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Lizardman Model pack

Here are my lizardmen models I've been working on wich I decided to put in one pack. All of them are based on Satyr model, though all of them have fully (or almost-fully) custom animations, blood effects, particle effects etc.

-Lizardman warrior: a melee sword-wielding unit with alternate 'defend' animations, 2 versions of the model: one with his own saturated green skin tone and one with a 'common' texture which other models are or will be able to share.
-Lizardman archer: a ranged unit wielding a bow.
-Lizardman shaman: a ranged caster unit. Shoots projectiles from both his staff and empty left hand. Has plenty of cast animations (spell, attack slam, spell slam, stand channel).
-Lizardman juggernaut: a heavy melee unit, wields a large two-handed scimitar. His attack slam anim nicely fits tauren's areal attack. There's also a rare attack animation where his sword bounces from the ground and hits his face with it's blunt edge.
-Lizardman assasin: an agile melee unit. Good when used with blademaster's invisibility. Also has an 'spell throw' animation, where he throws his spear, and a dissipate animation which I added in case someone wants to use him as a hero.
-Lizardman (lizardwoman?) witch. A caster hero model. Has all the nesseesary animations, plus a 'spell throw' (she throws a tomahawk)
-Lizardman royal guard: an agile melee hero model. A blademaster-inspired sword fighter with all one can need, including two anims made specifically for whirlwind hero ability. This is also the only model in the pack where I added ribbons.

Also this pack includes two icons (for shaman and archer). Other two (or three?) are not yet approved and other ones I will make later (sooner or later?).

I don't mind if you use or alter these models, but when you do, please, let me know and give me credit.

lizard, reptile, tribal
00:22, 16th Mar 2015 Orcnet: A stored goods for both icons and models.
Level 11
Jan 30, 2010
exceptional models as I have pointed before. A pack just makes it even more better. Although I would also like to add that I had a faint hope of more lizard models coming from you before you would conclude them in a pack. I hope I am wrong :)
*Full Marks
Level 14
Feb 2, 2011
Awesome pack! Especially I like the animations! I know that your lizards are based on Blizzard's Satyrs, but they have some awesome significant changes that I really like, for example their heads and faces. Each lizard has its unique face and that's good! Particles are also done very well!


Arena Moderator
Level 44
Jul 29, 2008
Absolutely in love with each of these; each model, each icon, is a work of art and while I've never been a "lizard-guy", these resources just ooze creativity & talent.

Lookin' forward to more. : )

//EDIT// So this doesn't automagically update whenever it's constituent resources get updated, does it? I was going to say "how convenient; I only have to DL this!", but I realized not only has he done more since this, he has updated old one(s). Meh.
Level 3
Jun 18, 2018
Considering I just posted on all of these pages individually I think you know how I feel about your models by now :rolleyes:;)