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Kill On Sight v1.3.1

Submitted by Specialsaucewc
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
「Kill On Sight」

By Specialsaucewc

1-4 Player Coop Dungeon Crawler inspired by WoW and Wildstar dungeons.
3 acts containing 8 bosses and 4 minibosses.

Act 1: The Cursed Mine
Fight through a long abandoned mine that has since sprung to life under the eye of a dangerous Lich​

Act 2: The Arid Wastes
Leaving the safety of civilization behind at the last encampment. Travel through the arid wastes in attempts to determine if the whisperings of an uprising are true.​

Act 3: The Corrupted Fortress
Brave the demonic fortress in an attempt to stop Malgoth the Mad from bringing greater horrors to these lands.​

Difficulty scales up with each act, only the most hearty adventurers will stop Malgoth

4 Difficulty options to select when starting the map.
Very Easy - Non boss mobs have 60% hp and deal 20 less damage, boss abilities deal 60% damage
Easy - Non boss mobs have 80% hp and deal 10 less damage, boss abilities deal 75% damage
Normal - Non boss mobs have 100% hp and deal base damage, boss abilities deal 100% damage
Hard - Non boss mobs have 120% hp and deal 10 more damage, boss abilities deal 125% damage
(Please send me a PM if you get a group to kill Malgoth on Hard I would love to hear about your strategies)



A strong warrior focused on heavy armor to withstand mighty blows
Mystic Knight:
A mystic with the unique ability of transferring damage to mana to last the longest battles​


An agile, lightly-armored warrior who relies on escape and raw damage to take down his enemies
A master of elements, a well rounded fighter able to detonate enemies and protect allies
Forgoing magic for raw power, the gageteer puts himself at greater risk to deal as much damage as possible

A master of eldritch magic. Specializes in afflicting hordes of enemies in curses to desolate the battlefields.


A practiced healer able to cleanse and heal his allies
Blood Priest:
Harnesses his own blood to siphon health to those around him​










Holy Trinity
8 Unique Classes
8 Unique Bosses
Small amounts of suffering


Will the Almighty,
Mr. Goblin,
Frost Name,


Fixed tooltip on Flourish to reflect change in functionality
Overlord dance now speeds up only 1 second from 3 due to despawn issues

Lingering Blast mana increased to 12,22,32,42 from 12,20,28,36
Replaced Tornado with Pyroblast
New ability Evocation

Dispels now work for Forgemaster and Malgoth
Rupture Blood mana reduced to 30,55,80,105 from 32,73,112,152
Rupture Blood damage increased to 25,50,75,100 from 25,40,55,70
Affliction damage increased to 150,225,300,375 from 100,140,180,220
Soul Decay damage increased to 100,200,300 from 80,140,200
Soul Decay mana decreased to 45,80,115 from 48,96,144
Flourish mechanics changed, now doubles tick rates of DoTs
Flourish mana reduced to 32,67,102 from 32,80,128

Slam cast range increased to 125
Slam damage reduced to 30,60,90,120 from 50,90,130,170
Slam mana cost reduced to 10,17,24,31 from 10,18,26,34
Shattering blow mana cost reduced to 30,50,70,90 from 35,58,81,104
Windwalk mana cost reduced to 8,16,24,32 from 10,18,26,34
Windwalk damage reduced to 35,65,95,125 from 35,70,105,140
Bladestorm mana reduced to 40,70,100 from 40,80,120
Rallying Cry mana reduced to 25 from 35
Reduced number of sides per damage die to 6 from 8
Reduced number of damage dice to 3 from 4
Agility per level reduced to 1.9 from 2.0

Battle Shout damage reduced to 10,18,26 from 12,24,36

Mystic Knight
Number of damage dice reduced to 5 from 7
Frost Nova Target damage reduced to 15,30,45,60 from 45,65,85,105
Frost Nova Area damage reduced to 30,40,50,60 from 45,65,85,105

Killing overlord now moves the ramparts teleport closer to Malgoth
Leaving Onmalogs chamber now moves you to the main hub of Act 3

Corrupted Treant base damage increased to 50 from 45
Corrupted Fragment base damage increased to 45 from 35
Overlord base damage increased to 275 from 220
Brigham the brute base damage increased to 70 from 58
Onmalog base damage increased to 85 from 68
Soul of the Kiln base damage increased to 115 from 95
Overlord's dance speeds up at 40% hp

Brand text is now orange
Changed special effect of brand to be easier to see.

