Dragon Rider model/skin request

Level 2
Jan 7, 2010

I've been looking around for a dragon rider-type model or skin, but haven't found anything that I need. I've looked here, at thehelper.net, and at wc3c.net, and of course google. General Frank made one with an orc, which is great, but I'm more in need of an elf/human type.

If anyone knows of one in existence, or is willing to make one for me, I would be more than grateful.

If you do, here's my preferences. I'll try to be as specific as possible:

- Elf/Human-type rider model, I would prefer male, but female is ok too.
- I would prefer the rider to be using a spear weapon, that would make it melee when on the ground, and throwing the spear while on the dragon
- Dragon model, as much to scale as possible (alot bigger than the rider)
- Attack animation would be the rider throwing the spear, but also an attack animation for the dragon, so it can have Fire Breath ability, or something like that