orb thing.
Lots of typos.
The store seems useless! I keep getting tonnes of gold and nowhere to spend it all. You need to make a better shop! Maybe make it unlock when your rank gets to 10 or something.
I have no clue if fusing creatures together that are above lvl15 makes a difference as you never mention it. Do you get 1 bonus fusion point for every 5 more levels?
Entangle when it becomes stronger deals more damage a second and become double the price. I find it way more useful at lvl1 as it’s only really good for pausing an enemy. The damage is really worthless. I suggest changing it so that it last longer per upgrade and stay being quite cheap.
I also find that the enemy far too often always try to attack my weakest guys and never my tank.
The boss will chase you FOREVER and you can’t get him to go back. Really sucks if you accidentally aggro him or are trying to flee.
Overall enemies come to help their friends even when they are pretty far away. It makes it crazy hard to solo even on area 4! I hear people constantly suggesting you do a system that adds the units based on the amount of players. I really think that’s a good idea. I’m also certain it’d be easy to code with really simple triggers.
Level 1
Mar 6, 2008
V0.4B looks great! But here are some things that I hope you can change before release:

My Bristleback’s bezerk move does not work when I press the hotkey.

This is not a bug, made by me. It is cause though a protection with the Widgetizer. I dunno why, but i will try to prevent it for the next version. =)

I found an item that needed lvl9 and both my creatures were lvl9 but could not pick it up. It was an orb thing.

Well, thats also no bug. Your MONSTER MASTER has to be lvl 9, not your monsters. And that makes sense, when you think about the fusionsystem, don't you think so? :D

Lots of typos.

Sry im ger, i though there were just a few. xD
Show me the typos and i will fix them. :p

The store seems useless! I keep getting tonnes of gold and nowhere to spend it all. You need to make a better shop! Maybe make it unlock when your rank gets to 10 or something.

That would be possible, but i will not add any new items in this version. And i think its more fun to get items with luck while fighting in hard dungeon, than just buying them. 0.o You should spend your money for some PvC fights. ;-)

I have no clue if fusing creatures together that are above lvl15 makes a difference as you never mention it. Do you get 1 bonus fusion point for every 5 more levels?

It makes a giant difference. xD
lvl 15 -> +1; lvl 20 -> +2; lvl 25 -> +3; lvl 30 -> +5 Fusionlevel!
The levels are the average level of the two monsters you fused!

Entangle when it becomes stronger deals more damage a second and become double the price. I find it way more useful at lvl1 as it’s only really good for pausing an enemy. The damage is really worthless. I suggest changing it so that it last longer per upgrade and stay being quite cheap.

Thanks for balance issues! I want v0.4b to be the most balanced MM RPG version. :D I will change/improve/whatever entangle.

I also find that the enemy far too often always try to attack my weakest guys and never my tank.

Sry, but thats the Wc3 Ki. xD

The boss will chase you FOREVER and you can’t get him to go back. Really sucks if you accidentally aggro him or are trying to flee.

Sry, but thats the Wc3 Ki and i think its funny.^^
After you leave a dungeon all creatures are reset and you can try again. ;-)

Overall enemies come to help their friends even when they are pretty far away. It makes it crazy hard to solo even on area 4! I hear people constantly suggesting you do a system that adds the units based on the amount of players. I really think that’s a good idea. I’m also certain it’d be easy to code with really simple triggers.

