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Missile War v0.67

Submitted by TKF
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This map is protected.

TKF Presents:

-Missile War-


Short Description:
This is a missile war between 2 ships. (bottom and top area are the ships)
The goal is simple. Build harvesters to harvest energy from energy generators. Build missile launchers to nuke the other ship and destroy the ships energy generators. Build shield booster to increase ships shield power. First one to finish off enemy ships energy generators wins.

This is a classic popular map which is still working with current wc3 version

-Youtube link -

Thanks Vidya Only (Youtube)

Full changelog list
Change log from original version to 0.36
New Missiles: 7
Anti-Missile - 50 dmg - Destroy Missiles
Anti Matter - 4000 dmg
Death Spore - Kills organic and creates parasites - 50% chance to ignore shields
Plasma Torpedo - 10000 dmg - Destroy Multiple Missiles
Photon Balls - 300 dmg - Creates leak holes in the shield
Big Boy Nuke - 7200 dmg - Destroy Multiple Missiles
Novalith Torpedo - 48000 dmg - Destroy Multiple Missiles - Big Explosion

Added Upgrades to following structures: 10 (added)
Unit Producer -Tech Producer (Can also research techs)
Energy Manager - Improved Energy Manager - Super Energy Manager (10 min)
Energy Manager - Improved Energy Manager - Energy Recycler (15 min)
Rocket Launcher - Missile Launcher (10 min)
Ion Cannon - Anti Matter Cannon (20 min)
Bunker - Shield Bunker (10 min)
Laser - Super Laser (10 min) - Ultra Laser (15 min)

Added Structures: 4
Maintenance tower (10 min)
Mega Shield Booster (20 min) -> Mega Shield Maxer (20 min)
Novalith Cannon (30 min or Novalith Tech)

Added units: 3
Marines - (Combat Training level 4)
Parasites - (Death Spore Spawn)
Spore Beast - (Evolved Parasite)

Added ship control options: 6
Plasma Torpedo (4000) - Launches 2 plasma torpedoes
Photon Balls (4500) - Launches 24 photon balls with different abilties
Shield Wave (4500) - Emits an protective shield wave that lot of missiles
Turbo Regeneration (1750) - Quickly regenerates both shields for short time
Shield-Phasing (1250) - Immune to shield piercing weapons and prevent leaks
Emergency Shield Boost (4500) - Boosts both shields with 50000 hp for short time

Known bug fixes: Gold bug has been fixed, terrain bug fixed, shield regen level fixed upon reload after depletion, prevented teamkill on energy generator.

Added Features:
Leaver gold system
Kick system
Player punishing system
+many minor changes

Changelog from 0.36 to 0.58

Changelog from 0.36 to 0.37

Novalith Cannon cost increased from 2000 to 2500
Changed the model of big boy nuke
Novalith torpedo damage is reduced from 48000 to 32000, but the price is also reduced at same rate
Some tooltip fixes
Terrain has been changed: Light square tiles on top ship and black marble on bottom ship
Map preview picture has been added

Changelog from 0.37 to 0.38

Starting gold limit raised from 100 to 200
Increased some of the ship control functions cooldown with 25%
Gameleader commands added: -rush, -nodeathspore, -highincome, -bounty
Unit classification undead renamed to beast
some minor adjustments...
Fixed -nodeathspore command (0.38b)
Marines killed by death spores, now also alert the crew (0.38b)

Changelog from 0.38 to 0.39

Added a (crappy) tutorial: type -help. I'm not sure it's good enough yet...
The initial anti-rush time is increased from 2 minutes to 3 minutes. It's only 2 minutes in rush mode. This prevents instant missile ownage at start.
Gameleader command added: -nopassivemissiles
Changed the armor of some structures
Armor upgrades now gives 2 armor pr level, instead of just 1
Photon Balls (5000 gold; increased from 4500) - Launches 30 photon balls, increased from 24
Fixed a bug with the top ship terrain. It's now more space on the edge
Fixed a bug with photon torpedo damaging the laser, causing the laser to instantly damage the enemy structures when part of a laser was destroyed
Minor text changes...
Added 3 structures (0.39b)
Missile Jammer (5 min) -> Super Missile Jammer (10 min) -> Ultra Missile Jammer (15 min)
Added more hp to missile jammers (0.39c)
Ultra jammer does now work (0.39c)
Jammed missiles will now head either straight up or down (0.39d)
Jammers are rebalanced again (0.39d)
Missile Jammer 0.7 cooldown, 2500 range -> Super Missile Jammer 0.3 cooldown, 3000 range -> Ultra Missile Jammer 0.2 cooldown, 4000 range

