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Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8.1

Submitted by gadina_prokleta
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game
Gadina Prokleta Presents

by A.Dominion and Gadina Prokleta
Version 5.8.1

► Both major bugs of the game should be finally FIXED:​
• The game desynchronization at game start should not happen anymore!
• The bug with items lost upon death is now fixed!
• In order to reduce overpopulation, initial beast spawn is randomly decreased by app. 10%.​
► There is a dedicated network for Jungle Trolls Reborn in Tunngle (see here for details).​

Map Info:

You must survive,
gather resources,
build your village and
protect your Totem from the other evil troll tribes in the Jungle.

Loading Screen picture by Cindy Nyan


Playable Classes:

You can choose among four troll heroes, each having different skills and item recipes:
The fierce and mighty WARRIOR,
The silent and insidious HUNTER,
The wise and creepy SHAMAN,
The ingenious and crafty INVENTOR.

The Troll classes


Gameplay Variety:

You can craft various weapons, items and buildings and combine them
dependent on the class of the chosen troll and the necessities of the tribe.
The world is changing and going its own course through the game.
The game is rich of possibilities. There can't be two JTR games exactly the same.

A well armed Warrior in action



- rich game world, full of hidden dangers and secrets;
- breeding animals, which can be hunted, tamed or even zombified;
- cute little cubs and mighty boss beasts, cunning enemies and evil allies;
- changing weather affecting the gameplay in many aspects;
- complete freedom of movement and choice of tactics.

A Hunter with his pet



The game is based on A.Dominion's Jungle Troll Tribes (5.5).
In the middle of year 2006 with the written permission of the author
the map was reworked and improved by gadina_prokleta.

Subsequently A.Dominion joined the development team
and did a great work to further improve and extend the game.

The game was developed with the help of many
contributors from all around the world:
Dark Angel (beta testing, tooltips),
ElloElloEllo (modelling),
GothicMage and Jimmehdean (hosting, beta testing),
BIOEngineer (Russian game community, beta testing)
and many others.

Official Site

More Info

For updates and contact:
Facebook page

troll, trolls, jungle trolls, jungle troll tribes, reborn, gadina, prokleta, survival

Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8 (Map)

15:59, 4th Dec 2008 Rui: The map is known to me. The previous version was approved, so I guess this one will pass too. Note, please use the Update button to submit a new version.
  1. lazerg20555

    Sep 23, 2014
    This is by far one of the best maps I've ever played. Started this one a few years back, and I have to say it really is an all-time favorite, and I've played hundreds of maps. Thank you so much for this survival-based wc3 scenario, really :D 10/10
  2. eXquISiT

    Mar 2, 2011
    Hello, :)
    have you been thinking about redeveloping the game on new better platform (this one isn't so popular as it was before but the gameplay of the game is still quite good)

    Jan 22, 2011
    Yeah, thats a nice idea! Dota 2 is hosting old wc3 arcades like TD, bleach vs one piece etc.
  4. Lassa

    Apr 11, 2016
    The best survival game I know :D Keep working on ;)
  5. Galax94

    Apr 13, 2016

    I was playing this map quite a bit with one of my friends and we both really liked it, so I wanted to ask if there are people who would be interested in playing together, as it is kinda hard to find good group now that garena is kinda... Weird... And on Tunngle people play mostly LTD and similiar maps

    So if there are people who would be interested in playing together, write me message here on hive, we are both kinda newbies as far as PvP go but we did enjoy Co-op quite a bit and this map has lot to offer, so I hope some people will join us, thanks and hope to see ya soon!
  6. sebedoroje

    Apr 13, 2016
    Hey!There are few people,including me,who play trolls on GameRanger,if you want to play with somebody,download it,make account and add me to friends.The same nickname-sebedoroje.Or you can add my friend-John Silver
  7. Nationalist

    Apr 15, 2016

    Thanks :goblin_yeah:
  8. T77df

    Sep 15, 2015
    Where is update?
  9. sluk

    Feb 27, 2016
    can somebody play this map on bnet with me pls i host almost everyday and i dont get a lot of poeple

    nic woeski
  10. chessboxing

    Jul 10, 2011
    Suggestion for multiplayer improvement


    There is still lots of players that play WC3 as it offers good environment for RPG/Survival gameplay.
    Still major problem for new players that have not played the map is that they join a JTR game and they get disconnected right away due to a desync error or bug. This way many new players that got dropped from their first games would think the map actually does not work and probably would not try it anymore.
    - there is a fix or workaround for this error: (players need to restart WC3 every time before joining a new JTR Game) - maybe it would be useful to update the game Tips and game info screen on Multiplayer. This way there will eventually be more players to join hosted games.
    - Another improvement for cooperative game - if possible to allow a multiplayer game to start with 2 or 3 players in 1 team only - without the need of another player in Team2 or Team3. This would allow playing of some coop games when there are only a few players. Actually I noticed in some hosted games that there was not an option to select a Computer opponent in another team - forcing players to wait more (not sure if this is with or without a hosting bot).

