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King Theoden

Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And the red dawn!

If you want a King Theoden on foot, use this model as it shares the same path as the Undead Arthas model.

lotr, lord of the rings, king, theoden, helms deep

King Theoden (Texture)

THE_END: Awesome Death Knight skin, glad to see your putting this out over here




THE_END: Awesome Death Knight skin, glad to see your putting this out over here
Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
The skin is excellent! But sadly it doesn't look very much like Theoden... I'm guessing that the eyes need to be baggier, the hair perhaps a bit darker, and well... he's an old guy so adding more wrinkles in his face ought to do the trick.
Level 4
Aug 31, 2007
WAHAHHAHAHAHA... Sorry I'm just laughing cause the horse... is Sheep/Goatish.... but nice skin all the way. Oh and i really do like the *cough* horse *cough*. P.S. The sword might need lil detail but GJ!



Level 41
Jan 7, 2005
The skin looks awesome.
I can't say the same for icons, they look a bit too cartoony. The Theoden one is averagely good, and the Smite is ok.

However, I do agree that a model would be great, if it could mount and unmount.

This skin gets a 7 [Very Good] from me.
This skin looks awesome; it's highly detailed, which is what I don't like in a way; it doesn't fit with the cartoony Warcraft style, however, the details aren't that bad, the face is awesome (somehow I've got a feeling it's a modified C'n'P, correct me if I'm wrong) and you've perfectly hit the shading. The horse isn't as good as Theoden, since the model has a funny wrap. Rating: 8/10
Level 2
Feb 8, 2008
could you modify the arthas nerzhul v.2 produced by meteor demon, his armor on the chest and give him a fifth ability to mount or unmount on his undead horse
Level 1
May 25, 2012
You have done a great job ,i want more human character like these such as knights ,kings ,footmen and characters that belongs more to Alliance but for me in demand are more humans!

I think a crusader could be next =>
Level 9
Oct 16, 2011
I found the problem, the file is somewhat corrupted because parts are shown invisible for the game.

Use warcraft 3 viewer and a texture program (I used paint.net) for this:

1. Convert the UndeadArthas.blp file to a new bmp file
2. Convert this new bmp file to a tga file
3. Convert this new tga file to blp with new name (for example UndeadArthas2.blp)
4. Import the UndeadArthas2.blp to the game and add the normal path (Units\Undead\EvilArthas\UndeadArthas.blp)

done :)

You can see the corruption by Opening the UndeadArthas.blp on warcraft 3 viewer, parts are shown invisible
If you open now the UndeadArthas2.blp on the warcraft 3 viewer, you will see that the previously invisible areas are now black as they should be!