Changelog from 0.39 to 0.40

Added new system. Gold surplus system. Gold lost though limited gold capacity and destroyed structures will be stored as energy in this system; energy pool can regain gold and the control center can use it for devastating attacks.

Added 2 structures for the basic builder
Energy Pool added (Slowly recovers lost energy)
Control center (Recovers and uses lost energy)
Both structures has a mana pool, which shows the lost energy
The missile jammer can now only be built by the armament specialist, since it is a defensive structure
Ships energy generators have now 10 armor, instead of just 5.
Ships hull (aka generators) will now lose 0.4% of it's hp every time a structure is destroyed.
Maintenance towers has 25% less build time
Fixed a bug with the gold surplus system when a player left the game (0.40b)
Fixed a bug with the napalm bomb not doing damage to the shields (0.40b)
Text warnings will occur when the control center uses it's abilities (0.40b)
Energy generators will benefit from the best armor upgrade available (0.40b)
Earthcracker does now cost 2500 energy, raised from 2000 (0.40c)
Fixed the annoying issue with upgrade messages (my fault) (0.40c)

Changelog from 0.40 to 0.41

Fixed a bug with the kick command, causing the player to still observe the game (hopefully fixed)
Fixed a big with launching 3 novalith topedoes - it does now launch 3 torpedoes!
Missile moving frequency changed from 0.05 to 0.06 sec
Added 1 new ability to the Control center
Clean Infestion added
Minor fixes and changes...
Fixed another kick command bug (0.41b)

Changelog from 0.41 to 0.42

Fixed a bug that caused the missile jammer to jam shield wave (it looked ridiculous!)
Fixed a damage bug with the napalm
Ships hull (aka generators) will now lose 0.5% of it's hp every time a structure is destroyed, increased from 0.4%.
Greatly increased the cooldown of 2 ship shield recharge control functions
Recharge inner ship control function does now also works when shield is online
Recharge outer ship control function does now also works when shield is online
Added 3 new abilties for the control center
Disable Structure (Stuns target structure for 15 sec)
Convert gold to energy (1000 gold -> 1000 mana)
Convert energy to goldy (1000 energy -> 1000 gold)
Spore beasts now counts as 10% each instead of 1% level of infection.
Removed the annoying infestation message (0.42b)
Added death spore warning when some research tech level 2 before 10 min. (0.42c)
The inner shield recharge do now cost 1500 again instead of 20 gold (my mistake) (0.42c)

Changelog from 0.42 to 0.43

Fixed a minor bug with the gold surplus energy system
Parasites do now only have 150 hp in the 10 first minutes of the game. (except rush)
Control Center abilities changed: Changed Thunder bomb and napalm bomb. Cost reduction 1250 -> 1000 mana, damage reduced to 2/3, outer shield piercing ability added
Nuclear Missile is renamed to Missile (250 dmg)
Big Boy is renamed to Nuclear Missile (7200 dmg)
New icon imported for Nuclear Missile (earlier known as big boy)
Shield booster regen limit is raised from 100 to 200. (there is 2 auras now)

Changelog from 0.43 to 0.44

Implemented homing system for a new missile

Thunder and napalm bomb does now correct damage on the shields
Fixed the multi mutiny bug, caused a team to "lose" before all players left cuz the player used shift command and did get itself kicked more than twice, thus tricking the trigger leaver counter (hopefully I didn't fuck it up this time again)
Reduced the cost of Energy Pool to 500, down from 600.
Control center's Energy Chain ability has been nerfed. Mana cost 500 -> 800. Damage reduced to 1250
Control center's Earthcrack ability has been nerfed. Mana cost 2500 -> 3500
Control center's ECM Jamming ability has been nerfed. Mana cost 1500 -> 2000
Death spores can no longer dodge anti missiles
Death spores can no longer ignore shield wave
10 anti missiles option has been removed from Missile Launcher
Upgrade added to Missile Launcher -> Nuclear Missile Launcher (900 gold, 20 min)
1 new missile added: Anti-missile seeker (homing)
Plasma torpedoes is immune to jamming now, but not the damage
Plasma torpedoes cannot be homed by anti-missile seekers
Minor fixes...
MAJOR BUG: TK system reverted to the old working system! (0.44b)

