Island Troll Tribes










Island Troll Tribes combines survival and PvP melee combat in a fight to the death for domination of the islands. Players can join together on teams of up to six players per tribe, or even go head to head. You need to fight for survival against the environment and enemy trolls while gathering resources to build up your strength. You can carve out your own way on these tropical islands, whether thats base building, hunting, thieving, exploring, or dominating the other tribes, the choice is yours.

This map has been around since 2005 but hasn't yet been submitted for approval by an editor to Hive. I present it now, in a more polished state than it ever has been, for consideration. The community's dedication to this mod speaks for itself, we've had thousands of players over the years who continue to come back and enjoy the game. With the support of Hive I hope to continue developing this map for the years to come.

Visit our wiki for more information, Clan TwGB's website for games and player stats, and/or join our Discord to be in touch.


In Island Troll Tribes, there are 7 basic classes. All basic classes can change into a subclass at level 6. If they reach level 8 without subclassing, and have their corresponding Medallion of Courage, or if they reach level 8 of their subclass they will be able to change into their super subclass. The maximum level is 30.


The Gatherer class focuses on gathering items as stated in the name. It is regarded as a powerful late game class due to having six slots.


The Hunter class focuses on hunting animals such as elk and hawks. It is a strong class early game and gets weaker as the game progresses. Hunters start with the ensnare ability, allowing him to kill elk easily.


The Mage class focuses on short bursts of heavy magical damage and debuffs. It specializes in dealing damage, and is a useful combat support, but is quite vulnerable on its own.


The Scout is a class that is specialized in detecting animals and enemy trolls. It relies on long range pings and reveal to observe his surroundings. With his reveal ability and five inventory slots, the Scout can make an efficient gatherer substitute. The Scout and his subclasses are the only ones who can loot Living Clay and Clay Explosion items from Scout Bushes.


The Thief class is specialized in harassing enemy tribes. It relies on stealing and escaping to achieve this, putting enemies on constant guard and often reducing their efficiency. It's 5 inventory slots in addition to blinking make this class an efficient Gatherer substitute. Can loot items from thief bushes.


The Beastmaster class is built for direct combat, with the ability to take control of animals for combat and utility purposes. Special abilities of this class manipulate pets.


The Priest class is a support focused hero. He has many buffing and healing abilities that can easily turn the tide of battle against an enemy. The Priest himself is quite powerful in combat, but he really shines when supporting a true combat hero, such as a Hunter or Beastmaster.


Island Troll Tribes extensively uses buildings for creating items and managing player stats. Most buildings are created in the inventory of a troll from the merging of items in the right order. Once a building is created in the inventory of a troll, it will be in the form of a construction kit which the troll can then place at a buildable location. Among some of the buildings you can create are fire, tent, armory, tannery, workshop, witch doctor’s hut, and many more.

There are many bosses scattered around the map. The most powerful bosses are the Mammoth, the Disco Duck, and the Hydra. They require lots of resources to defeat but grant powerful prizes which can help you defeat your enemies.


Current Editor: Quazz
Past Editors: Moop, PL0X_JEEBUS, RocketRusty, C0RR0SIVE, Mephisto.

Other contributors:
  • Xel'Naga: For creating the original ice trolls
  • Foosh
  • Clan RPP of USWest
  • Clan ITTP of Europe
  • Clan TwGB of USEast

Many thanks for the following code utilities:
  • Vexorian for the Optimizer, Zinc, vJass
  • Bribe for Table, Ascii
  • Nestharus for Ascii
  • Strilanc for W3MMD, HCL

Many thanks for the following models/skins:
  • red_fox
  • Mc !
  • olofmoleman
  • RightField
  • lllLSDlll
  • Sephiex
  • Bart_Illidan

There are many resources in the map which I haven't had a chance to attribute yet, many for resources added before I became editor, but I will as time allows.