    - About Totem and Guardian -
    - tribe guardians could be made as optional tribe achievement - it can require some crafting resources / trophies from bosses for example / and some totem energy.

    - several different types of guardians that the tribe can choose depending on their strategy or resources available. Before this players can use the totem for healing, revival, weather changes.
    - every Guardian type can provide some new totem ability.

    - totem destruction instead of ending game for the tribe - could allow only revival by the troll itself and with items dropped instead of restoring them (similar to Hardcore Mode - with maybe limit in revival after this).
    - if totem is destroyed before guardian - guardian can be free to move with tribe then until destroyed. Instead of making totem permanently ivulnerable - the guardian could unlock using this ability for the totem for limited time (for ex. 60 seconds maybe at the cost of some totem energy).
    - possibility to regenerate health of guardian by feeding or consuming regeneration potions for example could be added. It would be useful as it has lots of hitpoints and without shaman healing spells it cannot restore health effectively.

    - skill point allocation and stats increase -
    - every lvlup could allow allocating some Str/Agi/Int points for small stats increase so players can adapt to their current game needs. Lvl up should provide small auto stats increase that could be balanced and help lategame battles last a bit longer - especially when there are more players in a battle. It would also allow adding speed or energy to a warrior for example - to compensate slow movement or the use of heavy equipment etc.
    - stats of trolls could be changed by adding 100 hitpoints to all classes. Animal stats in my opinion should be set to be equal to those on Hard mode (+50%). Game difficulty should affect all other things. This will allow more damage resistance for players and animals in battle, making gameplay more challenging.

    - resource spawn and jungle animals -
    - item spawn could be simplified a bit - this is to prevent going back and forth to every place on the map several times during the first few days.
    - could be changed to One Time spawn - at first day by increasing a bit the number of items per resource spawn. Maybe a second resource spawn could occur at week 2 (after around one hour of gameplay) for additional resources in late game.

    - jungle animals spawn at start could be changed to include Elder Beasts as well: for special resources and some challange as well (all animal types could spawn at start - lvl 1/2/3/4).

    A few small updates now and then when time allows would still keep the multiplayer interest in this nice map. Also gradually opening item uses for all classes (enchanted staffs / bows / guns / their corresponding ammo crafted in the class structures / inventions and special items / option for pet taming) - all at the cost of some accumulated crafting energy and corresponding special items or special skills learned(could be implemented) - would multiply possible gameplay variations and team strategies. Although such a change may reduce current class-specific advantages - if it is well balanced it surely would introduce lots of gameplay creativity and improvisations even for experienced players, making multiplayer games unpredictable.

    All the best :psmile:
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
  11. sluk

    Feb 27, 2016
    yeah its really cool but i am not playing anymore cause there is almost nobody who joins the game i used to host
    its hard to play and it takes like 30mins to get a game so if anybody wants to play it than let me know!
  12. ShadowFiend

    Oct 18, 2014
    i like this map, and alway to play this but now...nobody play it anymore
  13. stonneash

    Jul 20, 2011
    I think this project needs a reboot on a different platform and as I see other people think so too. This game has great potential outside of the limits of warcraft III and I'm willing to help with all I can when asked.
  14. clockwork2

    Jan 26, 2010
    Stonneash whaddya mean? A SC II port?
  15. Diaboliko

    Nov 14, 2011
    I wish author made static init on map init, instead of dynamic which causes players to drop right at the beginning :( Pretty sure this is the main problem of disconnects at game start
  16. San

    Sep 23, 2012
    Long live the Trollz mon.
  17. gadina_prokleta

    Apr 11, 2006
    New life for Trollz mon!

    Thanks to the Korean player Daehun Kim both major bugs of Jungle Trolls Reborn seem to be FIXED:

    ► The game desynchronization at game start should not happen anymore!

    ► The bug with items lost upon death is now fixed!​

    There is also a small update:

    ► Structures destroyed now drop about half of the resources needed to craft them.​

    Thanks to these changes the Jungle lives once again, and is supported by me for more than 10 years.
    Little trolls grew up here, mon!

    Another good news:
    We may gather the scattered Troll community in the Jungle of the Tunngle!

    Download & Install Tunngle and register your account.

    Run Tunngle, login and search for the Jungle Trolls network ►

    ► Enter and that's it!
    Now you can play with anyone in the room as if you are all in LAN.

