The Legend of Spyro (NEED Cynders Skin)

Level 2
Apr 20, 2009
im looking for a user who can mimic cynders model perfectly im very impressed who made the WOW dragons... i have nefarian, Onyixa, crystal dragon, (LOVE THE SIZE IN CRYSTALS SKIN 500kbs O.=.O) and Hell Dragon.

But i need Cynders Skin from the legend of spyro nebeginings (ADULT and Teen Cynder from dawn of the dragon) im making a spyro series in Wc3.... the chapters 1,2,and 4 sucked >.=.< chapter 3 was the only good one... because i updated wc3 it made my spyro maps mess the SCALE up... but back to the topic.... i need someone here who can make Cynders skin Perfectly i dont care if its over 1 mb (1,000 kbs) i need the skin for my maps....also if u can make a angelic white dragon (dragon with massive angel wings ill also be happy ^.=.^) (like how hell dragon/crystal/nef/onyixa moves but with out the sleep anamations i dont care if u make cynder like that ill still consider it as a work of beautiful art meh i rabble and rabble lol i created these loaps with the help of ur skins ty. Life as a dragon (LAAD) Loap gods/dragon/chaos a famous one lol loap non rigged version v2 of loap chaos but anyway loap chaos is my 1st map that i ever created and im proud of my creations.... but yea if anyone here can make cynders skin id really be happy :grin:)