Note: those resources which are listed in the used resources tab that aren't credited here aren't actively used within the map and will be removed from it at a future date




  • Fixed random spawn (again)
  • Fixed some modes which wouldn't activate
  • Fixed horn abilities


  • Fixed spears not being blocked by shields
  • Fixed random spawn (-rs)
  • You can't random a class someone has picked without (-or) mode
  • There are only four repicks per tribe
  • You can now pick a hero someone else repicked
  • Anabolic boots now have 10% evasion instead of blink
  • Snare kits only stack to one
  • Fixed starting with a skill point when subbed


  • Disease potion no longer stacks
  • Diseaes potion no longer has multiple levels, always does 2 damage per second
  • With the randomized spawns mode, spawns will be randomized only up to the higest occupied slot's tribe
  • Start with fire added to standard 1v1 modes
  • Randomized spawn added to standard 1v1 modes
  • 35 minute duel is now the standard for 1v1
  • No horn removed from standard 1v1 modes
  • When all players on a tribe leave kill all their trolls (hopefully fixed)
  • 6v6 hcl fixed (e)
  • Reduced lag when a player subs


  • Fixed troll dieing immediately after revive if controlling player left
  • When all players on a tribe leave kill all their trolls


  • Fix GoK affecting everyone
  • Fix disease making meat disappear
  • Fixed a bug which caused bad lag when spearing someone who has acid bomb
  • Fixed a bug where spellbook wouldn't be levelled fully if you jumped a level
  • Fixed a bug where if you used the wronge medallion of courage for super-sub your hero would disappear
  • Fixed the tooltip for the buff when a unit is affected by Blur
  • Actually moved scout bush like previous changelog said


  • Blowgun is now loadable in armory
  • Priest's AMS is now learned at level 4
  • Omni cure potion can now be made
  • Tracker beacon can now be cured and isn't removed from sub
  • Escape Artist now learns jump at level 4
  • Cure now removes any poison spear and acid bomb buffs
  • Ensnare trap can't be built upon
  • Bears and Wolves are stronger, they run faster
  • Blur evasion increased from 20% to 25%
  • EMP no longer prevents items from being moved out of Mud Hut
  • Clay Explosion reduced from 6-15 wards and 5000 squared area to 6-10 and 3000 squared area
  • Juggernaut damage reduction reduced from 45% to 20% chance
  • Movement speed changes for Contortionist (310->325), Herb Master (325->310), Warrior (320->330), Tracker(350->340)
  • Stupefying field now affects Hypnotist as well
  • Nether amplification reduced to 140%
  • Nets duration on heros reduced to 2.5 seconds
  • Tents now sell for 11 gold and have vision
  • Darkspear mana drain no longer goes through shield spell-block
  • Spears no longer return if they are blocked by shield
  • Gem of Knowledge fixed
  • Spellbooks are automatically levelled to prevent exploits


  • Added a start with fire mode (-sf)
  • Coats now give strength
  • Mixing pot health increased
  • Mana crystals on boats reduced
  • -RFL/-RIL are starndard
  • Magic will now always Disco Duck if the Mammoth is dead
  • Fireball stun duration reduced on trolls and increased on hostiles
  • Magic acorn now heals for 30 less
  • Tsunami range reduced and cooldown increased
  • Assassinate now has no level jump (learned at 1/2/3/4)
  • Acid potion penetrates AMS
  • Hostile animals buffed
  • GoK exp gain slightly buffed, and the GoK bug is fixed
  • Posion spears are now made in the workshop
  • If your team mate leaves their troll no longer dies
  • Aligator is level 20 again
  • Fixed the 'invalid player' message showing up
  • Tame now has a hotkey


  • EMP now effects mud hut
  • Horn now has hotkeys for the spellbook abilities (Q/W/E)
  • Horn heat effect reduced from -20 armor to -10 armor
  • Hot mode is now on by default, -hm now increases heat per cast to 22
  • No boats is now on by default, new mode (-allow boats) to enable them
  • 1v1 mode now has a duel @ 40 min, not 30 min
  • Reduced max stock of mana crystals to 2
  • Reduced sell price of hawk egg from 22 gold to 16 gold
  • Increased cost of steel ingot from 22 gold to 25 gold
  • Reduced fire HP from 125 to 75
  • Reduced cooldown of quick make from 5 s to 0.5 s
  • Removed anti-pack
  • Increased cooldown of dark spears from 2 s to 5 s
  • Reduced maximum number of shields carried from 2 to 1
  • Added bonfire to the duel arena which gives you slow heat regeneration
  • Fixed duel arena bug
  • Added -rn back -- NoCoOkIe4U :)