There is already a small system like that. The more players in a dungeon, the faster the creeps revive when they die in that dungeon. =) Makes a huge difference! For example: revive time with one player is 120 seconds, but the revive time with 10 players is 30 seconds.^^

i hope these answers are ok. =)

Level 1
Jun 28, 2009
Nice Robbepop, looking good so far lol, good game, kinda waiting for this version, may I ask why you are not adding items or monsters though? Because if I am taking my ??? monsters through dungeon #11-12 then that means it is almost pointless they can't get any better. I would hope you would understand that. Unless I missed something in reading your posts.
Level 1
May 15, 2009
The maximum rank 20? If yes then why at some a rank 31? And still like is not present??? Monsters and I here have seen such 3 monsters. It how to understand?
Level 1
Mar 6, 2008

well atm i can't add new items,
because i set the limit with my Save/Load system in the past to a low medium
which i already reached. xD
but i will add new items, when i recode the SLS. =)

well it could be that these person with 31 rankingpoints are little cheaters. or it could be, that they typed in their code wrong and had soo much luck with it, that the code was right. xD (chance 1 to about 3500^^)

in v0.4b there will be 6 neu arena fights, so 26 in total.^^

Level 2
Apr 10, 2008

ich finde deine Map verdammt gut, sehr schönes Werk!! :grin:
Eigentlich wollte ich seit gestern hier mal was geschrieben haben aber das liegt jetzt mal außen vor.

Ich will dich nicht beunruhigen aber vllt hast du schon von Neuerungen des 1.24 Patches gehört. Es gibt (oder eher gab) da etwas das nennt sich glaub ich "return bug" der zum scripten der Maps benutzt wurde, allerdings auch für Viren genutzt werden konnte. Fakt ist dass dieser nun behoben wurde ich viele Maps nicht mehr funktionieren (darunter anscheinend auch deine...). Ich würde vorschlagen - sofern noch nicht geschehen - dass du dich etwas informierst und die Map neu scriptest, damit wir wieder in den Genuss kommen können sie spielen zu dürfen^^
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Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
Thanks for replying to my last post. But today I just tried to host the map and it's not coming up with any slots for players to join. I tested in multiplayer and single player. This is the freakiest thing I have ever seen. If I try to start the game it just returns me to map selection instead. Never seen anything like that happen before. I hosted the map about 2 days ago and it was fine though.
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Level 2
Apr 10, 2008
Thanks for replying to my last post. But today I jsut tried to host the map and it's not coming up with any slots for players to join. I tested in multiplayer and single player. This is the freakiest thing I have ever seen. If I try to start teh game it jsut returns me to map selection instead. Never seen anything like that happen before. I hosted the map about 2 days ago and it was fine though.

Thats caused by the new patch... many maps need to be rescripted to work again.
Level 1
Mar 6, 2008

im working since a few weeks to recode the whole map for v1.24.
im nearly done yet. the map is even stable for v1.24 since long time,
but there are some features and bug fixes still missing before i can release.
my beta-testers are already testing the game. ;-)

it's a question about a few days until i release v0.4b! \m/ ^^

Level 1
Mar 6, 2008

I finally released the new map.
Sad, that my protector did not answer,...
but i just wanted it today to release,
because i can't let you guys without the game. ;-)

the changelog is huge,
you can see all the changes in the first post.
the save codes still work! :D

HF & GL !

Level 1
Aug 14, 2009
THX for the release of 0.45b, but it is still to easy

after 30mins, i ranked up from 20-28 and did solo the both new dungeons.
The hardest was the gold :D , cost me round 65k gold, dunno ^^
mhh hope 13, 14 will be Team-Battlegrounds.

I am sad, that it was so easy and i discovered the new island so fast.

Here my Teamlist-->
Drac Lord (Voodoo Doll, Holy Rapir)
Sinister (Voodoo Doll, Holy Rapir)
Tamuha (Dragonshield, Dragonshield)

12 easier than 11 to me :D

So cya ingame, searching for bugs ^^
MFG Kever4ever
Level 3
Aug 23, 2008
The new version has some nice improvements, I especially like the new stash system :) And more eye-candy (new icons) is always good!

Anyways, the warstomp/thunderclap bug hasn't been fixed, that's sad.. you know, everytime a unit casts that spell the game lags.
Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
Thanks for updating this so I can play it again now! Also I have a question about the fusion system.
I had a fusion level 2 creature and a fusion level 1 creature. One at lvl 14 the other at 16. I fused them, but I only got a fusion lvl 3 creature. I thought they add fusion levels and then would get the extra one from being lvl15. Am I wrong?

