Medieval castle

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Medieval European castle. I use three custom textures (for stone, stainglass and roof). The flag is teamcolored. The towers are destroyed at death animation. The roof of the cathedral burned (The animation of dead is long, so increase the death time in object editor). The gate and the bridge are opened during some animations. Use this model in your historical maps) Animation of death is based on Massive Master idea. Special thanks for him.

Changes: Another quality of stone textures, new textures of windows, flag and roof, fixed bug with opaque gate grille, cleaned the teamcolor from windows.

New changes: More granularity death of donjon tower, added charred beams instead of the roof. The internal house and gatehouse are now burns too. Added shading on textures. Added rays, death of the gate. Added the more detailed gate. Removed the death fire from decay anim. Added chain for drawbridge.

Medieval Castle European

Medieval castle (Model)

18:08, 12th Nov 2014 MiniMage: It's a neat fantasy castle. The filesize is a little much though. I'd also argue that the death animation needs more work, it feels like a slowed down domino effect when each tower drops one by one. It would be better...
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18:08, 12th Nov 2014
MiniMage: It's a neat fantasy castle. The filesize is a little much though. I'd also argue that the death animation needs more work, it feels like a slowed down domino effect when each tower drops one by one. It would be better if they dropped close or simultaniously, walls being damaged and as they land a dust cloud could be spawned and a rubble alternative stand replaces the parts that wasn't visible in the cloud. Right now it kinda looks like someone is lopping off the tops with a large invisible sword.

So summarized, work on the death animation, oh and the channel animations, change those to morph and make a stand alternate, the ruined version can be a stand upgrade. When that is done, lower the file size. Nice work though, with these fixes done, I'll most likely rank it a 4/5 out of sheer usefulness. ;D

19:29, 1st Dec 2014
MiniMage: Apologies for the delay. The model looks neat. I would suggest you add a morph alternate animation so that you can close and open the gate.
I understand how you wanted to use the same tiling texture for all stone parts, but i would have appreciated if you tried to incorporate some shading into it. Right now, the texture is really, really flat. If you think adding shading to the rock texture would require you to increase its size, it is instead still possible to simulate shading by adding some polygons using an additive material with the ingame gradiented black/white texture in it. Places which really need shading right now are the floors in the towers, and under the crowns of the towers. Making a new texture with shaded parts would be even better though. The model itself is good.

EDIT: And by the way, i think the flag waving should be a global animation, if it isn't already. That way it will not look choppy in the transition between animations.
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Mar 9, 2012
Uhm.. this castle doesnt make much sense in current form, unless its going to be located on an isolated mountain-top.
There is a door at left of the gate to access the walls, but not at the right. Try increasing the height of the widehouse since rooftiles are easier to break than solidstone walls. You dont want this to fall that easily to a single ladderman, do you ?
Only the wide side wall has crenellations, you used wood inside to widen the walkable part of the wall, thats very risky during a siege.
Whats the purpose of the tiny tower that doesnt have any entrance and the smaller round tower along backwall ?
You have an nice idea just try more to flesh out it.
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Feb 16, 2011
Nice model And good use of "ingame textures"(sarcasm) but it doesn't really feel like it belongs in warcraft 3 as in it looks like it lacks the theme of the game still nonetheless good job 3.8/5


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Oct 20, 2010
what i mean glowing window is for Stand Work
Instead of opening the gate for stand work ...would't it be weird every time you train a unit you open the Gate?

When you update I Hope you can Post Update! or something like that... or i don't know :p
wanna Keep Update my Information about this building :p extremely useful
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Jan 1, 2013
I have a version of this model where parts fall at the same time. But I can't tell that it is successful. It looks not so beautifully and is realistic, as destruction separately. Also, it increases the model weight as it is necessary to make still attachments in the form of dust. And each such attachment for some reason increases weight by the whole 7-10 kb(
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