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[Model/Skins] Tharifas & Korialstrasz

I am currently working on an Race Mod where you can side with one of the Dragon Flights and can train then one of their heroes. Currently there are:
Black - Searinox (uses a custom skin by 13LUR)
Blue - Sapphiron (uses Mecheon's improved Azure Dragon)
Bronze - Saridormi (uses skrab's Scavenger Dragon)
Green - Tharifas
Red - Korialstrasz

Tharifas and Korialstrasz are currently using the ingame model and skin, making them look not different from normal Dragons which the players can also train. So i ask you to make either a skin or a model for them. It has to be nothing great as long as it looks different from the normal dragon. Credits and +rep is given of course.

As tips for the creation: Korialstrasz will the unit with the most health points, so he should look beefy. Tharifas will be the one with the most armor, so he should look armored (but not plate armor, he is not Deathwing).
Well, as I said in the first post, a model will work, too. But I never had thought that a modeler would actually take a request, so I reduced myself to asking for a skin. But If you can do a model, I would be grateful, even if it uses the standard skin.

Well, Korialstrasz is probably the easier of the both. He is meant to be a huge heap of life points, so he should look muscular and huge, but not fat.