Modeling Contest #34 - Results

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Contestants were to create a unit at home at sea. This includes deep sea monsters, sea gods, merfolk, buccaneers, sailors, vessels, and everything in between. Classic submissions only.

  • 1st place: 55 reputation points
  • 2nd place: 40 reputation points
  • 3rd place: 25 reputation points
  • Judge: 10 reputation points per entry
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.

How does the mesh look? How are its proportions, balance, and scale? How coherent is polygon distribution? Is there an overreliance on in-game SD meshes? Do the shapes complement the model's theme?/15

How good is the wrap? Are the textures appealing, or do they look blurry/stretched from the default game camera and portrait? Do the tones go well together? Is there sufficient contrast?/15

How natural, smooth, and appropriate are the animations? Do they have physical coherence? Do they have character/personality? How well are they executed? Does the model have enough animations to function properly?/15

Were the particle, ribbon, or mesh effects made in good measure? Do they contribute to the model? Are they impressive?/10

How well does the model work in-game? Does it feature the necessary attachments, footprints, sounds, and collisions? Are the attachments obscured? Is the model fully selectable? How well does the it fit in the game environment?/15

How original is the general idea? How inventive is the execution? How creatively does the model interpret the contest theme?/20


  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
FinalScore = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)

Captain Bob by @Stefan.K
Mesh 15/15 The Mesh look's great. No Complains from me.
Skin 15/15 The Wrap is also good. The Textures are very appealing.
Anims 10/15 Well the animations are from the SeaGiant Model. No Custom ones.
Effects 0/10 There's none to Speak of. It would've been better to add some effects to him. Like a Swimming effect.
Integration 15/15 It does everything it should.
Creativity 20/20 The Idea itself is original and fits the contests theme very well.
Total 75/90 Model Link

HQ Captain Morgan by @Asssssvi
Mesh 15/15 The Mesh look's simply stunning. Great Job on that.
Skin 15/15 The Skin also look's simply stunning. No complains.
Anims 15/15 Despite the animations being derived from the Paladin. They look like they are custommade. Some animations are truly custommade. So good job creating them.
Effects 10/10 The Effects contribute to the model pretty well. Wisely chosen.
Integration 12/15 The Model features everything, but collisionspheres/-boxes.
Creativity 20/20 The Idea itself is original and fits the contests theme very well.
Total 87/90 Model Link

Multi-Tier Hydra by @frostwhisper
Mesh 5/15 The Mesh isn't very creative, but it is edited.
Skin 0/15 The Skin is also a perfect copy from the TidalGuardian Model. Nothing is edited from what i see here.
Anims 9,5/15 Most of the animations are also copied from the TidalGuardian Model, but they are edited. However it does feature some scratchmade motions.
Effects 8/10 The Effects are good. However for such a creature. There is always improvement.
Integration 15/15 It Features everything.
Creativity 20/20 True. While the Model is quite simple, it is very useful. And it fits the contests theme.
Total 57,5/90 Model Link

Captain Morgan by @Asssssvi
Mesh 10/15 Exquisitely detailed mesh. I appreciate the asymmetric cape design.

Due to the use of one set of planes, the hat's top side has inverted normals. This actually works in favor of the model, as it creates some shading when viewed from the top.
Skin 10/15 Clean wrapping. Team color is easily observable, despite red's dominance.

Multi-layered team glow has its Alpha at 1, compared to vanilla heroes' 0.75, resulting in a stronger and more distracting glow in-game.
Anims 9/15 Attack 2 and Stand Channel should have been available for the Alternate animation set as well.

Walk and Attack 2 handle cape drag well, and to a lesser extent, so does Attack 1. On the other hand, Attack 3 and Stand Ready do not.

Interesting choice to have the sword remain erect during Death.

The fire-breathing Spell Alternate could use a stronger backswing, and more power from the lower body.

The action during Stand Hit looks a bit strange - specifically the right hand's, as if he's meekly lobbing something forward.
Effects 4/10 Spell's gunshot features finely paced head and tail particles. However, its smoke clouds don't fade out, making the effect rougher than necessary.

The sword's fire during the Alternate set needs more vibrance, speed, and variation to make it livelier and more threatening. Consider using Textures\Sparkle_Anim.blp and Textures\LavaLump2.blp for stronger fire particles. The smoke could grow larger while fading. Try emitting quick rogue sparks during global sequences.

While it offers some contrast that the Alternate form has attack ribbons, and the base form does not; the latter still requires them. The Alternate ribbons could then be strengthened to compensate.
Integration 15/15 Model is selectable, and has appropriate sounds, footprints, and attachments.
Creativity 10/20 The synergy between the sword and the rum is notable.
Total 58/90

Multi-Tier Hydra by @frostwhisper
Mesh 2/15 Derived from the Tidal Guardian. The fin additions fit thematically.
Skin 2/15 Reliant on the in-game mesh it borrowed. Like the Tidal Guardian, the body's team color is difficult to notice; the Tidal Guardian somewhat made up for this with team colored stripes on its pod's spikes.

The fins could have been wrapped to the Tidal Guardian skin for visual cohesion, and would've been a good place to make up for the lacking team color.
Anims 4/15 The animations are wooden, and acceleration is not used effectively.

While there's an array of Stands, the heads tend to turn at the same keyframes, making it seem mechanical.

Walk animations would benefit from more pronounced back-and-forth motion. Even minor glances sideways would've helped. In an issue made more noticeable by the game's nature, the hydra looks like a statue while turning during movement.
Effects 4/10 Adequate effects, some from in-game sources. Double and triple poison bolts are useful. It's a nice touch to have the heads cause splashes in Death.
Integration 12/15 Lacks Head reference. It's a missed opportunity that each mouth didn't get an attachment slot.
Creativity 13/20 This nifty edit of an in-game asset brings something fresh to the contest lineup.
Total 37/90

Captain Bob by @Stefan.K
Mesh 8/15 The model has a stocky silhouette. As a shoulderpad, the fish head complements its armored counterpart on the other side.

The boxiness of the armguards and leggings match the Captain's aesthetic.

Despite being a relatively minor detail, the wooden leg is eyecatching.
Skin 7/15 Team color hue on the head and thighs is a little washed out, due to the use of the Voodoo Lounge texture. Light Blue (10), in particular, appears grayish. Team color on the lower arms and weapon handle is on point, but those parts are obscured by the armguards from the game view.

Higher-quality textures than those used for doodads would've been preferable. The emblems on the wooden pads lack shading. The weapon has good contrast, save for the part in the middle.

The transition between the neck and the collarbone is sharp, but it could be viewed as the face's shadow. Fine use of the axe missile texture for facial hair.

The wooden leg shines, owing to its contrast.
Anims 7/15 The Swim set has no Attack Slam, resulting in the model unnaturally sliding up and down while transitioning between those animations.

While the Attacks have the same duration, Attack 2 strikes faster than Attack 1, making it difficult to sync the Damage Point.

The anchor's handle sinks into the Captain's hand at times; its top arm also clips with the necklace during Stand.

The animations are otherwise sufficient and of standard quality, fitting the lumbering captain.
Effects 3/10 Features event object blood splats; completely lacking effects otherwise. Since it's a non-hero, an attack ribbon would've sufficed. For reference, the anchor-wielding Sea Giants at least have that.

The fish could have a ribbon or particle trail and a slight splash on-hit.
Integration 15/15 Model is selectable, and has appropriate sounds, footprints, and attachments.
Creativity 10/20 The peg-leg and the fishbones provide some spice. There aren't a lot of fat human models to boot.
Total 50/90

Assigned Staff: @Mythic

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