  • Mage now has 3 slots (and its subclasses)
  • Stupefy cooldown increased to 60 s
  • Jealousy duration reduced to 10 s


  • Added a 1v1 mode which uses all standard modes for 1v1 (HCL 1)
  • Fixed w3mmd winner/loser reporting
  • Removed -cn/-rn commands


  • Fixed forced duel spawning opposing teams together


  • Fixed forced duel not transporting some characters


  • Fixed forced duel crashing game
  • No more mage fire in duel arena
  • No more barrels in duel arena
  • Replaced south-western most panther with a The One


  • Fixed smoked meat stacking to 15


  • You will now spawn with your team in the duel arena (but location is still random)
  • Fix people spawning on wall of duel arena in forced duel


  • Reduce cost of all buildings sold on ships by 3 gold
  • Reduce cost of snare to 5 gold
  • Reduce cost of omni-tower to 10 gold
  • Add an armour aura to mud hut providing +3 armour to trolls
  • Decrease selling price of bone shield to 19 gold
  • Drunk potion now lasts for 7 seconds and does 10% AS/25% MS/50% miss/silence
  • Drunk potion recipe now only makes 2 down from 3
  • Drunk potion recipe now only makes 2 down from 3
  • You can no longer jump or use teleport beacon while immobilized (net/ensnare/entangle)
  • Reduced stock of anti-magics on boats to 1
  • Disease now affects first stack
  • Smoked meat now heals for 40 but stacks to 15
  • Smoking meat now requires flint and tinder which are consumed during smoking
  • You can only carry one stack of smoked meat
  • Fervor potion recipe now requires at least two different special herbs (2 1 b or 1 1 1 b)


  • Fix spirit ward


  • Fixed battle axe not being able to cut trees


  • SE and NE have switched order in game lobby
  • Added mode for mandatory duel time limit
  • Increased sell price of buildings sold from boats
  • Removed mixing pot from second trade boat
  • Added sonar compass to second trade boat
  • Changed cost of sonar compass to 11 g
  • Rock stock reduced to 2
  • Flint stock reduced to 3
  • Assassinate damage reduced to 0/35/60/80 at levels 1/3/5/7
  • Battle axe damage reduced to 14, attack speed replaced with silence
  • Fixed supersub attributes
  • Fixed spirit ward giving no heat after revive
  • Fixed scout/thief bush
  • Fixed game end timers
  • Fixed game timer and stats board
  • Fixed -sc


  • Fixed -all class
  • Fixed metronome


  • Fixed map name
  • Fixed -repick with random
  • Fixed message repeating all defeated tribes
  • Fixed missing timer/team stats board
  • Fixed what happens to recipe island when "-no trees" is enabled


  • Fixed hints system
  • Fixed 6v6
  • Added FFA, 2s, 3s
  • Fixed thief being able to use boots


  • Fixed weird pathing related to selling items at stop directly between NE and SE islands
  • Reduced cost of blowgun from 8 to 5
  • Increased stock maximum of blowgun from 1 to 2
  • Decreased stock replenish time of blowgun from 180 s to 30 s
  • Reduced stock replenish time of all buildings to 30 s
  • Diseased meat now heals for 30 HP like the tooltip says
  • Increased spirit ward pathing size to 4x4 (fire is 2x2)
  • Reduced spirit ward HP to 100
  • Increased stone armor scroll armor bonus from 5 to 7 and fixed tooltip
  • Removed hero pickers
  • Smoke meat tooltip fixed
  • Smoke meat channeling reduced from 30 s to 15 s
  • Smoke house now has 6 slots
  • Smoke house no longer requires shared control if you don't own it
  • Living clay wards no longer count as a "scroll" in your inventory
  • Teleport (blink) now has a 0.2 s cast time
  • Anabolic boots now have teleport
  • Thief may no longer use anabolic boots
  • Fixed ward bug (if the ward was killed while you were reviving your team could no longer revive)


