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Lidless Wall

Lidless Wall

Inspired by the unique exceptional shield from Diablo 2.

If you want the shield to be rotated or scaled, you are free to do so.
The model uses a custom texture and that's as it will be.
I have included (first post) a lower resolution texture.

Please ask me for permission if you want to alter the model. Thank you.

Update 1:
-Reworked texture

Update 2:
-Sharpened the whole of the texture

Update 3:
-Major overhaul. The model now uses in game textures only
-Death animation added
-A right hand version of the shield added (so the shield is only half the mb size listed here)
-For more info see post #1

lidless, wall, shield, skull, horn, orange, yellow, head, undead, Diablo

Lidless Wall (Model)

Lidless Wall (Model)

19:10, 25th Apr 2015 Misha: nice and useful :)
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Nice shield, the texture could do some work. I think it can be done with ingame textures but that was just me, I love the skulls and a brown texture that goes with it.
Thanks for the comments everyone.

The model could very well have used ingame textures but I wanted to create my own. It takes up more space, I know, though the model is not mandatory use, and it fits fine in a single player map.

That being said. Yes. I realize the texture can use a retouch, which I am working on right now.


Reworked texture. Hit F5 to refresh.
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Hey, I just saw this & now realize it's actually already made!

Like I said on your Gallery, neat idea & execution. Reminds me of Tomb Kings from Warhammer.

I'd love to see an alternate, in-game-textured version, but good stuff!

Thank you for the comment :)

I just looked up Tomb Kings and they are pretty badass so I take that as a compliment!

About the texture. The standard way of "texturing" (I use the term texturing loosely because it's not really texturing at all), is as boring as peeling potatoes, plus it may sometimes limit the potential of the model (not saying that is the case here though).

The file size is really large, I know, and that of course limits the use of the model sadly.
However I have had much more fun trying to learn how to texture myself instead of c'n'p'ing (<-nice abbreviation btw.).
How will I become better at texturing if I use an already made texture to unwrap after, I won't :)
Afterall the model can still be used in single player maps, which is why I dared to upload it anyway.

That said, I don't think a version using ingame textures will be produced, unless someone else does it.
well that being said, the texture still kinda lacks a certain sharpness to it, maybe not like war3's extreme, but it should be something that takes away this overall blurring of the model

Noted and updated. The texture got a nice piece of overall sharpen. I was thinking of sharpen it even more but was afraid I would overdo it.