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Melee Tournament #1

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Level 19
Nov 16, 2006
First of all, Aeroblyctos, I spoke about this with you.
It was okay if you'd be the reserver player (if someone didn't showed up, he would take that position).
Flame_Phoenix, it seems you joined too late, but maybe I could make an
exception and so make u play against the 'reserve' player Aeroblyctos.

If you lag out and it was like 1 minute into the match, do you forfit or do you get a rematch?
Lagging out after one minut shouldn't determinate the victor. A real game is necessary.
Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
I also pmed you, where the hell you are? I was waiting whole night at the chat as I promised and you didn't come!?


I played with Parrothead and I won. Game was short and I played with undead and Parrot played with orcs. It was not the best I have played. I have to honestly say that it sucked! :D


  • Aeroblyctos Vs. Parrothead(1-0).w3g
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Level 12
Aug 3, 2005
Ok so 1 day left??

famouspker49 Defeated vs Fulla

dofys vs SandMan

Chainer- vs Ralle

Jacek vs Scyth-Master

Dil999 vs Kofi_Banan

Amish_KOTP Defeated vs RunningAway

Aeroblyctos vs ParrotheadDefeated

Aeroblyctos : Reserve Player
ctrl.alt.die = out
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