  • New terrain between NE and NW islands
  • Changed the terrain on upper left side of NW island
  • Added two acorn bushes to SE island
  • Battle axe is now a regular item; not exclusively in OP mode
  • Fixed being able to teleport beacon out of duel arena
  • Fixed (hopefully) ships getting stuck at certain destinations
  • Trade ships now come in a fixed order and there are a total of 6 variations


  • Removed Ancient Stone Scroll item from the game
  • Removed Drunken Troll class from the game
  • Smoke house control is now shared and its pickup corpses ability has been removed. The smoke house now have only 1 inventory slot and the smoking meat spell now takes thirty seconds
  • Smoked meat now heal for the same amount as cooked meat (50hp). Smoked meat now stacks up to 10 and they no longer have an inventory limit
  • Changed cloak of flame Area of Effect from 175 to 300 and fixed its tooltip indicating wrong damage per second
  • You can now get supersub when reaching level 8 of subbed class; getting supersub with the medaillon is still active.
  • Removed Patrol Command to free up some space fixing warrior and juggernaut spell overload by the same occasion


  • Removed the agile feet ability from steel boots and anabolics boots
  • Anabolic boots movement speed bonus changed from 100 to 200


  • Fixed the spamming error message, hopefully
  • Reworked Drunken troll and Troll brewmaster
  • Fixed the skin of masterhealer
  • Added two new scroll: Scroll of swiftness and scroll of ancient stone
  • Reworked anabolic boots and steel boots with a new ability: agile feet
  • Changed content sold in boats allowing players to buy the new scrolls and removing entangle scroll/steel ingot


  • Removed sleep protection reminder unless you've got hints on
  • Added a new class and Two subclass
  • Changed Guard Distance back to normal
  • Fixed Sonar Compass and old selection Glitch


  • Fix scout ping


  • Fixed trade ships
  • Randoming is now a separate trackable event from class
  • Removed large pickup/drop range
  • Fixed dark thistles' charges sometimes being 3 after crafting with more than 3 thistles
  • Fixed recipes for mana/health potions
  • Made various messages into tips


  • Fix items from spawning when you sell an item
  • Fix medallion of courage not working
  • Fix timer spam (hopefully)


  • Add class stats tracking


  • Fix tent from disappearing when packed
  • Change Camouflage Coat recipe to Magic, Bone Coat, Dark Rock
  • Change Camouflage Coat build location to Witch Doctor's Hut


  • Fixed camera from losing zoom amount when scrolling in


  • Amount of additional XP from Gem of Knowledge (GoK) reduced
  • GoK recipe changed
  • No longer need to last hit to get bonux xp from GoK
  • Not all classes get the same amount of bonus xp
  • Sub-classes get less bonus xp than base-classes
  • Camera zoom fixed
  • Hint message system fixed
  • Craft Master 5000 fixed


  • Diseased meat only heals 20 health and doesn't affect the first 10 meat
  • Smoke House recipe changed to Stick, Hide, Clay Ball
  • Smoked meat conversion rate is now 1:1 from cooked meat and 2:1 from diseased meat
  • Increased omni build time to 15s from 10s, decreased health points from 220 to 150
  • Decreased stone armor defense bonus to +5 from +15
  • Removed all old boats, replaced with new ones, this means no more herb boat!
  • Removed equal random (now it's always equal random) and classic mode
  • Tent sells for more
  • All basic coats now give +5 armor
  • Iron axe now only gives +8 damage
  • Mage Masher now only gives +7 damage
  • Can't cast cure all on enemies anymore
  • No more one shop on the west side of the map to balance it with SE
  • Bug reporting system in game added


