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  • well mods are able to negrep, infract, delete stuff, kick, ban, close and open threads.. and of course, moderate resources.

    now reviewers are able to just moderate resources
    hm.. been a few months.. but i haven't really left the staff, I'm a reviewer and still can moderate models

    reason is that i got tired of having powers and major responsibility that mods have. 4 years definitely can wear a person down :b
    Hey if you are having trouble downloading Marcos M techtree here you go. Blessed be pastebin.
    That's odd, others opened it. Try downloading it again. I've updated several times so maybe you caught it when it had a bug. I don't remember it ever doing it for me, but I had it open the whole time.
    Ya, check it out. I've got all kinds of stuff added. I don't remember where I was with the last update, but things are moving quickly. Oh oh ya, I added the Den of Evil .... it's pretty sweet.


    Added portal item ability.
    JNPG makes backups automatically. I will check them out.


    Those look awesome!!! A bit badass for a Fallen but hey, I guess this map is badass. :)
    Yes, Lumber for stamina is a great idea.

    The Clash? lol, that's fine, I left it there so you would find it when you got back.

    Walkability checks whether the target point of a move order is walkable. I found a work-a-round with a movement checker. I posted it here. I took some guff from the more advanced coding members but I stand by my work. :)

    I got the walk/run system working really well with matching footsteps for each speed. I got the melee attack system working nicely too, with an attack based on stomp that fires on hotkey A, clicking the ability icon and 'smart' (left-clicking) an enemy in range. I will now be able to set item ranges and damaged for each melee weapon. I am currently working on the ranged attack which is a little trickier. I want it to do the same thing but from a distance. Next I will make a stamina bar. I will reload the newest version of the map now if you want to see it. I am almost ready for the Den of Evil .... :eek:
    Post crash?

    I am working on a walkability checker and I want to create a run system with a stamina bar. ...so many things...
    I've got to run now, but those portraits look nice. Also, I made the Blackrock Clan Blademaster into Fallen and the Fel Warlock for Fallen Shaman in the blood moor. I will upload the map in a second. The BM looks good except the flag on top and the necklace of stones. Do you want to modify that model to have a wider sword and no flag and necklace? I need to trigger an attack and remove the movement confirmation arrow. I also want to make some enter-able buildings. The it's off to the den of evil.
    Woah! That was fast. Thanks man! I like those models too. How can I make them just the portrait? I used a dummy unit for the bag, with some tiny missile as the model, but how to I make those models sit nicely in the portrait window?

    Also, any ideas about how to make those relic things that give you experience and bonuses? I don't even know what they are called. But they look like shrines. Are there good models for that? Want to pick some out?

    Check it out!

    I am already use the stacking system. I think I will use different global dummy units for inventory. Like one for weapons and one for potions. Like a backpack and a pouch. Also, the equipment dummy will be separate too. So active items will be used in the hero inventory and attachment items (apparel) will go on the equipment dummy.

    I also added the blood moor and I am trying to figure out how to make the minimap zoom in on each section of the map. "set camera bounds" doesn't change the minimap image size so, I need a work around.

    Do you think you could make the portraits for me? I need Rogue.blp, RogueBow.blp, and Kaysha.blp, skinned to the watcher and 2 archer portraits. Also, if you can make portraits for the stash bag and inventory that would be super sweet. They could even be 2d images. They don't need to be animated, but if you want you could just find some already made model to work.

    I still need to make a system that attaches the weapon once a player puts it in the equip dummy inventory. I had been using dummy abilities but now I will have to trigger it.

    Thanks in advance for any help you decide to give, even if it's just advice.
    If we can reserve slots for particular type weapons, as I have seen on THW RPG maps, we can just put any extra weapon in stash..
    So that when two items of same type are picked two different items are not shown as attachments at the same time in same hand
    I have created that system already. My system actually accounts for classes too, but I don't want to have to make classes in this map ... too much work ... and I like the female-focus theme. I think the end boss will be this - http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/prime-matron-125142/?prev=search%3Dmatron%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20

    Anyway, I am thinking more about how to store the items once they are acquired. They could go straight to the stash, I guess that is the most accurate way, but then once in the stash, where do I equip them? Also, should the normal inventory be saved for things like, bolts scrolls and potions? They need to be actively used. Maybe, I need an icon for "wear" or "equip." Soundthing that looks like an empty spot for accessories to go. I picture like in Diablo a stone wall with a cut-out of the rogues figure. This indicates the place to put the items. Is that something you can do? I looked at some images, but nothing fit. Look at the inventory screen for DII. But then the big boxes don't look good. It would need to be more of a human/rogue figure.

    Hey, thanks for talking with me. It really helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Also, it was a lot of fun making Neith.

    I will try to make portraits now.
    I editted the model and changed the skin. To do this I convert from mdx to mdl. I use MDXConvert then vertexModifier to edit then I convert back with ModelEditor. Somewhere in this it must have become disassociated with the portrait. It needs to use the default portrait with the new skin on it.
    Haha, KP, sigh.

    I will add pathing blockers.

    I will check Kashya's portrait. (I think I messed something up with the model - do you know how to fix it?)

    Do you have any ideas for the item system?
    I have the icons I need for now. Unless you spot something I am missing. I am wondering what you think of the equipment system so far. For now I just have the hero and the bag in a unit-selection-group so you can switch back and forth. I think there should be some way to equip certain items and leave other ones in the bag. Does that make sense? Can you think of how I might do that? Is there any better ideas you might have?
    files/Rogue.w3x <- check it out.

    I found all the maps I need and the wiki but that DL would be great except my anti-virus freaks out when go to the page.

    Do you know how to attach textures and and models so you don't need seperate files? Or how to geomerge?

    I am going to look for a different demo link. I really need to play it to get it right.

    I could use help with ideas and icons. I have all of the sounds. I think I have a cool system for equipment too. I will use dummies and keep a group selected. That way it will show in the info box in the middle and you can select backpack, potions, scrolls or equipment. Like a spellbook but for inventory.

    edit: http://diablo-ii.en.softonic.com/download#downloading safe demo download
    I've got a nice start with a Rogue Encampment. I'm working on the movement style now. I wish I had my old copy of the game. It's hard to remember exactly what it was like. If you want to help, I could use a Watcher/Runner model tweaked like our Archer.
    Like, you made it so that the arm doesn't have an opening. You closed the gap. Now you don't need the cape at all. I think I am going to make a mini Diablo II Map based on the Rogue character and use this model with a different skin and the Sentry model modified to look just like it. That way she can switch between Bow and other weapons.
    Looks good! I've been working on the gloves and boots. The look ridiculous the way blizzard made them. I've gotten her almost so you can give her bare skin down her arms and legs, but the quiver uses the boot skin. I might try to remove that too. The shoulders look way better shrunk down to normal size and the boots looke better without the absurd shin-pad look. Anyway, I have to go to work now. Good luck.
    Well, I wanted the model anyway. But here it is if you want to see it. Neith.mdx
    And you are welcome of course. I had fun doing this.

    I left the shoulder covered and the hair mostly covers the back. I think it looks pretty good this way.
    well sometimes war3 is just too buggy, so don't pull hair if it doesn't work perfectly
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