Mathbreaker beta 1.0e

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Well okay people!
Today on Christmas I am going to officially release my first fully finished map!

Are you smart enough to keep yourself alive, and to kill your enemies?

Mathbreaker is a new type of map which is highly recommend for those that want to train their math skills in a challenging way.
Your goal is to keep your own unit alive by giving the right solution, meanwhile enemies also can be damaged in return of your answer.
Pick your difficulty, your game modes and let the counting begin!

Host can pick out of 3 difficulty's:
-easy (just a bit to train)
-normal (you'll have to think harder)
-hard (are you sure you shouldn't use a calculator?)
Host can pick out 1 extra mode:
-extra (enables the following formulas: /, *, +, -.)
Host can pick out of 3 damaging systems:
-damage (normal damage, delay between damaging units)
-idamage (instant damage, no delay between damaging units)
-hdamage (high damage, delay between damaging units)

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Map is unprotected, though data has been removed.
Comments and feedback are welcome.
If you find any bug or problem please tell me about it!

Also, please visit !

Mathbreaker, Mini-game, count, maths

Mathbreaker beta 1.0e (Map)

03:48, 3rd Feb 2009 Septimus: Approve.
Level 31
May 3, 2008
Ok, I decided to risk my life by playing this game and here is my opinion.

Nice concept, it was a combination of learning and playing at the same time. It could sharpen the user capability in maths.

It was certainly easy even at hard mode as it only consists of + and -, but higher difficulty provide more number for you to count. Still, it is not that tough if -extra are not use.

For those who want to have fun and study at the same time, this map was certainly for you.

I recommend this map to everybody, 4/5 from me.
Level 14
Dec 9, 2006
Game Name: Mathbreaker
Game Beaten: Yes
Time: Varied

Major Negative Points (The Most Helpful of All):

Minor Points:

-(Negative) The only thing that may be disliked about this game is exactly was what Septimus said. Even hard and with the extra symbols, it isn’t EXTREMELY difficult.

Positive Points:

-No Noticed Bugs

-A good friendly competition game for studying.

-The game has the simple themes of answering math problems and competing with yourself as well as other players. It fits and delivers its themes well.

-Contains a variety of modes.

Recommendations: Defiantly consider getting the game to reach even further in to the realm of difficulty. Make some problems longer, and higher number values. New modes, such as team modes, are recommended.

In a game such as this, with a simple goal, it may be good to focus on other things, such as location. Perhaps in a further version you may consider new arenas for competition, such as a serene forest or the chilling north. Let players solve math in a large spectrum of areas.

Overall Ranking: 4/5 (Voted for Approval)
“Can be played by a large audience, and the game executes well”

Level 7
Jul 7, 2008
I find it very fun and enjoyable, just need to add teams of 2v2,3v3 and so on, playing with your friends is 10X times better than playing alone, and this map is what some wc3 player need to play, because most of them are dumb as hell.
Level 4
Sep 22, 2008
Good Map, but I don't like that the "game messages" disappear so fast. You should change that so the message disappears when you have given the correct solution. And you should add some more modes, Teammode would be great! Maybe you should use some spells that requiers that you need to give a right solution to be able to cast the spell. I'm looking forward to next version already!
Level 19
Nov 16, 2006
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate that.
The Message might disappear fast, but you can use the command '-repeat' to see it again.
There are already spells inside the map, your unit should contain an ability, when you click on it it will show the spells you can use (based on your answers).
And I'm not sure when the next version will be done, I'm now working on another map :)