a challenging model request.

Level 1
Jan 19, 2009
hey there, can anyone help me make me a dragon rider model? Its basically the same idea as general frank's fel orc lancer but in human and elf form. and i was thinking of having a variety of colors for the dragons and the rider would have the same color of sword and armor as with the dragon. i dont mind if you use the dragon model already existing in warcraft but then it would be nice if you could make a four legged dragon with wings and a more "not that ferocious" looking face :)) anyways, thanks and goodluck to who ever would want to help me with this :))
Level 4
Jan 14, 2009
If you want a human on a dragon, I suggest in triggers you do (if you want it to be trained then have it)
Event- A unit is trained
Condition- Triggering unit is = to units of type (specified unit)
Action- Create special effect on unit- (whichever the rider is)
Attachment for ^ is chest. Trust me, I tried it, it works :) If you want a wyvern model im making one :)