Changelog from 0.44 to 0.45

Fixed a bug with the parasites drowning stuck in the waters
Fixed a multiboard bug when the parasite evolved manually
Added regen info about -sss mode when initiated
All missiles do now have 0 armor
Energy pools will now be slowly destroyed when energy = 0
Upgrade added to Ultra Laser -> Plasma Defense Tower (3600 gold, 20 min)
Minor fixes...

Changelog from 0.45 to 0.46

Fixed a major bug which caused a fatal error when a anti missile killed a structure
Fixed a bug with the bounty text, making it appear for all players when a structure was destroyed in bounty mode.
Fixed a bug with the energy pools which didn't degenerate when the energy was 0
Novalith Torpedo do now have 10000 hp, increased from 8000hp
Shield wave missile kill range slightly reduced
Removed Plasma Defense Tower upgrade due to endless games (50 of them killed everything -.-)
Control center's Earthcrack ability has been nerfed. Mana cost 3500 -> 4000
Gameleader command added: -suddendeath (-sd; disables shield boosters)
After 1 hour gameplay, suddendeath mode is enforced to end the game
Instant victory is changed to a good slow victory
End game stats awards added:
Killer, Builder, Launchers, Shields, Missile Freak, Point Defense, Destroyer, Researcher, Ships Weapon Officer, Ships Shield Officer.

Changelog from 0.46 to 0.47

Fixed some bugs with the end game awards, preventing the ships AI to gain awards (hopefully fixed now)
added command: -stats: Allows you to see the potential awards at any given time
added command: -mode: Allows you to see the current game modes
Added new victory condition. Kill the ship crew (unit producers included)
Marines do now have 50% damage reduction from death spores and gas clouds
Death spores which ignores the shields get a green color now
The initial start units is now added to the death spores target list
The shield bunker upgrade has been buffed. Hp increased from 2000 hp to 2400 hp
Added minor distant sounds effect from large explosion and big missile launches
Changed the titles of some of the end game awards
Added Admiral award.

Added a new ship weapon. Water Torpedoes (6000)
Added new projectile: Submerged Energy Torpedoes - 12000 dmg - Invisible on radar - Damages ship hull
Critical Bug fixed that caused instant win to top ship crew (added missing condition) (0.47b)
Critical Bug fixed that caused the game to crash (LOL! looping hang xD) (0.47c)
Critical Bug fixed that caused the torpedoes to be jammed, and then kill the enemy? LOL (0.47d)
Critical Bug fixed that caused major impact party all the time on the map! LOL (0.47d)
Reduced the chance for the AI to get awards (0.47d)

Changelog from 0.47 to 0.48

Fixed tooltip missing icon bug for the laser towers
Fixed a bug with the added sound effects
Fixed a bug with the award counter that counts structures built
Anti matter must be hit twice with seekers now to be destroyed
Buffed the combat training upgrade. Hp pr level increased from 15 to 20
Slighly nerfed the initial hp of harvesters, parasites and spore beasts
Nerfed the anti missiles with shorter killing range
Slightly increased the cooldown of ships defensive control functions
Changed a chance ability of photon ball. High hp is replaced with unjammable.
Gameleader command added: -fragilemode (-fm; max hp is halved)
Control center's Earthcrack ability has been changed. It can no longer pierce shields. Mana cost decrease from 4000mp -> 2500mp. If it's being used while shield is down, it will continue until it expires, even if the shields would go online again

Added a new ship control shield option. Multi-Dimensional Shielding (8000). Greatly reduces damage taken from missiles and lasts only 25 seconds.
Fixed a fatal bug which made the missiles to move way to fast (0.48b)
Added a new JASS move script, which should make the game lagg a little less (0.48b)

