Mini-Contest: Wc3:WoW Logo Competition {FINISHED}

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Jun 18, 2004
Well i think im screwed but i hope i could get some beta testing or somthing for my one i made but wasnt alloud, but from the messgae i read about you said, i know it is it seemed as you dont realy care much, so i am going to repost it,



Regardless of the logo being against Craka's rules, I'd stick with either red or blue, rather than both of them in all it's Two Face glory.

Okay, here's probably going to be my final logo. I might make one with a different glow, depending on whether I get the time.


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Mar 25, 2004
The End Has Come!

las! The time has come, and the moment you've all been waiting for has now finally arrived! Below are the ratings of each contest entry. We've judged one logo entry per contestant. The one we like most is the one we judge.

The image is very bland and lacks creativity. But I like how the "War3" is in Warcrafty letters and "WoW" is in World of Warcraft letters is a nice touch. However the lack of quality and it's extremely small size is unacceptable. Overall, this deserves a [color=red=[b]1.5/10[/b][/color] rating.
A very nice entry, I must say. Goes very will with the Wc3:WoW theme and is convincing as well. The quality is very nice as well; but is burry here and there, which costs you minus two points.
The glow affect you added around the logo goes nicely with the background and makes the logo seem more alive. Good work on that. The letters are perfectly Copy & Pasted. The custom interior of the logo where the words are placed is very nice as well. Definately a good touch.
Overall, this deserves a good rating if you ask me. 8/10

I've had a very hard time deciding whether or not you are the winner of the contest, but finally I've come to my conclusion. The quality is very good and I don't see a single flaw in the quality. The "O" in "WoW" is a little too obvious on the upper edge. The glow affect is very good and the removing of "The Reign of Chaos" is very well done and convincing that it is customly made. A very good rating goes to your logo: 9/10
Well since I noticed this was against the rules a little too late, I cannot disqualify it. However it cannot be a first place winner.
The diversity of the colors red and blue is a very good idea. It symbolizes the Alliance and the Horde very well. The quality is nice and I love the idea of how the "III" is in it's own little logo box. Very creative this logo is. Its only major flaw which makes this incapable of winning a place is the "World of Warcraft" title involved. But here's an honest rating: 8.5/10
An amazing piece. It's exactly what I've been looking for! I feel discomforted that a member of the team has won such a high rating, but I've worked around that issue. Anyway, on with the review!
The Frozen Throne theme is a perfect idea and the mixture of Warcraft III and World Of Warcraft fonts is exactly what I wanted. The background is a very good addition as well. Quality is good too.
Overall, it's exactly what I've been looking for, thus, you are the true first place winner of this contest! 10/10
Your work is great! It's almost perfect and fits great with Warcraft III or a Warcraft III mod such as Wc3:WoW.
The quality is great and it's almost impossible to notice its flaws. The cover-up of the "The Frozen Throne" text is very good as well.
Overall, this deserves a good rating: 9.5/10
Your logo is very messy, and more like a Wallpaper to be honest. The quality is bad (blurriness) and you've done a poor job covering up your Copy & Paste work, so it's very noticable and obvious that it's all Copy & Paste work. This also disobeys the rule of having "World of Warcraft" in your logo so this is disqualified. I gave a .5 for the effort of trying though. 1.5/10
The "Warcraft III" is in good quality, along with the red stuff behind and around it. However the quality of all other Copy & Pasted images are blurry and look out of place. But the red was a good touch and I understand that it was hard to make this, thus, you get credit for trying to accomplish this hard task. I like how you moved the globe image too. Too bad it got ruined and smudged badly on the bottom half though. Your logo's rating is: 4.0/10
The quality of your logo is good and I love the rays of light behind the logo. The brown color is also a plus within the creativity field. The redone subtitle bar and font is nice too. I also like the faded image in the background. This is a very good logo and certainly has potential. I rate this a 9.0/10
And now... the choice of the winners of this contest shall be revealed!
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
I added a fourth place because a Wc3:WoW member won first place and I thought that was a bit unfair the rest of the contestants. So First place gets first place rewards, Second place pretty much gets almost the same rewards, third place gets second place rewards, and fourth place gets third place rewards.
The rewards shall be awarded to each of the victors soon, once I get Wolverabid or Bob27 to help me out with them.

Great job with logo making guys! The outcome of your efforts were awesome! And I congradulate each winner of the contest, especially Saitek009 and DragoonZombie for achieving such a high position.
~Craka_J; Leader of the Wc3:WoW Team.
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Sep 18, 2007
Were I to make one, it'd be reeeeaaally wide and say
/This logo would say World of Warcraft III if it wasn't\

Or something like that.