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Making a spell in vJASS - Practice Session 1




DAMN, this tutorial turned out to be major critique and flame wars
...and sadly I read through all the pages

I don't know about the ones that did the critique, I found this tutorial just right. Since I am a beginner at JASS, it explained very clearly what is the difference between JASS and vJASS. I like that. Now I can brag around that I know the difference.

Secondly, the tutorial might be too long for people that are flat out lazy or uninspired to learn. For me, since I am motivated to learn JASS/vJASS in order to make more efficient maps and spells, I found this tutorial length to be just okay. I read through it all in one sitting, in about half an hour to 40 minutes and understood 99% of it.

Flame_Phoenix +rep. I like this tutorial. I learned a lot from it and I will follow your methodology and code because it is clean and well explained.
Also the spell standard is a great learn. Its really useful if I decide to make spells on hive so that people can use them without a sweat.

The only remark I have is for some grammar errors. Like you might not know the difference between "then" and "than" and you mistakenly use "than" when its supposed to be "then". Also you wrote "tough" instead of "taught" in the tutorial.

I'd suggest using a spell check when you write a tutorial or save the file in Word for example, run a spell check then add all the code in it. That way you can be sure you won't have people telling you about some "broken engrish"

:goblin_yeah: Rock on.

I'd also like to see another tutorial from you about a complex spell like a nova skill shot spell.
I think that's the end of the line in complex spells. I can do that in GUI no prob, but learning how to do in vJASS will be a treat.


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
now that's what I call thread ressurection.


you notice that those posts are 4 years old right?
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Fk, I missed the "ressurection" event. It's hard to catch 4y ++ ressurections :(

Anyway, Maggs spell tut is probably much better (simpler/straight to the point) than this - aka deprecated. Of course, at first you need to have some knowledge in regard to vJass scripting, yet there are tutorials that cover this quite well. You don't need a bible to write a simple script.