  • Allowed cure all to target enemies
  • Fire and Acid bombs have been removed from boats
  • Thief Cloak CD increased from 60 to 65 seconds
  • Removed damage from acid.
  • Increased Acid armor reduction from 6 to 8, and 15 on Battle Suit
  • Acid now lasts 50 seconds instead of 40 seconds on regular heros, lasts 40 seconds on battle suit users.
  • Acid/Disease now stack on same target
  • Dark Spear now shares the same CD group all other spears share.
  • Only one hero type per team allowed, Gatherer can be picked twice.
  • Steel Axe restock rate changed from 120 to 180 seconds
  • Iron Axe restock rate changed from 120 to 180 seconds
  • Iron Ingots are now set to one per ship, restock rate is now 80 seconds instead of 120 seconds
  • Steel Ingots restock rate is now 140 seconds, up from 120 seconds.


  • Added fix to w3mmd to fix tracking of mage kills
  • Removed diseases ability to disease meat for now
  • Lowered Elementalist speed from 310ms to 300ms
  • Lowered Hypnotist speed from 310ms to 300ms
  • Increased Dementia Masters speed from 300ms to 310ms
  • Increased cooldown on stupify from 30 to 35 seconds
  • Decreased stupify attack and movement speed factors from negative 3.00 to negative 2.75
  • Increased Battle Suit attack speed increase from 25% to 27%.
  • Disease: Level 3: removed. Level 1: Lasts 120 seconds, deals 1 dps. Level 2: Lasts 120 seconds, deals 2dps, can transfer to allies.
  • Diseased Meat still occurs.
  • Special Herbs can no longer be sold.


  • Lowered Ingot Costs by 3 gold.
  • Increased Iron Shield cost from 20 to 46
  • Increased Steel Shield cost from 40 to 66
  • Changed Ward Bomb Limit from 20 to 10 bombs in a range of 350 of each other.
  • Set Acid Bomb to Disease cooldown group


  • Revamped and cleaned up more stuff dealing with HCL for the host bot runners. (Full HCL list can be obtained at the ITT Forums)
  • Removed Defense Ward from trade merchant since it is now an "Over Powered Item"
  • Changed Reduce Food/Meat hotkey for mage from E to Q
  • Changed cost of Iron Ingot from 8g to 13g
  • Changed cost of Steel Ingot from 20g to 25g
  • Changed cost of Iron Axe from 17g to 25g
  • Changed cost of Steel Axe from 40g to 48g


  • Removed Spell Block from Basic Shield, Bone Shield, and Iron Shield
  • Increased Cool Down of Spell Block on Steel Shield and Battle Shield from 40 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Added trigger to prevent over-use of ward bombing, wards are now limited to 20 wards in a 500 AOE range of each other. -Credit to Windflamedmon for the triggering/idea.
  • Disabled creation of all items added since 2.52a, use the -op mode at game start to enable op items, op items are listed in recipi list.


  • Fixed gaining vision of merchant on far left when standing in a certain position.
  • Fixed Napalm glitch that involved the stack and split system.


  • Disabled w3mmd system entirely
  • Disabled Anti-Sleep system entirely


  • Removed Panther Hide
  • Fixed botton The One to full health
  • Buffed camo coat just slightly
  • Removed easter eggs, cheese.


  • Changed TeleGather trigger so it should cast properly for omnigatherers telegath
  • Re-Added Item Tree Drops
  • Polished some items up, gave them history
  • Added a Panther Hide, is NOT used in ANY recipes, yet
  • Polished up battle suit
  • Special Herbs can now be sold for 5 gold each instead of 10


  • Added Troll Burrow, offers early to mid game defense, build it by collecting tinder/stick/stone/hide
  • Removed Items that drop from trees
  • Changed Shield Recipie in armory


  • Changed Battle Suit name to Tyrande's Battle Suit
  • Changed Battle Suit Recipie to Steel Axe, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water
  • Changed the drop rate of the trees that carry battle gear to a lower change to drop battle gear, and higher chance to drop a stick or healing potion.
  • Changed location of trees that would drop items.
  • Expanded debug messages in w3mmd to be more precise in what is bugging.
  • Removed abadonded heros, and hero textures from map to reduce map size.
  • Buffed Napalm damage, and increased range from 200 to 250.
  • Increased the HP of trees that drop items from 120 to 250.