  18. xorkatoss

    Jul 12, 2010
    hey man I downloaded Tunngle and tried to join the network "Jungle Trolls" but it says it doesn't exist any help with this?
  19. gadina_prokleta

    Apr 11, 2006
    Hey, it is there!
    Just enter Tunngle and search for "Jungle".

  20. chessboxing

    Jul 10, 2011

    nice to see a new update for JTR.

    Here are a few things to note and a few more suggestions:

    - Bug: if totem is not built until timer expires- only guardian spawns (no totem) - for tribe 2
    - also if not built until timer expires - totem could be auto built near the player who carries it instead of at start point.

    - quests - first quest is always with berry (it is not random) - it is rather for late game
    - bug: summon guardian ability drains 500 mana (when guardian is already available)

    Update the map on different hosting bots and servers(ENT / Make me host etc.) to match 5.8.1 or later (some servers still have 5.7.0 only). - More players from Bnet will test the map.

    Update F9 game tips to show basic info Jungle Trolls Reborn 5.8.1

    A few more suggestions:

    - Regeneration spellbook - visual effect - healing salve sound and effect (works for regeneration balm) or similar
    - Double - Spellbook cooldown is 10 seconds / Lasts 20 seconds (increase cooldown to 15 / 20). Imbued staff (for Double) - cooldown is 40

    - Zombie animals - energy lvlup (by eating) - 400 energy for example with no regeneration if not eating. Could be lvl 2 / 3 then.
    Regeneration could be changed to match Disease (total regeneration will be 0) - then could be affected by poison also (for balance).
    Zombie Bear size could be reduced to match lvl2 Bear

    - Increase hitpoints of all animals and trolls by 30% or 50% for longer combat. Or to match Hard difficulty. Difficulty then should affect only Weather and survival aspect.
    - increase of max food (by lvlup) and max heat (by items).

    - Small heat addition to all leather clothes and armor, also they should be waterproof.
    Fur clothes should provide higher heat than leather and still waterproof only if lined.

    - axes should be Flint(instead of bone) / Stone / Bronze / Iron
    - Javelins could be 3 lvls - Bone(5) / Flint / Horn (Harpoons) with increase in dmg

    - merchant shop - second page - could sell all animal resources sold by players (if trading agreement has upgraded the shop). All animal resources sold should be added to game cache and be available for sale (items wont be lost).

    - Spooky aura could cause tremble(drunken haze) when Panic is triggered.

    - Panic could show visual effect and prevent sleep for its duration (to prevent sleep when in combat or in dangerous areas).

    - resting - should have visual effect when processing (Brilliance Aura pulse or Command Aura pulse) - to notify players since attack ability is inactive then and also heat is lost too fast at night.

    - Boars lvl 2/3 should have 10% critical also
    - Sabre tooths 1/2/3/4 should be able to move trough trees (currently only Elder Sabretooths can move trough trees)

    - FFA mode (random spawn on map - no allied vision. and Hardcore mode (from start or after death).
    - Totem could be optional here (since all players are alone and will be unable to attack guardian effectively - it could prolong games).

    - totem invulnerability - should be not permanent (active ability for that instead for 60 seconds - for 250 energy for example) -- to prevent exploit by blocking guardian with obstacles (making it unreachable) and thus the totem cannot be atacked either (base is invulnerable - giving large advantage to inventor / warrior classes and forcing a lot of base raid/ base trade strategies).

    - Guardian could be optional (built on 500 mana with choice between alternative types). It could also have mana for Return to Totem ability (like town portal) - it could be used for attack as well.

    - if totem is destroyed - Hardcore mode is activated for the tribe (items drop on death), also allied vision could be lost. If guardian is still alive - it could move freely then.

    - inventory slot for Guardian - to protect valuable items or heal itself (food / herbs / potions)

    - imbued staff could be used by other classes as well - could provide gameplay variety

    - sarbacane ammo could be also made of bone+tinder(5 charges) or 3bone+feather (15 charges) -- higher dmg (with slight critical chance) with optional poison effect from cauldron. Currently sarbacane ammo is dependent on fishbone/poison only - somehow limiting its use, also dmg is too low against poison resistant units.

    - allowing some detectors for Warrior class would be good - currently they can use only torch - which makes them go without a primary weapon (using only javelins or throwing axes is not too good for multiplayer battles). For example: flares to be useable by all classes; optional Hawk unit or similar pet; torch as a secondary weapon etc. Without detector warrior class has very big disadvantages against all other classes using flying units, invisibility and range weapons.

    - Random spawn of Oil locations / mineral springs / teleporters -- for more gameplay variations

    Increasing hitpoints a little would make gameplay more acceptable especially in team games. Otherwise there is alot of back and forth reviving and map is too large. Also Totem invulnerability and exploits with it could be reduced.

    All the best :psmile:
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017