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Last Activity:
Feb 7, 2010
Jul 4, 2004
Home Page:


User, from Hannover

Hueter was last seen:
Feb 7, 2010
    1. stein123
      Best skinner ever
    2. nero_ed
      What Tools You use to make your skin ?
    3. Falcon666
      I dled your demonhunter skin and i've dled the model for it and i'm using the path u sent me but it stil won't work? do you have any idea why it wont?
    4. Heinvers
      Oh my! Awesome skins. Keep up the work!
    5. cavite000
      Hi Hueter! can I have your permission to use your skin theimp?? cause ill make a version of it in ogre one head...
    6. Martok77
      Do i need your permision to use some models you created for People to Use im Working on Campaign and could
      really use OrcHuntress_IronRaven If so can you give me permision to Import this model when i do the model is invisible if i dont need anyones permission to use models can you help me fix this ty for all the help
    7. takakenji
      ur last post was in 2007 why dont u post o.o
    8. Paladon
      Shanghai requested a fitting icon for this skin. I created this:
      Now i´m asking for your permission to upload this as corresponding icon at the icon section.
    9. Titanhex
      Hey, I used one of your skins in a model edit and was hoping to get permission from you to submit it. I'll give due credit, and even change the skin to include byHueter.blp at the end so that no one is confused. Its necessary for the model change though.

      Of course it's been a while since youve been active so... dunno.
    10. Mr.Goblin
      dude.. what?!!! only 3 reputation! like Zeverens said.. i just can't belive it..
    11. Zeverens
      You only got 3 rep..? That's so wierd, I'm not joking when i say that you're skins, are the absolutly the best i ever seen..
    12. Hiver94
      Yo this skin is the shit... but i have a q... i dled this skin... but it says it cant be found... whats up wit that? do i need something else?
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