And now for some minor things that seem odd.
The Black Dragon has Immulation which seems really silly as it is a ranged creature and I never get the chance to use that ability. I think it should be changed to something that people can really use.

The Dark Slime is totally fine, but it has a ranged attack that can life-steal. I’ve been trying to find out how to get a ranged attack to steal life for YEARS. What spell did use to make that possible?

And now for a typo list:

Breath of Fire spell “The monster spit extrem hot fire to the targeted location”
Should be “spits extremely”.

The water/beast creature “Sea Gigant” should be called “Sea Giant”.

Immulation spell (lvl2) “The monsters skin begins to burn. which damages all enemy units by 10 damage arround it every second. The spell drains 6 mana as long as it is activated.”
Should be “monster’s”, “burn which” without the “.”, “around” and finally, the spell name should be “Immolation”.

Feed Back ability “Whenever this monster attacks an enemy it will destroy 2 manapoints of its target and deal damage equal to the half of the destroyed mana.”
Should be “it’s” and that “the” shouldn’t even be there at all. Also I think the ability is meant to be called “Feedback” as one word.

Cloud of Fog spell “which makes enemys to miss on 25 % of their attacks.”
Should be “enemies” with no “to” there at all. Also “25 %” should probably be changed to “25%” but that's probably just me being too picky.

Allies button at top of screen “Alliance Dialog” is wrong in the name and description as “dialog” is meant to be spelt “dialogue”. That is a hard word to spell though and my spell-checker oddly says “dialog” is right, but it’s not.

Many thanks for making such a brilliant map and putting so much work into it! I really love this map!
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Level 1
Mar 6, 2008

thanks guys/(gils 0.o) for the suggestions and bug reports.

well now the answers to your questions... XD

you should play the newest version of the map and you should also have the newest warcraft3 patch, which is v1.24 at the moment. :p

its just for the following quest in the v1.0 version.^^

yes i already noticed the problem with the stomp.
its a blizzard code and very laggy.
i think i will code it myself for v1.0. =)

@Tails Clock:
its the normal Drain Life ability.^^
the fusionsystem does not add the FL of the monsters.
it always takes the higher FL.
give me an idea what spell i could give him. :p
btw: look into the v0.46b changelog. ;-)

pls talk in english in an english forum.^^
well you also need FL 40+ to get lvl 4 spells.XD
the prices for nets and foods are well balanced,
i just think that you are trying to catch a T3 lvl 30 monster,
which MUST be very difficult, otherwise it would be to easy to get good monster to fusion, don't you think so? :p

i hope i answered all your questions. :p


ah what i forgot to say you.
tomorrow i will go to hollidays for 2 and a half weeks.
you can still write posts here and i promise you that i will read everything when i am back! :D
Level 2
Apr 10, 2008
sry i'm to lazy..^^
FL 40+ and lvl30 is very much for rank4 spells.. damn they must be uber strong o_O
i know that t3 lvl 30 monsters must be difficult to catch but even t3 monsters under lvl 30 are difficult to catch (btw there arent any t3 monsters under lvl 20 or even 25 or im wrong?) monsters in stores arent saved and i dont want always to use 2 of my current monsters to fuse and than catch 2 t2 monsters, lvl them up for a good fusion lvl bonus and then make them t3, that takes to much time for 1 game without saving >.<
Level 3
Aug 23, 2008
OK, I guess many people are bugging you about it, but anyways.. I think the fusion level gain for level 30 is still too low. I don't want it to be on 10 fl, but increase it by one or two points, since the time spent on leveling a monster from 29 to 30 is not equal to the time spent to level a monster twice to level 25 (even though only lvl 20 is needed to gain the fusion bonus of lvl 25 when fusing with a lvl 30 mob). Therefore fusion on level 30 is still quite useless, in my opinion and it really shouldn't be useless.