Changelog from 0.48 to 0.49

Slightly improved the movement script. Replaced bj_DEGTORAD with 0.01745
Revealing secret hotkeys for missile launching (Q,W,E,A,S,D,Z,X,C)
Missile which hit the left and right edge of the map will instantly die
Multi-Dimensional shielding has been nerfed. Cost increased from 8000 to 8500
Multi-Dimensional shielding does block less damage now.
Missile Jammers do cost 12,5% more now.
Novalith cannons passive anti matter fire rate is reduced from 160 to 150
Team gold income bonus factor has been increased from 2,5% to 4%
Nuclear Launcher upgrade cost increased from 900 gold to 1000 gold
Removed passive anti-missile seeker fire from nuclear launchers
Imported a new missile model into the map (by Kofi_Banan)
1 new missile added: Cruise Missile (fast, anti homing system)
Added passive cruise missile fire to nuclear launchers
Fixed a bug causing the cruise missile to act like a anti-missile seeker (0.49b)
I think I fixed the fatal error bug, but not sure (cause is unknown) (0.49c)

Changelog from 0.49 to 0.50

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the shields to suddenly deplete
Fixed a bug with the homing missile engine, that could be a source of fatal errors
Fixed a bug causing fatal error when a cruise missile killed a mega shield maxer. For the same reason, mega boosters cannot block of missiles anymore.
Cruise Missiles no longer destroy each other, they do instead 400 damage
Slightly reduced the cost of cruise missiles
Nerfed the Multi-Dimensional shielding, it cost 8000, but dmg reduction reduced to 82% instead of 86%.
Increased the cost of multi-phasing from 1250 gold to 1500 gold
Gameleader command added: -slowmissiles (-sm; disables the movement engine for reduced lagg and slower missiles)
New structure added: Orbital Center (Novalith tech required)
New unit added: Mothership (Orbital Center)
Mothership has 17500 hp and is equipped with 2 long range photon launchers with 6 sec cooldown; 3 Point defense plasma cannons against enemy missiles and ships with 2 sec cooldown, 4 short range energy cannons against ground and structures with 2 sec cooldown.
Damage done by jammers reduced from 20 to 15 (0.50b)
Attempted to tweak the homing system in -sm mode (0.50b)
Fixed a overseen memory in the homing missile system in -sm mode (0.50c)

Changelog from 0.50 to 0.51

Fixed a bug with the death spores which caused them to ignore the shields 100%
Fixed a bug with the ECM Jamming and EM Field abilities in -sm mode
Fixed a bug which caused the cruise missile to often slip trough the inner shield
Added a new control center ability: Gravity Vortex. Sucks all missiles.
added command: -zoom x: Where x is your view distance. 1000 min - 6000 max
-sd mode does now also eliminate some great laggs (lol without shield system, you're doomed xD)
-sd mode stacks perfectly with -sm mode. Great lagg reduction combined :cute:
Fixed other minor bugs...
Minor tweaks...
Fixed a fatal bug with the Gravity Vortex. It will no longer kill the player casting it (0.51b)
Fixed a fatal bug the napalm bomb in -sm mode (0.51b)
Fixed a bug that caused the Orbital beacon to not benefit from upgrades (0.51c)
Made an attempted fix to the seeker homing system in -sm mode (0.51c)
Added another bunker upgrade (0.51c)
Bunker unit capacity reduced to 4 (0.51c)

Changelog from 0.51 to 0.52

Fixed a bug with the submerged energy torpedo which could damage the enemy ship when it did hit a shield wave
Jammers do now 20 damage in normal mode, and 15 in -sm mode
Lasers nol onger suffer 50% damage penalty, but 75% damage penalty in -sm mode
Orbital Beacon is now available earlier - 20 minutes
Parasites do now evolve 20% slower. This should give the crew enough time to eliminate the infection
-npm mode does now properly remove passive missile fire icons
Mothership hp has been increased from 17.5k to 20k
Motherships long range weapon has 20% faster fire rate
Gameleader command added: -nobeacon (-nb; Disables orbital beacon)
Orbital beacon has now special com research to unlock the 2 new ships
Reduced the reaction range of the bomber (0.52b)
Frigate do now auto acquire on targets - crew increased to 6 (0.52b)
Marines can now be controlled by the owner (0.52b)
Shield regeneration is now triggered and updates every second (0.52c)
There's no longer a limit to the regeneration bonus, even if both the shield abilities is at lv100 (0.52c)