Increased the time before the first Ether Crash at the start of phase 2
Added another special effect to players marked for death
Added sound and new special effect to when Malgoth begins syncing health

New ability for Protector: Cripple
Blademaster Bladestorm damage decreased to 40,70,100 from 50,80,110
Blademaster Windwalk damage increased to 35,70,105,140 from 30,60,90,120
Blademaster Windwalk cooldown reduced to 8s from 12s
Blademaster Windwalk duration flattened to 3s from 2,3,4,5
Drudgelock Affliction damage increased to 100,140,180,220 from 90,130,170,210
Drudgelock Affliction tooltip update for increased clarity
Blood Priest Rupture Blood damage increased to 25,40,55,70 from 22,34,46,58
Blood Priest Desolate Modifier changed to 7,6,5,4 from 6.5,5,5.5,5
Blood Priest Desolate Animation changed to be clearer
Blood Priest Desolate tooltip update for increased clarity
Drudgelock Renew mana increased to 15,20,25,30 from 10,15,20,25
Added more special effects to Flourish
Forgemaster flame orb damage decreased to 250 from 300
Onmalog hp increased to 30k from 25k
Fixed bug where divine rod would not cast until you drop it

Reduced size of Drudgelock's hitbox
Increased Gadgeteers strength per level to 1.9 from 1.8
Increased the damage of ballistas to 160 from 120
Increased health of Onmalog to 25k from 22k
Increased damage scaling of Onmalog frost to 60 from 55
Decreased the health of Malgoth to 13.5k from 14k
Added more description to items on the ground
Increased the selection scale of the corrupted sapling
Added quest with camera controls

Fixed enemy color bug with 1.29 patch
Chosing later Acts to start now gives the same number of items as playing through those acts
Added an extra animation to the explosion of acolytes in Brigham's fight.
Razormane Chieftain Tranquility heals for 255 each second (up from 85)
Fixed bug where Arcane Scroll was requiring mana

Added new class: Drudgelock
Added camera lock and camera move controls
Increased damage of onmalog from 63 to 68
Slight hp buffs to all act 3 bosses to account for larger item numbers (around 10%)
Reduced unholy frenzy of fel warlocks to increase attack speed by 50% for 30s, down from 75% for 45s
Slightly increased hitbox of fire walls to prevent walking between lines
Fixed bug with Ring of the Archmagi item giving +3 to all stats rather than +2
Fixed bug where fel channelers would stack damage so high their buff would go to 0
Fixed bug with desolate cooldown not displaying correctly
Fixed bug with corrupted treants and fragments not scaling with difficulty
Fixed bug with A32 channel damage being 10x stronger than intended
Fixed bug with Lava Spawn from Blacksmiths not scaling with difficulty
Fixed a bug where Brigham could be baited beyond his boss arena and fought

Added 4 Difficulties (Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard)
Added several more item drops from each boss and miniboss.
Brigham the Brute
Acolytes now detonate in 23s, down from 30s
Acolyte timer raised to 13s, up from 10s
Increased time before living pebbles merge to 9s from 8s
Small terrain additions throughout acts

Made all heroes have hero glow
Minor text fixes

Added functionality to support 1-4 players
It is highly recommended to play with 4 people for the best experience especially in act 3

Release v1.0

-Lingering Blast damage decreased by 5 per level (20 at level 4)
-FlameStrike damage decreased by 10
-Sleep duration increased by 2 for all levels
-Mana slightly reduced for Lingering Blast, FlameStrike, and Sleep​

-Cluster Rockets damage base increased 10, per level increased by 5​

-Last Stand duration reduced to (4, 6, 8) from (5, 8, 11)
-Brace For Impact health recovered increased 25 per level (75 at level 4)
-Mana costs of Brace For Impact, Final Stand, and Battle Shout reduced
-Starting armor increased 1
-Increased agility per level by 0.2​
Mystic Knight

-Mass Shield duration reduced to (4, 6, 8) from (5, 8, 11)​

-All abilities have had their mana significantly reduced
-Windwalk cd decreased from 15s to 12s
-Windwalk starting duration increased from 2s to 3s
-Windwalk duration per level decreased from 1s to 0.5s
-Rallying Cry cooldown increased from 10s to 12s​


-Fel Lord hp increased from 3500 to 6000
-Birchlock hp increased from 10500 to 14000
-Overlord ground damage AoE size reduced from 130 to 125
-Malgoth and Seed hp reduced from 15000 to 14000​

Map Description Generator 「By Vengeancekael」

Kill On Sight v1.3.1 (Map)

This is a map with great potential. The biggest problem has nothing to do with game design, but with the state of Warcraft 3. Very few people play it. Few people will play your map properly because of this. Sunken city, one of the most...
1. Some heroes don't have glow. You could add it to them: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling 2. Spells are pretty much Warcraft III's. 3. Terrain could use more love. Also, the minimap would look nicer uncharted. 4. You mostly kill units on the map...
  1. robizeratul


    Jan 26, 2012
    This is a map with great potential. The biggest problem has nothing to do with game design, but with the state of Warcraft 3.

    Very few people play it. Few people will play your map properly because of this. Sunken city, one of the most downloaded and popular maps on the website also has this problem...and it's a very polished and beloved map!

    The answer is obvious, make it playable with 2 players minimum. However this is up to you.

    For the map:

    1) some camera controls are always appreciated.
    2)More items of course. If you don't want to do this, maybe give players 1 starting item they could choose.