  • Fixed being able to carry both battle shield and battle axe, can now only carry one or the other.


  • Increased stupifey cooldown from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Added Silence to Battle Suit
  • Increased Battle Suit damage by 1
  • Decreased Battle Suit Armor by 2
  • Removed Battle Suit from Trade Zeppelin
  • Fixed being able to control Trade Zeppelin
  • Removed Boat from Trade Zeppelin
  • Special Herbs, Gem of Knowledge, Roots and Stems are no longer sellable due to a surplus in the merchant chain.
  • Increased cost to summon Trade Zeppelin from 200 mana to 250
  • Removed ALL "high level items" from trade zepp
  • Added base materials, and "low level items" to trade zepp
  • Gave some trees in game a chance to drop Artifact type gear, 3% chance to drop, only 2 trees in game have this chance
  • Added ALL scroll spells to scroll boat


Island Troll Tribes v3.2 Tournament 1.1 (Map)

I don't think it's necessary to have all but only the latest changelog in the Quest Log. A nice PvP survival map which could make use of more interesting things to be found and used in the wood. It however has a random/luck factor which can be or not...
Level 12
Jan 4, 2014
Are you the original creator? If so kudos on this amazing map! I'm not really a fan on the competitive "scene" around the map, but back in the day, there was nothing I loved more than gathering and building myself a troll empire and going around killing the side objectives. There is hours upon hours of great gameplay in this map and every class of troll is uniquely fun to play. This is one of my favorite maps.

Though if I may give constructive criticism, I personally dislike how the game has devolved into forcing players to build next to the rivers. Having access to the transport boats is too big an advantage to let go, which unfortunately causes all the bases to be obviously located towards the center areas. I much preferred back in the day, when people would build in hidden spots throughout the forests and you'd have to search for the bases in the jungles.

But this is just an opinion of casual player who prefers the sandbox aspect of the map to the PvP.
Level 4
Jan 24, 2017
Glad you enjoy the map! I am not the original creator, the history of the map is quite long and convoluted. My tenure as editor has largely been focused on implementing the changes which the community wishes to see. Since many of the players who are still regularly playing this game are ones from the competitive scene, these tend to be mostly balance changes and making the map more stable, less buggy.

Your opinion about trade boats is shared with many old players who come back to play the new map, but amongst those still playing the map most seem to enjoy the new play style, granted they are more PvP focused than PvE. Even though a better PvE experience can be had by using modes to disable trade ships and playing with people who won't rush you, I think the map has a lot of room to grow in the PvE/sandbox direction. I think that the addition of new bosses, items, and ways to level up your character this could be achieved, but I also need to balance that with the PvP aspect of the game. It's hard to cater to both sides at once.


Map Reviewer
Level 65
Jun 4, 2009
I don't think it's necessary to have all but only the latest changelog in the Quest Log.

A nice PvP survival map which could make use of more interesting things to be found and used in the wood. It however has a random/luck factor which can be or not in a player's favour.



To make your work run smoother, fix the so called leaks: Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

If you want more reviews, come here:
The Grand Review Exchange!
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Hosted Project: BoW
Level 17
Feb 28, 2010
Extremely fun map to play either with friends and within the lovely community that ITT offers. I entered their discord channel, they're all very good people - made a few new friends and had a blast! Cheers!
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Level 4
Jan 17, 2018
Hey, I'm planning on playing this game for the first time with my friends in 2 weeks so I don't know how it works so if my suggestion is already possible, ignore it.

Can you make game modes at the start where you can select PVP or PVE? Then the triggers and stuff update accordingly. For the PVE mode, perhaps a super boss that needs killing to end the game.