Level 39
Jan 7, 2005
Rui's review for "Monster Master RPG" (v0.46b), by Robbepop

This is an original RPG. Instead of choosing a hero and wandering around killing creeps, you start with a main Monster Master hero and capture the creeps. They will then do the fighting against the Monster Master's enemies. To do this, you need to use a special net that is worth a single charge. You should always use it when the monster is low in health because it increases the chance of capturing it -- yes, the monster will have the strength to free himself if he has not been damaged. An initial monster of your choice helps you do this. Additional nets can be purchased in town. There is a limit of 3 monsters you can possess.There is a small detail we shouldn't forget: the creeps are also heroes. That means not only your Monster Master will level up as you slay enemies, but also the creeps you captured. As they level, they become stronger not only in stats but also by gaining new abilities. Your Monster Master can skill auras which provide benefits for your monsters.Creep heroes also have an inventory! You can equip them with the items you'll acquire when killing hostile monsters, or you can actually purchase those items in the friendly town you start on. The gold you need to do so is also gained in the battlefield.The game also possesses a fusion system that allows you to combine monsters. You can do this once you achieve level 10.
By now you are probably wondering: «if my creep dies, do I have to capture a new monster and start the leveling process all over again?»? No, you don't. Surprisingly, there is no penalty in letting your monster die other than having to wait for it to revive. After revival, you can release the monster (kept in storage where you can also store any other monsters) to fight again. While "Monster Master RPG" is repetitive enough, it doesn't give any rewarding feeling for keeping your monsters alive. You can simply rush them into a more difficult hostile camp and watch as one or two get murdered.
You probably noticed I said "Monster Master RPG" is repetitive. Well, besides this little original feature that I mentioned in the first paragraph, there is nothing that stands out in this map. It is the typical RPG with the difference that monsters you capture do the slaughter instead of only a single hero.Basically, all you'll be doing in this game is kill enemy monsters, go back to town, and do it all over again. A lot of times. Then you might find a new region once you've leveled enough, and the process recommences.
As for the landscape, it is fairly well terrained. The Ashenvale Grassy Dirt is always a tile to have at hand, it never looks bad. The rest of the arenas, which I didn't explore and looked at only over the fog of war, seemed good as well. But being an RPG, perhaps a few custom tree models (which usually don't weight much upon the map size) would be in the order?
The custom imports utilized were also a good choice and give the ability menus a cleaner look.
A major downside of the map is that it is not finished. For what I could see, most updates simply bring a new arena, more levels, monsters, and fusions. I believe a little more diversification would be in the order. NPCs, quests? Something to make the picture (as I drew it) a little more appealing. Like I said, it is only a hack-'n'-slash RPG with the fighting pet difference. Not a map for impatient people.My rating is 3/5 (Acceptable). The resource is Approved.
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Level 4
Dec 16, 2003
takes way to long to level up your monsters and yourself i played solo and grinded for 2 h.. are there any quest? cause i couldnt see any

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 57
Jan 18, 2005
Today, the THW map test team decided to test this map.

I will start with my personal experience with the map's intimate inside.
Having played before, I decided to use my genned level 30 with 3*30 T5 with all 60 fusion value. I was vaguly suprized to see additional content, rendering my ultimate hero, less ultimate (until I update some values in my generator). Further more, I was suprized right now when I went to try and hack the "safer" version that it was as easy to get hold of the save system from (any decent MPQ editor works jsut fine). I am not threatening you or anything, I am purly saying that whoever protects the maps for you is ripping you off, as they are as unsafe as ever and do not protect the save system at all from extraction and customization (which is the main and only troublesome form of hacking for RPGs).

Well, generally from experience, the map is not noob friendly. It lacks enough help for beginers, telling them where to go what to do and stuff. Yes they can find this all out in 10 minutes by reading and trying but people do not have that kind of time to waste. Like in almost every game I play with downloaders, I had to tell atleast 3 people where to go, how to call their monsters and how to capture new ones which is 5-10 minutes of my time.