    Can't really say anything that isn't obvious. Just add more stuff as you see fit. Seeing that there are a few amazing W3 dungeon crawlers you can get inspired by those!

    Anyway, glad new W3 maps are still being made!
  2. Specialsaucewc


    Jan 27, 2017
    I added functionality for 1-4 players. There will still be 4 heroes but you can control multiple at the same time. I do agree with the minimal player base of WC3 but the nature of the holy trinity and bosses falls apart at low player counts, even with 4 people there are a lot of mechanics I simply cannot make. I think multiple unit control is the best this map will offer in that front. As for your other ideas I will take them to heart and work on adding further item to the game, I have been toying with the idea of item recipes and a shop in the main hub but we will see. Thanks for the review!
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Some heroes don't have glow. You could add it to them: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    2. Spells are pretty much Warcraft III's.
    3. Terrain could use more love. Also, the minimap would look nicer uncharted.
    4. You mostly kill units on the map but it's somewhat a hasty dungeon crawler. The downside is, the bosses kind of kill you in one shot with their spells.
    5. Items are quite scarce.

    Overall, it's a good map for those fans of the genre.



    Always check/recheck the Map Submission Rules! (Map Submission Rules)

    To make your work run smoother, fix the so called leaks: Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

    If you want more reviews, come here:
    The Grand Review Exchange!
  4. Veronnis


    Jul 19, 2010
    A dungeon crawler. Im excited to play it. I'm making one too, because i love how much fun they are with friends.
  5. DrunkenDirt


    Jul 12, 2016
    I got together with 2 friends to try and play it on Easy with only 3 heroes. My only complaint would be that the final boss was a bit of a brick wall, in a bad way. We spent an hour on it boss, wiping to his silence ability, and we just did not have the raw auto-attack dps to beat it even if we got into the phase with all heroes at full HP. Robbing you of your toolkit as the final climax battle just wasn't very fun, and it's a shame that the map would end on such a note.

    Other than that, the ~2 hours we spent getting to the last boss was great fun.
  6. Specialsaucewc


    Jan 27, 2017
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the map!
    As for the mass silence of the last boss do not forget there are abilities and items that make you invulnerable so you wont get affected by the cast. The debuff applied by the cast is also dispellable by items and units ;)

    That being said frustration over unfairness is not something I want players to feel regardless. The ability could be a misinformation issue as well as a difficulty spike. I will look at the ability both in the fight and dungeon journal to see if more info can be given to prevent frustration or if further tuning needs to be done.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  7. DrunkenDirt


    Jul 12, 2016
    Now that you mention it, I tried to use the invulnerability staff, but it seemed to stop working during the second phase of the fight. At the time I figured it was intentional because you wanted to force the silence, but by the way you put it, that might have been a bug in that case? I might have been mistaken though, the fight is pretty hectic after all, but I could have sworn it didn't active.

    As for dispells, I think we got stuck with a comp that didn't have any through abilities, but that's the fate of playing 3 heroes I suppose :sad:

    EDIT: Oh yeah, while I'm at it, I wanted to mention another minor bug with the map. We tried to start it in 3-player mode, with one player in the purple slot, leaving the teal one empty, however that left the player in purple with no wisp to choose a hero. It's a minor thing, and it was solved when we restarted and put the player in the teal spot instead, but it'd be a nice thing to change for all the purple-lovers out there.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
  8. Specialsaucewc


    Jan 27, 2017
    I just wanted to give an update on some of the changes in 1.3 and moving forward.

    First off, why the weird tuning throughout 1.2 and again in 1.3?
    During testing/playing of 1.2 I kept finding issues with the design and feel of several classes. The classes felt under-performing or just had large down time in general which led to a small, iterative design to get them more in line with the others. During this tuning, I had several people point out larger design flaws in several classes such as the Drudgelock and Mage. I decided to bite the bullet and do the time intensive math/individual testing to see how each class stacks up in each tier of the game and found some drastic imbalances on top of some glaring issues I had been wanting to fix in general. In all, the widespread changes are a measure to narrow the potential dps gaps of various compositions and bring caster play more on par with the physical attackers. The Mage and Drudgelock should be more engaging and rewarding to play, with better visual effects and a rebalance of their abilities.
    In all, I believe that the state of the map is now the best it has been which leads me to my second point.

    Moving forward:
    I love working in this quirky weird engine making strange, challenging coop experiences for a handful of people to (I hope) enjoy. So with Warcraft Reforged coming out I knew I need to bring my best creations forward (the very few I still consider decent). While I still have a lot of ideas for updates and even future maps in this style, I feel it is wasted working on it until we have Reforged in our hands. Custom models and Sfx are almost required in many places now. So moving forward I am planning no future updates for this map until Reforged (unless some big breaking bug requires a fast patch) but cant wait to get this thing running on the remaster as fast as I can!

    See you with the release day update!