Changelog from 0.52 to 0.53

Fixed several bugs with the submerged energy torpedo
Fixed a bug with the ultra bunker which didn't block the laser properly
Fixed a bug with the Nuclear Missile which prevented it to kill harvesters
Fixed a old bug that caused the units to get combat training lv 10 in -nds mode (I finally remembered it ^^)
Fixed a bug which caused the anti missile to effectively kill the big ships. It's now ineffective vs ships now except the bomber
Marine Frigate now keeps the same color to prevent player control abuse when boarding the other ship
Nukes and Torpedoes does now more damage on their outer explosion radius
Energy Recyclers will now be instantly destroyed when the energy reaches 0
Added player colors to the player names when they leave
1 new missile added: Razor Blade (replaces death spore in -nds mode)
The razor blade doesn't create parasites, but follow enemy units and slaughter them. When the razor blade is done with killing units, it will begin to slice up the structures. It takes full benefit from attack upgrades.
Rebalanced the Razor Blade in -nds mode: hp is halved so defending is much easier, duration reduced a little, cost increased a little (0.53b)
Razor blade do now move slower in -nds mode (0.53b)

Changelog from 0.53 to 0.54

Removed the ultra bunker income abuse bug and also nerfed it to 4k hp. It can no longer attack.
Removed the annoying homing system lagg bug in -fm mode, (replaced with normal anti missiles)
Added 2 new structures
Local Shield Gen (10 min)
Huge Shield Gen (20 min)
Made the Anti Matter cannon available just after 15 min
Orbital Beacon does now only cost 5k gold
Frigate can now be built without nova tech, but requires control center
Mothership does now only require Nova tech
Added a new control center ability - Energy Ripper. Destroys energy based structure.
Bunkers and shield gens does dissipate in 1 hour sudden death. The game should now end faster

Changelog from 0.54 to 0.55

Fixed a deactivate bug for the local shield gens
Fixed a bug with the math, which allowed the huge shield gens to absorb 1 novalith
Fixed 1 fatal error issue with -b command (lets hope there is no more...)
Jammers does cost slightly more
The cost of single cruise missile is now 400 gold. Rest is the same
Only armament specialists can build local shield gens now
The bonus and cost of upgrading mega shields has been doubled
Other minor fixes...

Changelog from 0.55 to 0.56

Fixed a minor bug with the local shield gen
Removed the -bounty mode
Added a permanent mini bounty system instead.
Changed the energy system, which extends the benefit of having energy pools.
Increased the team bonus income bonus with 12.5% pr player -1 (4 players = 37.5%)
Doubled the starting shield strength
Increased both shield regen with 25hp pr sec.
In -sss mode, the shield strength will only be multiplied with 3 instead of 5, still that will make the shields in -sss mode 20% stronger than earlier.
Added an invisible handicap at start (2500 shield and 200 hp regen) which disappears later.
Halved the laser amount, but still does same damage.
Laser do now 10000 damage instead of 5000 (a bug)
Fixed the laser description
Orbital beacon do now cost 4000, reduced from 5000.

Changelog from 0.56 to 0.57

Fixed a bug with the reserve energy system
Fixed a bug which caused you to not gain 50% money back when destroying your own structures
Added a new mode: -cf ; ceasefire mode which disallows missile launches at beginning.
Minor adjustments on loading screen text
Lessened the requirements on laser defense (500) - You no longer need ion cannon
Changed the missile seeker model
Decreased the research time for unit and structure upgrades

Changelog from 0.57 to 0.58

1.24b Compatible version
Reduced the casting range of Gravity Vortex
Ultra Laser Tower cost increased from 1200 to 1500
*Ultra laser tower dps increase by 25% accordingly to price