Although the RPG is unique, it is boring. It starts out fun, wanting to fuse monsters and get better ones but by mid T2, you realise how repetitive this RPG becomes. It becomes a tedious and repetitive cycle of leveling up and fusing just to level up again and try to get a good monster in the process. After 2 games of doing this 3 times each I became bored stiff with the game (which is why I made a private generator for it mind you). It needs more varience, like quests or random dungeons and less repetitive goals.

Mechanic wise its good. I noticed no monster or item bugs and everything worked perfectly for me. Looking at the triggers it appears well coded as well so generally for implementation mechanics its top notch.

It has a lot of content to explore, with dozens of monsters, items and bosses to fight. Thus it has some playability to just explore everything and see what moves eveything has and what they do. Monster ballence is also ok mostly, although there are a few which are considerably weaker than others of the sam tier, so I would advise fine testing every monster for role and usability. Items also need ballence checks, as some items are clearly unusable when compaired to others and some have rigged effects. Item choice wise I was more than satasfied, with a huge range to choose from.

Replayability is where this RPG gets messey. Although you have a lot of content to explore, which will keep you busy for ages, getting it is the problem. As mentioned eariler this RPG ends up in a deadly boring cycle of leveling up and then fusing in hope of getting something stronger and newer. As a result you will feel just how repetitive this game is and often will get bored long before getting the best monsters. Also on top of that level means nothing as you are constantly st back to level 1 just to have to level up again. This is worsened by the fact that the regions you enter are EXACTLY the same every time, down the unit facing and stratergies used. In the end you will probably not be able to stand seeing this RPG any more for this reason, it is as if the author never knew about the random number natives.

All in all this map is well past approvable, however it is far from the best. Although it is unique with great mechanics and loads of content it just lacks replayability and is hard to get into with its highly repetitive and dull environments and gameplay. Thus I rate it 3/5 (well slightly over 3 but below 4) as it is certainly a playable map which some may enjoy, but it is not going to be played by the average invividual that much and there are much more replayable RPGs out there like TKoK 3.0 (which is schedualed for release soon). It however shows promis and may achieve a higher rating if work is done on it to fix the basic gameplay problems.

Basically, make it more beginner friendly so the average joe sixpack can play it without a tutor and alter gameplay to be less repetitive and boring so the average player will not get tired of the map after a few games. The major source of the repetitive ness is the need for evolution levels which result in level reseting and constant non varying play fields.

Anyway, good luck with it and hope to see great improvements to it later. Do not take my "hacking the save system" the wrong way when reading this post as the result was purly for private use to fufill my courious mind and in no ways will be released.
Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
its the normal Drain Life ability.^^
I meant the other ability, the one that's like an activated vampiric aura.

the fusionsystem does not add the FL of the monsters.
WHAT?! Then if I make a mistake fusing 2 FL30 creatures, I basically lose all of my hard this really is a map for people with infinite time on their hands. I think you should make it that they add together, because there's no way I could play this map long enough to get a maxxed out FL creature. I already lost several FLs thanks to not knowing this.

give me an idea what spell i could give him. :p
uhhh...I dunno, mana burn, cripple or something like that. A ranged spell of some sort at least. I've not played enough to even know what all the spells are.

btw: look into the v0.46b changelog. ;-)
Yay I am helpful!
Level 2
Aug 18, 2009
You need to -pvc to gain rank.

The -pvc circle is down 2 steps of stairs on the right, above the PvP building.

Thanks a lot man :grin:

I have 1 more question : Fusing 2 monsters at level 15 will result a monster with Fusion lv1
If i have higher lv monster ( ex two lv 20 ) what the result will be ?
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Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 57
Jan 18, 2005
combined fusion level of 20 = same fusion level.
combined of 30 = +1 fusion level.
combined of 40 = +2
combines of 50 = +3
combined of 60 = +5

With self fusion, the result will have the maximum of the 2 monsters + that number and only one monster forms.
With multiplayer fusion the result will have your fusion level + that number but both players get a monster.
Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
combined fusion level of 20 = same fusion level.

you made that as confusing as possible. Also rather wrong by calling it "combined fusion level" as "fusion level" is not the same as "level" at all.

