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[Trigger] Making this Condition into multiple scoring...

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Level 15
Sep 3, 2006
I'm having trouble making this Leaderboard into a multiple scoring system. I think it's the Conditions. Any ideas?

  • Deathmatch
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All players) titled Deathmatch Scores
      • Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true
      • Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
            • If - Conditions
              • ((Picked player) controller) Equal to User
              • ((Picked player) slot status) Equal to Is playing
            • Then - Actions
              • Leaderboard - Add (Picked player) to (Last created leaderboard) with label (Name of (Picked player)) and value 0
            • Else - Actions
              • Leaderboard - Show (Last created leaderboard)
  • Deathmatch Add
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Dies
    • Conditions
      • ((Dying unit) is A Hero) Equal to True
      • (Owner of (Killing unit)) Equal to Player[(Integer A)]
      • (Integer A) Equal to (Random integer number between 1 and 10)
    • Actions
      • Set Player_Kills[(Player number of (Owner of (Killing unit)))] = (Player_Kills[(Player number of (Owner of (Killing unit)))] + 1)
      • Leaderboard - Change the value for (Owner of (Killing unit)) in (Last created leaderboard) to Player_Kills[(Player number of (Owner of (Killing unit)))]
      • Leaderboard - Sort (Last created leaderboard) by Value in Descending order
      • Game - Display to (All players) the text: It worked, omg!
Not open for further replies.