Lancer (Elf, Hippogryph Mount) and Derivatives

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Lancer (Elf, Hippogryph Mount) and Derivatives
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Lancer (High Elf, Hippogryph Mount) Info:
  • Created a version of the Dragonhawk Rider which rides a Hippogryph instead.
  • Uses the Gryphon Rider animations.

  • Uploaded.

Lancer (Highborne, Hippogryph Mount) Info:
  • Created a Highborne version.

  • Uploaded.

  • Added back the handle orbs.

Alliance, Dalaran, Darnassus, Kirin Tor, Sentinels, Silver Covenant

Author's Notes and Trivia:
  • Optimized models have built-in portrait animations, fixed bugs (if there were any), additional animation (if applicable). These can be used to serve as a template for alternative skins if you want to keep the original skin and model.
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Lancer (High Elf, Hippogryph Mount) (Model)

Lancer (Highborne, Hippogryph Mount) (Model)