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[Model edit]Human Main building

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Level 29
Mar 9, 2012
So i have got this model over at the russian site, it has a few probs:

-Birth anim is weird. Remove the black smoke particles at begin and make the base appear immediately. Birth upgrade first is also weird, they remove the wall instead advancing on it. Make it so that the first wall stays during upgrade anim, then remove at anim end.
-Stand Work displays flames burning before front gate. Change into all windows at main tower glow and same fx at front door as default Castle. Stand Work upgrade first and second are blank.
-Death anim displays only stage 1, needs one each for the other two upgrades.

Edit: There is one more problem to this model than that as it seems.
-When hit by Troll batrider passive, the flames will appear completely off, at someplace due NW of the model instead attaching correctly. Presumedly attachment points arent correctly assigned.

@Isgeir: I cannot speak Russian properly, even if i could the last comment on this model belongs to 3 years ago so go figure.


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