Changelog from 0.58 to 0.59

Fatal bunker bug caused the game to crash. Fixed.
Megashield booster cost increased by 5%
Reduced the cost of all shield booster upgrades a little
Local shield gens does now cost 45% more
Jammers cost reduced by 10%
Increased the cost of bunker upgrades
Greatly reduced the cost of energy managers (not recyclers)
Energy pool cost reduced from 500 to 400
Unit producer and tech producer does now have 25% more hp
Bomber no longer collides with normal missiles
Bomber cost increased from 2500 to 3000
Death spore toxic cloud damage increased
Novalith Cannon passive anti matter fire rate reduced from 150s to 140s
Reduced the cost of shield wave from 4500 to 4000
Increased the cost of shield boost from 4500 to 4750
Increased the cost of Multi-Dimensional shielding from 8000 to 9000
Increased the shield wave hp from 2000 to 2200
Reduced the cooldown on some of the ship shield powers
Minor edits...

Changelog from 0.59 to current version
0.61 - Version build from 0.57, stats might now match like in 0.59
Recoded the movement engine - should be much more efficient now
Removed slow mode as result of movement engine optimization
Greatly improved the anti-missile homing system
Increased the cost of local shield gen to 2500
Increased the upgrade cost of huge shield gen to 7500
Energy ripper damage is limited to 4500 now
Set shield booster upgrade the price same as costs

Fixed missile edge bug (You know, fatal error when its out the map edges)

Added a teamkill failsafe by killing main builder at start
Added Plasma Defense Tower (8000) - Ultra Laser Upgrade
Sudden death will occur at min 50, instead of 1 hour
Increased the costs of anti missiles
Doubled the storage capacity of Energy Managers
Also increased Energy Managers costs accordlingly
Workers can no longer attack gold wards (team kill bug)
Fixed a bug with Jamming System (New Projectile system)
Fixed a bug with laser damaging other ship before it hit inner
Removed Ultra defense bunker upgrade
Upgrade shield booster available before min 5 (To prevent unfair rush)

Reduced cost of Energy Recycler from 1250 to 1000
Fixed a bug with the jamming system, it will now jam properly
Fixed a teamkill punishment bug which caused a team to lose
Energy spike does now 7000 max damage
You will need 2 energy spike shots against a huge shield gen

Added alternative regen upgrades to shield boosters
Shield Inner Maxer does add 200% more shield hp, but cost more
Shield Outer Maxer do add 100% more shield hp
Shield Inner Regenerator do add 100% more regen bonus
Shield Outer Regenerator do add 200% more regen bonus, but cost more
Added new mode: -quicktech, halves the delay of time restrictions
Novaliths are now more resistant to jamming
Extended top area at top ship to match bottom ship
25% faster default gold income at normal mode
Recharge outer is now available after only 5 mins

Latest Changelog


Added -fog mode: Fog of War enabled
Added -npt mode: Disables Plasma Defense Tower
Added -ncc mode: Disables Control Center building
Added build effect on rocket launchers now
Increased energy storage by 50%
Space vessels slightly cheaper
Anti Missiles is now ineffecive against vessels and vortex
Some ship control functions is available earlier now
Extended multiboard to show number of enemy missiles
Radar Scan replaces EM Slow field for control center
Fixed a bug with quick tech mode not working
Fixed a bug that could disable mode commands for host

Added mode dialog selection for blue player
Strong starting shields is now default
Energy spike do now cost 3000 energy to use
Increased cost of control center to 3000
Radar scan will drain 200 energy in fog mode
Nerfed Control centers energy drain ability
Fixed leak entry waits to same for both teams
Fixed a missile bug with vessels taking to much damage
Fixed a bug with gravity vortex kicking out players
Fixed a fatal error bug with bunkers
Fixed small multiboard bug


Map hosting shortcuts
Hosting Information:

Map can be hosted via MakeMeHost and ENT Hosting.

Makemehost host shortcut: www.makemehost.com/index

ENT shortcuts: https://entgaming.net/link/host.php

Load code for ENT is
iwxu2 for the 0.67 version

Feedback appreciated

  • Credits to Exilus5 as the first mapper. Map is continued from an old Missile war map of his.
  • With the 1.24 incompatibility special credits to Procyon for fixing the return bug for me.
    [*]Credits to:
    WILLTHEALMIGHTY for the BTNSharkMissile icon
    [*]Credits to:
    Kofi_Banan for the RocketMissile-2- model
    [*]Credits to:
    RightField for the laser model
    [*]Credits to: ? for the blue shield bubble

Notice: If you're tired of being early game missile rushing, type -cf and you have a enjoyable longer game.

