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Last Activity:
Jan 20, 2015
May 4, 2008


I Will Never Be A Memory, from Quebec

kevv2 was last seen:
Jan 20, 2015
    1. Dragonson
      You're one of the most dependable people I know, man.

      Thanks for waiting. I'l let you know if I manage to pick up the pieces of what I left here.
    2. rcshaggy
      Well just make sure its the newest request I had, and I don't mind waiting more for a sig, but yeah. Just letting you know its the gryphon hand I want more with the gold, white, blue colors.
    3. Dragonson
      'jest checked out the archive.
      Brilliant work Kevv. :)
    4. Dragonson
      Ah, arrite. ^^
      'jest ask if you need something tho.
    5. Dragonson
      Hey kev?.
      Dunno if you saw, but someone made a list of all those that have been inactive for a long time. Could you mark them as inactive on the list?

      Also, mark Stygian's request as 'Unredeemed'.
      Thanks again, man!
    6. RED BARON
      No problem, I am on and off with activity myself.. :smile: Now I just hope to pass my exam tomorrow (actually today, but I need to sleep first :grin:)
    7. RED BARON
      So much stuff that occurs when one is missing for longer periods of time. Nice work with Dragonson on those signatures.
    8. Dragonson
      It's cool mate. :)
      The man went and found the post in the thread, so all's well.
      Thanks anyway!
    9. rcshaggy
      Oh hey its the Keep Checker for Dragonson's sig shop.
    10. Dragonson
      Mhey Kevv? Was TheFairField removed from the list?
    11. -W3SK3R-
      How did you made the website? Can you tell me?
    12. Dragonson
      Hey Kevv. :S
      Sorry, no i didnt see your request in the thread.
      Could you possibly post it on my profile and link it somewhere near the top of the waiting list? I'l get it done then.
    13. Dragonson
      Thanks Kevv. ^^ You're awesome!
    14. Dragonson
      huh, Kevv?
      I think i've made a mistake, this guy 'TheFairField' shouldnt have been taken off the list.
      You happen to have the old versions of the list lying around or some sort of link i can use?
      If not then i'l just have to look through the thread for it.
    15. Dragonson
      Ey Man, you can take everyone on the list down too and including Phoonix's X3 request off it.
      They're all finished or have been pending too long.

      Thanks again for updating it. :)
    16. Dragonson
      Ey Kevv? 'just saying that when you update the list everything down to and including Jokerman's avatar and signature (2 in one) request is either finished or has been pending on Validation VMs for quite some time.
      Which means: All of it can be taken straight off the list down to IA's second request on the list (Right Below Jokerman's just-finished avatar).
    17. jokerman10000
    18. jokerman10000
      i have more then only one [IMG][IMG][IMG]
    19. Dragonson
      Kevv? You here?
      I'm nohow close to the bottom of the existing waiting list, but the requests are piling up. :S
    20. Dragonson
      Hey, Kevv?
      You here mate? :(
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    SC2 RPG
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    US East
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    Cult of the Damned
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