I really don't get why this info is not ingame in the quest log. There's no-where near enough info on it in there.

You need to say that fusion levels do not combine and add a list like the above poster did.
Level 2
Aug 14, 2007
Is here a fusionlist anywhere? I'd like to create t4 demon but it always comes basic..

There's a fusion list for everything up to T3. Just play and find the scrolls for T4 things. If you're lucky you might be able to find a few others people have posted around.
I have found about 11 T4 fusions through googling, which I know is pretty much cheating. I also found 2 out on my own which luckily were ones I'd not heard of before. Getting the scrolls is the best idea though.

And now for more typos that I have found:

When you fight in PVC and beat the 3 enemy creatures it says "Gratulation" which should be "Congratulations"

When a unit is cursed the tooltip for the effect says "This unit stands under the effeckt of Curse".
Which should be "is" and "effect".

the item "stained Amulett" should be "stained Amulet"

In the help log the Save & Load part it says "you jst have to copy the code you wrote down into the warcraft 3 chat and press enter."
Which should be "just" and "Warcraft".

This is a pretty big one... Fusion System in the help log says "You can fusion 2 monsters in the fusion area on that top of the kill in the first town. There are 2 circle of might (blue colored). Just move 2 monster which are level 10 or higher into the circles to create a new one. If the 2 monsters belongs to different players then every one of..."(I didn't get the rest of it in my screenshot)
first should be "circles", then "monsters", then "belong" and the last thing I can't say for sure but I remember seeing it sound liek you were talking about several players, when you only mean 2, so the word "each" was meant to replace something there. Sorry that I can't be more specific with that.

Also not a typo or bug, but Wildkin and ghouls seem pretty damn tough compared to other members of their tier. Which isn't a bad thing, but there really seems to be a best and worse creature, with some T1s being better than T3s. I also thought that the massive amount of intelligence that Dark Slimes have is pretty useless. I tend to never ever run out of mana even when I try to. Other than that though not realyl seen anything else wrong.

And just wondering, but how much bigger would it make the code if you added more item slots to a creature? Because if it's like only 1 more 6-digit part then I'd love to see creatures that can have like 3 or more inventory spaces.
Level 2
Aug 9, 2008
i think creatures wont need any more inventario slots they wield weapond and shield etc. and they dont need any more items.
but what should make is save to the item box :/
Level 1
Aug 30, 2009
i seems canot host tis map.. is there a problem with it???
can some 1 explain tis??
what version of W3 can it play??
coz in malaysia we play using garena and most of our version is 1.21b..
izit compatible???
Level 1
Aug 25, 2009
realy great map but theres still somethings i dont get like the ???? how u get them and do we need fusion scrolls and so on

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 57
Jan 18, 2005
Sorry but this site only supplies maps and resources compatible with the lattest version of WC3 (1.24.1).

Further more we only garuntee that multiplayer maps will work with battlenet, any hacked LAN to WAN servers are not our problem and you should contact their runners about the map.

JASTME, you need fustion levels, by the time you have 60 fusion level you will tend to always get ???.
Level 1
Sep 20, 2009
was wondering if someone can guide me the right direction on how to get a tier 4
i tried to make a demonglada with both drenial and flame guardian fl4 lvl20 and it didnt work :/ do they hav to be higher lvl b4 fusing?
thanks in advance
Level 1
Oct 15, 2009

I have a little problem,

i made a screen of my code, as always, but as i load it again the message that it would be wrong displayed.

could you help me plx?
maybe i'm blind or something
this is what i got out of the screen:

-load fBfDDM-1bslBD-SnKOKO-PmtcZ-0QdiJw

all the older codes are working fine


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