Missile, Nuke, Ship War, Missile Wars, Nuclear, Rocket, Cruise Missile, Nuclear, Ship, USA vs Iraq, NUKING MADNESS

Missile War v0.67 (Map)

21:17, 7th Oct 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Rating bumped from three to four. It's a quality classic and the user ratings shows how favorable this decision would be. Enjoy :) 12:04, 12th Sep 2009 PurplePoot: Bumping to hopefully unlock the topic.
  1. 21:17, 7th Oct 2015
    StoPCampinGn00b: Rating bumped from three to four. It's a quality classic and the user ratings shows how favorable this decision would be. Enjoy :)

    12:04, 12th Sep 2009
    PurplePoot: Bumping to hopefully unlock the topic.
  2. onix_noob


    May 30, 2008
    very interesting and nice maps i like it very much
    (triggers are interesting to me for first ime see somthing like this)
  3. hookah


    May 1, 2008
    I hoped Exilus will continue this map. However u did a very a great job too:D
  4. DrazharLn


    Nov 29, 2007
    You have not mentioned in your description that the map is protected. You should do that :p
    I really liked Ship War [which is what this is more similar to] and I'll try this game in a sec

    EDIT: first impressions: please redo the terrain, building on the mud tiles just looks wrong for a ship. You can change build-on properties in object editor so that you can put down a nicer tileset.
    I like the timed nature of upgrades etc, and the various extra towers seemed useful.
  5. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    ty, btw I talked to exilus yesterday, and I've sent him a copy of this map.

    But I have totally forgot the terrain and focused on other things. I will change the mud terrain in next version.
  6. Exilus


    Feb 22, 2006
    i considered ship war 0.16 as final version. But you've done a real great job. Thank you. Please don't forget to protect it, i dont want too many remix like life-of-a-peasant.
  7. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    btw, the triggers is more or less the same as original. Many projectiles in movement makes the game lagg.
  8. DrazharLn


    Nov 29, 2007
    @ Exilus It is protected, I couldn't open it anyway [though I was using WEU]
    I've played the map with a friend now [before it was just singleplayer] and it was great fun. I did try and make a new version of Ship War with a friend a while ago, but It was indefinately suspended a while ago...
    I digress [again].
    Great map, I'm sure I'll play this many, many more times to come.

  9. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    There is many who doesn't like the death spores missiles which creates chaos. It may ruin the game. In the 0.38, I'm going to add additional gameleader commands, such as -nodeathspore so make a death spore free game.

    -highincome (Double gold income; ideal for 3v3/4v4 or more, since gold income usually is very strained)
    -rush (Lifting all time restrictions on all structures; except novalith cannon)

    So far only 3 commands...
  10. ~Void~


    Jul 1, 2007
    It's pretty good.
  11. hookah


    May 1, 2008
    deathspores are fun and easy to defend it if u know how:D
  12. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Well, not everyone think so. I hosted many games and have experienced downsides with that. They say I have ruined the game and often leaves when they get owned by death spores and parasites. Parasites does also feed on enemies energy generator as well as destroying the ship from inside. And if you leave the parasites alone for a while, they evolve into Spore Beasts which is hard to kill.

    Often there are players who play my version first time and really hate the deathspores. That's one of the reasons why I'm adding gameleader commands, so it's possible to play a game without deathspores. Also to make the game more appealing to different group of people who dislikes different aspects of the game.

    I got feedback on time restrictions, so I add -rush command

    Also many does only play 2v2 on this map for income reasons, so -highincome command will make 3v3/4v4/5v5 games more attractive. In high income mode, it's barely possible for 2 players to empty both energy generators with just 6 harvesters each at start.

    Also, I think I might add a -bounty command, so you get some gold if your missile kills structures.

    But all these commands are by default disabled, unless gamleader; Player 2 (Blue) types them ingame within 2 minutes.


    As for the game, I haven't found more ingame bugs. If you find bugs, please post it here.

    Same goes for feedback about everything ingame. For example I got feedback from 1 player cuz the shield wave was too imba, so I nerfed it not long ago. So I need feedback to rebalance features ingame.


