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Last Activity:
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 22, 2006



Exilus was last seen:
Feb 29, 2012
    1. Weng
      I'm your fans since i'm kids, Soldiers really made alot fun, thanks and sad to know that you quitted Wc3 and THW.
    2. Dat-C3
    3. Gorewra
      dude your just like me making halo maps i didnt check out ur maps but i want to work with you and you can work with me for my halo campaign maps i got all the best halo model not share with other do to its a secret but the models are from halo 1 but i got all the spartan models even the marine odst and the spartan odst and more by the way im the guy who made halo zombies map by my self
      any way do we have a deal?
    4. Cap.Jack
      Exilus I was thinking about attempting to make an starcraft 2 missile wars. TKF appearntly isn't contiuning your legacy. Is this okay so long as I credit you for the orginal idea?
    5. spoofone
      Soldiers doesnt work on bnet anymore wtf?
    6. Raziel_br
      how can I do one 2d map?
    7. Exilus4
      oh yeah. iwant to know what did u useing the tools in this hiveworkshop or wc3c. Exilus4@hotmail.com
    8. Exilus4
      hi exilus iam very intersting about you making the Soldiers v3.09.iam got a little question iam like to know about your making unit 2D iam juz want know how u do it but not stealing ur maps or and trigger.juz ned ur hlp. Exilus4@hotmail.com
    9. Raziel_br
      good 2Dgame, you can give to me one map tutorial to I see how I make this, I like the Idea, you use only tiggers or use jass too?
    10. playdoughrevisited
      I played your Soldiers map, it was sweet. I really think that "2D" wc3 games are underused. You inspired me to make my own. I'm eventually going to turn it into a Mario game.
    11. woxx
      I played you map Soldiers, and i loved it! But i would like to ask if you could make the same system and send it to me. I want to chek it out a bit :grin:. And of course will i rep you for it
    12. Ninja_Duels
      A little question...will you make a new version of you map soldiers??? maby with some new maps...i got many ideas
    13. Hunters.moon
      hey can i borrow your shooting system in your halo map?
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