    Version update: I've now added additional commands.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2008
  13. hookah


    May 1, 2008
    -nodeathspore dont works, at least with -highincome and -rush.
  14. Ash


    Aug 27, 2005
    I started playing this map pretty randomly, I picked it because it's supposed to be like blizzards bomber command, and yeah, I guess it is.

    The map is highly lacking in the visual department, I don't think any doodads have been used at all. You could at least spend some time making the scene prettier. On top of that, the variation of buildings is little to none existent. At the beginning you can build a base, gold increaser and an attacker. Lots of varied strategy's here then.

    However it makes up for that in the game play. It's fast and frantic and, although the game drops you right in the deep end, you don't need to be uber1337 to get good at it from the beginning.

    Although, it would be nice to have some sorta warning, or a 'anti rush timer', before somebody rams a rocket 5" up you backside.

    With this in mind, the map is okay. It's not perfect; nothing is. If you want the map to be better then the best thing to remember is that you need a better environment, and some sort of warning at the beginning. A tutorial would be nice too, for example I can see the box in the top right yet have little to no idea what some of the things mean.

  15. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Fixed! Updated!

    Well, it is missiles here, and you can't use the factories waypoints to aim the missiles for you, that would be cheat. They pick their target automatically to keep the game rather random.

    That might be true. I have just improved the terrain from dirt to good looking marbles. I'll see if I add some doodads later, but I will rather not use them to consume the precious build space for late games. But it's just the terrain I've fixed so far...

    The anti rush timer is currently only on 2 minutes. Maybe I extend that too 3 minutes.

    Perhaps I do something there. I gotta admit the environment is very simple.

    I will also add a -tutorial command that pops up at start, so if players wanna know things, they type it. Then loads of infos comes up and tells the basics.

    -at first, you need to build a unit producer
    5 sec...
    -You need to build harvesters in order to get gold at the energy generators on the sides. (map ping)
    5 sec...
    -You also need to build energy managers with your worker in order to increase your gold limit. Your max gold limit is shown at your wood (box).
    5 sec...
    -In the unit producer, you can also build armament specialists (second worker type, look like a militia). They can build various kind of buildings.
    5 sec...
    -You can choose to build offensive structures of shield boosters with the armament specialist.
    5 sec...
    -Hint: Build a lot of shield boosters quickly, so the enemy won't break down your shield so fast.
    5 sec
    Tutorial ended: Your goal it to destroy the 2 energy generator on the other ship. Good Luck!

    What do you think of this? Good enough?


    I also have a low map size policy. I won't import anything at all, except extreme lowsize files. The map won't be higher than 250-300kb, for fast dl reasons on b.net.
  16. DrazharLn


    Nov 29, 2007
    I would put in a "hold your hand" tutorial like in Genesis of Empires II. But as for the terrain I would say it doesn't matter that much [but hey, tis a matter of opinion]. I still really like the game ;D


    EDIT: actually, your idea is perfectly fine, and the GoE tutorial is a bit of a chore to make
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2008
  17. Darkness32


    Mar 12, 2008
    The terrain for bottom is a bit unbalanced :( There an edge to place an extra laser for team 1 but not team 2.
    More upgrades for shield booster
    More Missiles
    More buildings :)
  18. TKF


    Nov 29, 2006
    Maybe it's an error I made, when I did expand the bottom ships build area. It had less build space than top ship before, so I balance it more.

    I have no plans to add more upgrades for shield booster. I think it's sufficient atm.

    Regarding the missiles, I have doubled the variations of missiles since original, so I have no plans to add further more missiles.

    I think the building selection is rather high, but would perhaps add a few more. I have little ideas what to give the basic builder, since he only can build 3 structures. There is enough offensive and defensive structures for the armament specialist.

    Basic builder can only build repair tower, unit producer and energy managers. I don't think a healing tower is necessary. Perhaps I can add a missile radar (pops up on the multiboard), but not sure about that.
  19. Darkness32


    Mar 12, 2008
    Anyway I have played the game and found out some problems.. I did -High income - Rush and then fired the ship lasers... and we won What i am trying to say is maybe rush is a little bit too rush? Oh and the games gets a big laggy when more missiles are fired :(